10 Creative Ideas to Discipline your Kid

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The system of checks and balances keeps the world running. When it comes to children, we want to protect them from the outer world’s customs, the system of rewards and punishments being one of them. As the kids grow, they do certain notorious things against the code of conduct, which can embarrass you and establish them as spoiled. In real life, we have to face the consequences for every deed we undertake. As kid’s first teachers, it’s on us moms to teach this to our children from the beginning, the right way, so that they know all their actions bear consequences as well. It’s a challenge for new mothers to get the hang of productive ways of punishment to make sure that growth and lesson are delivered simultaneously. Punishment should be something that your child detests doing but is necessary for his development. We have come up with 10 creative punishments for kids that would help you do exactly that.

1) Sibling service and punishment 

If your child is usually at odds with his sibling, it’s time to use this as a means to punish him for his wrong behavior. You can ask your other child to decide the punishment for one’s unruly deed. You can also make him help and obey his sibling without any condition. Obviously, he would never want to do that willingly, hence refrain from repeating his mistake again. This would also give them a chance to enhance their bond.

2) Sharing stuff

Kids absolutely hate sharing their favorite stuff, be it their chocolate, toys, clothes, stationery, or anything private to themselves. As a penalty for their obnoxious behavior, you can ask them to share that ice-cream, cake, or toy with their sibling or friends. Kids would do anything to prevent that from happening, so think twice before reiterating that behavior.

Tips for the Guilty Working Parent

It is essential to understand that children only need ‘good enough’ and ‘happy’ parents and not parents who hover around them all the time. Ensure to come up with rituals or home routines that you will prioritize at any cost. Select your priorities with the school your child attends. Do ensure to make time to relax and play as a family. Ensure to schedule time during the weekends to keep up with the assignments/tests from school. Train your kids to solve their problems themselves instead of giving them advice about what to do.

3) Favorite toy isolation

At young ages, children usually have their special toy ( cars, dolls, soft toys, books) with whom they play, talk, and even sleep. When they do something wrong, hide that particular toy and tell your innocent kid that it felt really bad watching him behave that way, so it left him. This realization would hit home and abstain the child from doing anything that would result in contamination from their dearest friend.

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4) Only green Veggies week

This punishment can work wonders if your child is fussy about food. Every time it misbehaves or throws tantrums, you can put him on a no junk diet for a week. Believe me; kids detest having spinach juice and green vegetables every day for a week. This would ensure quality nutrition and good behavior for your child simultaneously.

5) Exercising

For a lazy child, exercising can be as burdening as isolation is for an extrovert. Exercising can maintain proper development and fitness for your child and help you keep him in the discipline. Ask him to run around or do certain squats, according to the severity of his mistake.

6) Reduced digital hours

Most of the kids are addicted to their gadgets nowadays. Seize their phones, reduce their TV hours. Taking these away and engaging them in outdoor activities can save their eyes and make them feel their privileges can be taken away if they don’t behave.

7) Learning tables or writing pages

Admit it, even we hated learning tables and writing 10 pages as homework. Our kids are no different. Ask them to learn tables of bigger numbers. It would improve their calculation, and writing pages would definitely improve their handwriting. You can ask them to pen an essay as well. Get their creative gears turning.

8) Organizing and cleaning

Cleaning the home and organizing closets aren’t the duty of mothers only. Give your child a taste of your responsibility by assigning chores as punishment. Teach them how to fold laundry and ask for their help in scrubbing the bathroom. While they learn a lesson, make them organize their room and dust the furniture. Make them independent of your spoon-feeding.

9) The punishment jar

Make a punishment jar in which you put strips of punishments that are written by the kids themselves. Those strips would be drawn every time they pull up stunts to pester you. Make sure these tasks are productive, like studying for extra hours, going to bed early, pocket money cut to be used for donation, watching educational channels instead of entertainment, solving puzzles, meditation, etc.

10) No bad behavior zones. 

Specifying many such zones in the house would make them liable for punishment if they misbehave at these areas in the house. You can stop talking to them or make them stick previous apologies over there as reminders. This would surely lessen the instances of misdemeanor by kids. Let’s swallow the bitter pill; you would have to punish your child someway or the other to ensure they are on the right track. According to my mother, there are different ways and means to convey things and convince others to acknowledge them. We must remember the aim of punishment, that is, to make your kid understand and follow the discipline, not to frighten it. Corporal punishment and yelling can berate a child’s self-esteem and inflict a negative impact on its soft mind, which would result in it being stubborn and aggressive as it grows. Motherhood and parenting don’t come with a user manual. Enjoy the roller coaster ride while we are here to secure you like the belts, throughout your journey, even when your baby turns your world upside down.

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