Kim Kardashian launches Skims Maternity Wear

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Kim Kardashian has always remained in the public eyes and ears and trended over all social media channels. It could be either because of a controversial video that has “accidentally” leaked or a new line of fashion wear which has been introduced; the Kardashian big sister has always been in the limelight and has hogged it on more occasions than one. Recently, she introduced a new Skims Maternity Wear, which received quite an amount of backlash and criticism. Chrissy Teigen, who became recently pregnant, was among the first to try out the new line and posted multiple videos of herself thanking Kardashian. However, this clothing line was perceived to hide or “shape” the naturally growing bodies of women during pregnancy, and Teigen’s videos were met with retaliation from celebrities. Jameela Jamil opined that pregnant women should not be embarrassed about their growing bodies and not worry about shaping their bodies during this beautiful process.


They should be focussing what’s developing inside rather than worry what’s on the outside. Teigen quickly came to Kardashian’s aid stating that her clothing line was not meant for pregnant women to look smaller but was meant to provide comfort. It was further clarified better by Kardashian herself, stating that her new clothing line was out to support pregnant women rather than demean their beautifully growing bodies. Compared to the rest of the garment, the thin layered material supports the uncomfortable weight being carried in your stomach, which affects your lower back, and the compression on the leggings helps with pain relief caused by swelling. It provides comfort after delivery as well, especially if it is a cesarean birth. Kim signed off, stating that she has received positive feedback from thousands of pregnant women for this clothing line and is proud to provide a solution during times women need the most.

We at Mommywize completely echo this feeling and applaud the efforts put in by Kim Kardashian to give that gentle support and care required by all pregnant women to have a relaxed state of giving birth and welcome their offspring with a smiling face into the world. It is about one’s individual choice and comfort, and using it or not shouldn’t be made a yardstick to judge a mom or her priorities.

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