Benefits of Infant Massage: How to Gently Massage Your Baby

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A gentle touch reinforces love, safety, and trust between parent and child, making infant massage a wonderful way to enhance bonding between parents and babies, while providing numerous other benefits both for the baby & parents. While massaging babies is a part of Indian tradition, many parents had malishwalis coming in and may now be looking to learn the gentle ways to massage their baby and provide comfort.

Watch the video to listen to tips from Jyoti Devjani who is an internationally certified massage therapist, infant massage instructor, pediatric massage therapist, developmental baby massage teacher, prenatal massage therapist & aromatherapist with an MBA from Mumbai University and Spa Director’s Certification and Hotel Spa Management Certification from the USA. She is a wellness practitioner, trainer & consultant with over 25 years in the spa & healthcare industry. She along with her partner Alpa offer live, online baby massage classes for expecting and new parents.


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