Montessori Method- Setting and Decoration of Baby’s Nursery.

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Build a happy space for your baby! The Montessori Method has been around for almost a hundred years. It was started in the late 1800s by the first female Italian doctor Maria Montessori who observed children and came up with methods and ways to engage them well in how the Montessori technique was born. It gained an overall liking as a parenting philosophy. The Montessori method is child-led instead of being adult-led.
We must start this Montessori Method from the baby’s room. This video would take you on tour through a simple yet Montessori baby room and introduce you to all the interior and decoration you can put in there. The room’s main idea would be to make everything accessible to the baby so that she is free to discover her surroundings in a safe and healthy environment. The rooms should be minimalistic, but all the furniture must be set at the baby’s level. This technique calls for an organized area where everything has a fixed place and order, which naturally appeals more to the baby and keeps them peaceful.

There is a saying that education starts at birth. So, the homes must be modeled to encourage the will to learn and explore things naturally in children rather than filling them with facts.

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