Six Ways to ensure Healthy Meals for your Family

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Managing a home is a 24-hour job, and when the lady of the house is working, she is practically managing a 48-hour job in just one day. While she is constantly juggling to balance all aspects of life, providing healthy food and balanced nutrition to her loved ones always tops the list of her wants. Here are a few ways to ensure how to eat and enjoy Healthy Meals and get all family members to have their nutrition full than just being stomach full.

1. Chalk out a meal menu in detail at least two times a month

Planning is the first step towards health and nutrition. Randomness or Adhoc-ism should have no room in your kitchen. Plan your meals in advance so that you can shop and manage your time for cooking and preparation of these items. Adhere to your planning and see the difference.

2. Try easy shopping options

It is time to give up on the traditional ways of procuring groceries and vegetables. Trust us; you will be penny wise pound foolish. Use home delivery applications that are cost-friendly and have diverse brand options as well. Amazon pantry, Amazon Now, Big Basket, Modern Bazaar, Grofers are few applications where you can find anything and everything you wish to order for your kitchen. Online applications will give you options to order stuff at your convenience and comfort of your home or while you are at work, and you can shop wisely too by reading product reviews and getting fully aware before making your choices.

Tips for Healthy Snacks for Kids

Make your kids have some fun with food; healthy eating need not be boring: Use healthy alternatives like olive oil to sauté and fry. Switch to whole grain for dishes such as multigrain pizza, millet cakes, or ragi dosa. Add seasonal fruits in sweet treats such as mango muffins, whole wheat pancakes with cherries, or make a delicious crumble. Substitute cheese and mayonnaise with homemade spreads like hung-curd and hummus.

3. Don’t bring junk items home

Fried potato chips, fried snacky items, colas, fizz drinks taste good to have once in a while but refrain from shopping these. If you want to buy it, thinking that we will have it once in a while, you won’t even realize when this will turn into a habit. You will become habitual of buying them and consuming them. Instead, opt for low calories, healthy snack options like roasted chana, puffed rice, fox nuts, cheese slices, etc.

4. Opt for fresh

Most of us get tempted to see the variety of frozen and preserved vegetables, but its high time we must understand that it is not doing us any good. It rather better not to eat than to have preserved and frozen vegetables and fruits. Nothing can beat the nutrition of fresh food. Rather go for lightly sautéed, air fried or raw vegetables, these are healthy, keep nutrition intact, and save a lot of time in preparation. You may try doing that.

5. Check out quick recipe options

Search for a quick snack and meal recipes; they are useful, take less time for preparation, giving you a variety of meal recipes to try out.

6. Eat together and enjoy meals together

Do try to have at least one meal once a day and all three meals once a week together. Spending quality time together while eating adds on to health and nutrition. Also, it will help you to watch each other’s plates and fill health portions for each other if it is missing. A family is all about loving, sharing, and caring. Healthy habits begin at home only, especially in kids who watch you in their every step and replicate your every move. While it is the woman of the house, who is held responsible when it comes to food and nutrition, but nutrition habits can only sustain when all adults in the house take care of it.

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