Best Activity Books, Activity Sheets & Toys for kids to Keep them Engaged

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The toddler years are the formative years of a child and thus incredibly important. It is during this time when kids learn alphabets, shapes, colors, and more. The more quality time you spend with your child, the more he/she will enjoy, learn, and remember. However, you need a lot of patience to keep kids engrossed. Covid is a difficult time for children cause they are not allowed to go outdoors. If you want to limit your child’s screen time, introduce him/her to something productive. There is a mind-boggling range of activity sheets, activity books, and toys for kids that can assist you in this endeavor as they are apt to keep your kid engaged and learning. Here we have listed some top-selling options you can consider if your child is between 1- 4 yrs of age. So do check them out and order them for your little one today!

Toys for Kids

Kids love to play with toys, and they are ideal for educating them through entertainment. Educational and engaging toys can keep your child busy and prepare him for pre-school, kindergarten, and even primary grades. To keep your child away from the television or smartphone addiction, give him skill-based games that will foster creativity, imagination, and rational thinking. Here are a few toys every toddler must-have.

Wood Model Table Kit Educational Toy

Your little one is surely going to love this Wooden Table & Tools Set that looks so cute, colorful, and real. With this, kids can enjoy hours of fun and learning while developing motor skills. There are a variety of tools, such as a hammer, screwdriver, wrenches, scale, and more. Your toddler will learn using screws and nuts and fixing small parts. This is a perfect pretend and play toy that allows kids to have fun with friends and cousins. Most importantly, it is kids’ safe. Wood Model Table Kit Educational Toy

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Crackles Wooden Alphabet Tracing Boards with Dummy Pencil

If you want to introduce the alphabet to your little one, this wooden learning toy for preschoolers is wonderful. It comes with Two Dummy Pencils and Two Tracing Boards. You can also carry it on a trip and keep your kid busy. It is a perfect way to teach your child pencil grip, hand-eye co-ordination, and develop muscle memory for writing. It is perfect fun while you learn..

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Toyroom Wooden Planks / Building Blocks

Want your child to learn important concepts of maths, physics & engineering? Well, this is an outstanding educational toy to help your little one develop hands-on building, problem-solving & reasoning skills. Your kid won’t stop at that. He/she will also develop creative thinking and handling challenges through these innovative good quality wooden building blocks and planks. wooden blocks

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Wooden Mini Bowling Pins Toy Set

This bowling set is ideal for 2+ year kids and is suited both indoors and outdoors. Made of 100% ivory wood, this bowling set is eco-friendly and non-toxic, made using water-based paints. It is completely child safe and made in India. It helps develop fine and gross motor skills, spatial skills, and more.

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Toyshine Wooden Shape Puzzles

This is a perfect toy for your kids. This vibrant color puzzle has 12 different geometric shapes and enables kids to learn about colors and shapes. It is made from Lead-Free & BPA- Free & Phthalates Free, Non-toxic materials. Wooden Mini Bowling Pins Toy Set

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Activity Books for Toddlers

What can be better than teaching your child while he/she has fun. An activity book is a great way to draw your little one towards books. Moreover, they help to keep kids engaged and productive. When you search online, you will find all kinds of activity books, from coloring books and animal books to words books, maths books, and even sticker books. You can have a set of such books and spend some quality time with your child that both of you enjoy. The best part is that these books help the kids develop their imaginative and artistic skills. Also, activity books enable your child to develop a bond with books. They also help in nurturing early literacy skills while keeping the toddler engaged without creating much fuss. Take a look at some of the best activity books you can buy for your toddler.

My ABCs Flash Cards

These two-sided alphabet cards with fun artwork are just ideal to teach your child in a fun manner. You can keep the child entertained with these flashcards while teaching ABC. The size of the cards is simply perfect for the little hands. They come with a removable plastic ring to hold the cards. My ABCs Flash Cards

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My First Learning Library Box Set by Wonder House Books

This is an ideal gift for your little scholars. This 20-book set will introduce your child to a wide range of learning topics with the help of pictures and words. My First Learning Library Box Set by Wonder House Books

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Solimo Board Books for Kids (Set of 10)

This book-set comprises 10 picture books and will help in developing the vocabulary and reading skills of your child. Buy Now Solimo Board Books for Kids (Set of 10)

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My First Gift Set of Foam Books: Foam Books For Babies (ABC Alphabet, 123 Numbers, Colors, Shapes) Board book

This is a lovely and bright foam book set that is perfect for the soft hands of a toddler. It is an ideal choice for your kid and will help learn about everyday alphabets, colors, shapes, and more.

Foam Books For Babies

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Baby Touch: Snuggle Cloth Book Foam Book

This is an interactive playbook that helps a child learn about objects by seeing and touching. The beautiful pictures keep the child engrossed.

Baby Touch: Snuggle Cloth Book Foam Book

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Baby Touch: Animals Tab Book by Ladybird

This should be the first- word book for your young baby or toddler. It has an award-winning, best-selling baby touch series book. It is an interactive and fun touch-and-feel must-buy book. Baby Touch: Animals Tab Book by Ladybird

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Activity Sheets and Workbooks for Toddlers

To make learning an enjoyable process for the child, interesting activity sheets must be introduced to the children. There are various loose worksheets and books that encourage independent learning of a child. These enable kids to acquire new skills that will help them move towards their next level of learning goals. Young toddlers can learn counting, coloring, alphabets, language, and more through activity sheets. They are a popular choice to keep the toddlers engaged in educational activities when you are busy. There are workbooks that cover all topics and are ideal for the mental development of the child. Take a look at a few popular ones you can buy for your tiny tot.

Early Learning Skill Development Practice Worksheets

These Nursery All-in-One Worksheets are printed on one side. There are 60 sheets on English, Maths, GK, Colouring Worksheets with Stick and Folder. A perfect way to make kids learn and stay happy.

Baby Touch: Animals Tab Book by Ladybird

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Genius Kids Worksheets for Lkg – Set of 8 Workbooks for LKG, KG-1, and Montessori (3-5 yrs)

These are for Kindergarten / Pre-School Kids 3-5 yrs and cover English, Mathematics, Fun Colouring, and more.Genius Kids Worksheets for LKG

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My First Book of Patterns Capital Letters: Write and Practice Patterns and Capital Letters A to Z (Pattern Writing)

It is a fun activity book for toddlers and the best alphabet activity sheets that help develop pencil control and develop fine motor skills. My First Book of Patterns Capital Letters

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Pattern/Tracing/Writing for Nursery Kids

This is an ideal setting to introduce writing skills to your toddler. This is a colorful, fun book with interesting elements that are sure to interest your child. It is a combo of 4 books. Pattern/Tracing/Writing for Nursery Kids

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505 Activities for Kids by Dreamland Publications

This is an excellent activity book matching activity sheet that is highly educational. It will enhance reading, problem-solving, imagination, coordination, and motor skills. 505 Activities for Kids by Dreamland Publications

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We have created this list after careful research, and you must buy these activity books, activity sheets, and toys for your kids. You can buy a new thing every month to ensure that your child grows and develops in a fun and healthy way. So Happy learning and Happy parenting!

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