Is YouTube really developing your child?

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There was once a time when children were addicted to playing, then came the era of TV addiction. It shifted to computer and play station games. And now here we are, in the YouTube Era. Children are profusely into YouTube, the way we were once into TV.

The real question, is this online attraction good for your children? It is indeed surprising when we see children as small as two years old operating YouTube like a piece of cake. That is a worrisome issue! That said, one should always believe that everything on this planet comes with positives and negatives. Here is a balanced understanding of the same.

What is no new news is that looking into a sort of screen has a neurological effect. This ultimately slows down their system, making them slow learners and lazy children. That doesn’t seem like a developmental tool! In the years to come, this disturbs their attention span and motor actions. What is surprising is that young mothers hand this very bomb in their tot’s hands just so that the child would eat. Did children who did not look into
screens before not eat?

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There is also the very common issue of the child becoming obese in time due to less movement. The age of a toddler is that of learning; if the child only hears cartoons talk on YouTube, what is he actually learning? Several studies have reflected young children who started speaking like their favorite cartoons due to abundant watching.

Unfortunately, YouTube has a mind of its own; it is its job to provide suggestions on the right-hand side. Sometimes, growing children are lured into watching such videos; things slip away from then on. In a recent case study, parents of an eight-year-old boy had to rush the child to a therapist when they saw him with his male friend naked in the bedroom. The kids confessed to the therapist that they saw a video on YouTube and were only curious to know what it is like to touch another person’s private parts. This ghastly episode shook the parents inside out. On further investigation, it was found that they explored the video through the very same suggestions!

Does this send a chilling wave across your spine? You don’t want YouTubeto sex to educate your child, do you? Well, yes, it is scary!

No, you don’t need to ban your child from watching YouTube. What you need to understand is that YouTube is not the culprit, and neither is your child. We have to accept that this world will throw a new technology at our
face every day. And we have no choice but to run along with it. There is no doubt about the fact that if YouTube has some cons, it has its pros too. The schedules for children have become more hectic than ever. It is highly
tedious for them to hit the library every time they need something. In that manner, learning from YouTube becomes very easy. The very vital Jolly Phonics is a blessing when taught via YouTube!

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In short, the power to transform a bane into a boon is always in our caring hands. A study claims that the freedom to let children watch what they want to aids them in reaching their learning goals. But this is a very
dangerous territory that parents should comprehend and mark. Guardians need to be aware that YouTube is not meant for children below thirteen years; therefore, it shouldn’t be used to buy some personal space from
children. They need to be monitored! What needs to change is our parenting.

Talk to them calmly if you find an inappropriate search history. Make yourself aware of YouTube Kids App. Talk to your children when they are around rather than finding peace that they have kept themselves busy. Having a child is a lifetime responsibility; let us raise them the right way. There is just one universal rule; nothing is really bad; it is the excess use of anything that is bad!

YouTube has a plethora of benefits that help catch up with the current educational system and with this fast-pacing world. If that is done right, then there is no stopping our children from developing in all the right areas.
Are you able to impart the right usage of the same to your kid, is the real question?

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