How to raise a Reader and Book Recommendations for Kids 0-6yrs

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“The more you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” This is a famous quote by Dr. Suess. And it is 100% accurate. The importance of reading skills cannot be stressed enough.

Just by looking at books with your child and talking about them, you can be a great storyteller and a good model for using books and language. However, how early do you start, and how to build reading habits in kids?

Children and babies respond really well to texture, sounds, and light. Thus, if you surround a baby as young as six months old with books, they will be encouraged to crawl up to the books, pick them up, feel them, and so on. Essentially books should be made accessible to babies.

Reading out a book to your child every day creates an interest within your child for more books. This practice should be incorporated into a child’s lifestyle. The idea is to give children an environment where they fall in love with reading naturally. You could divide the books into various categories, such as studies, value education, fun times, and so on, and take up one or two books to read from each category every day. Children tend to understand better if things are taught to them through books.

Kids who are exposed to books and start reading earlier are definitely at an advantage to understand concepts that are taught in the future. However, that in no way means that children who start reading late can never fully reach the same potential. There is no age limit to begin reading books.

Watch the full video to learn more about Raising a Reader, Tips, and Tricks to get kids hooked on to books and Book Recommendations for kids 0-5 yrs.

Shradha Mohunta a soft skills trainer & an ex- ICICI Bank Regional Quality Manager is the mother of a 5-year-old Book Reviewer Ahana who is popularly recognized as @ahanastoryteller on Instagram. She has reviewed over 120 books and is one of the youngest book reviewers you would find on Instagram.

In the video her mother Shradha, her experiences on ‘How to raise a reader’ along with some book recommendations  that can be helpful to encourage little children to be inclined to exploring books and reading.

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