Positive Discipline in Kids- How to make it work?

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There are no bad kids, just bad behavior. Are you struggling with your toddler or child acting out? Do you get angry and then feel guilty?

Raising a child is a difficult task. When you start doing parenting, you quickly realize that you can’t always forgive your kids. If you want your child to grow up to be a decent human being, you must discipline him or her. You do not, however, have to spank or beat your child to punish him. You can be polite and gentle while also disciplining him. Positive discipline techniques are the most effective way to discipline your child while maintaining a positive relationship with him.

Positive Discipline Strategies That Every Parent Must Know

1. No Bad Kids, Only Bad Behaviour-If your child misbehaves by hitting another child, rather than labeling him as a “naughty boy” or “bad boy,” tell him that his actions were inappropriate. You can say politely, “You should not hit others, and you should apologize for your actions.” Your child will learn that he needs to change his behavior in this manner.

2. Show Him How to Behave- If you notice your child about to do something wrong, instead of simply telling him, “Don’t do that!” tell him what he should do instead. Showing your child, the proper way to behave will teach him how to behave correctly.

3. Turn Mistakes into Lessons Time-If your child steals a toy from other children, you can use previous experiences to help him understand why he should not do so. You could say, “Do you remember when your friend stole the toy you were playing with?” Didn’t it make you feel awful? When you take away something from someone, they feel the same way.” Using this approach will help your child understand his playmates’ emotions, and he will grow into a kind and compassionate person.

Children can be obstinate and put your patience to the test. So, it’s your duty as a parent to teach them proper behavior by exhibiting the right behaviors and by constant positive reinforcement. Your child will quickly learn how to behave if you are consistent and firm in your positive discipline, and you will not need to resort to spanking or yelling.

Watch this video to learn about a discipline model that works in the long term by focusing on the positive points of behavior while remaining calm and respectful to children.

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