Tiny Tara and the Magical Monkey – Teach Kids about Indian Mythology with this magical Book Series

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Days are expeditious now, we hardly have time to teach kids about how the world is made and why do we do certain things. There are several stories from Mythology that can address children about a few ethics and principles. Imagine narrating Ramayan with characters that kids can relate to from a very young age, it is fascinating, right?

Kids heed to stories easily, Tiny Tara and the Magical Monkey explain the keynotes of Ramayan in a contemporary manner; the author of the book Namrata Jalan brought science and mythology to add flavor to the story. Meet Namrata Jalan Author Tiny Tara in conversation with Akhila S Kochhar.

If your kid is curious to learn things while having amusement then this book with benefit them in innumerable ways.

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