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We have all known Karan Johar as the famous producer and director who has given the cinema-loving Indian audience many hit movies since the nineties and still continues to deliver on the silver screen. He has always been outspoken has never refrained from expressing himself, be it on his own talk-show or through his own films, which have been a manifestation of his own innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Some of them have stirred up controversies, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting his opinions out in the world. He chose the written medium for the first time in 2017 and penned down his autobiographical first book titled ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ where he mostly bared it all about his life, film-making, close friendships, etc. This time around, he has used the written medium on a lovely and positive note and has penned down his second book titled ‘The Big Thoughts Of Little Luv’ inspired by his twins, Yash and Roohi.

The book ‘The Big Thoughts Of Little Luv’ revolves around a fictional storyline of twins Luv and Kusha who try and understand gender in their formative years and how we treat boys and girls differently. It takes us into the adorable dilemma of Luv’s cute perplexities where he gets confused about the fact that if Luv and Kusha have the same-colored hair and eyes, are as tall as each other, and even their ‘poo-poo’ looks the same, they are still so different from each other. Karan has also translated his own experiences of being a parent to twins and revealed his ‘secret parenting sauce.’ While promoting the book on Instagram, Karan shared his insights on parenting via a video stating that parenting can be as simple or as complicated as the parents make it to be. He maintains that there is no rule-book to parenting; one is either parents by instinct, either by the way one was brought up or by breaking certain stereotypes that one was subject to growing up.

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Karan further says that this book ‘The Big Thoughts Of Little Luv’ focuses on breaking those stereotypes and myths that we all have been brought up with through the eyes of his fictional twins. Karan himself became a father to twins in 2017 via surrogacy and has also explored similar challenges amongst others that all parents face while raising their own kids, and strongly emphasizes on the fact that the book is not only a read for children but also for adults who are in the age range of thirty to forty. Expectedly, the book was met with tremendous support from notable tinsel town celebrities like Gauri Khan, who posted a picture of her son AbRam reading the book on Instagram and congratulated Johar.

We also saw Ananya Pandey sharing pictures of herself reading the book to Johar’s twins, and aptly captioned the post ‘the sweetest book with the sweetest message.’ Very recently, the famous director posted a very cute video on Instagram showcasing the most important albeit a very adorable review by his twins, who found the book extremely funny, much to the relief and delight of their father.


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From penning down, ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ to writing about a book suitable for the age range of two-to-five-year olds, Johar’s latest manifestation of his unique take on parenting combined with a powerful message of breaking the age-old thought processes of looking at gender has been met with reasonable applaud amongst the reading public and is definitely recommended to one and all. This book might just change the way we perceive gender and weed out some baseless, unfounded thought processes attached to it as well. Our advice is to definitely give it a shot!

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