Holistic fitness during the Pandemic and Beyond

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In these pandemic-struck times, people are focused on trying to enhance their health and fitness. It has become obvious that to fight this virus; one needs to be healthy and strong. But is being fit defined only by how physically healthy and strong our body is? Absolutely not! A healthy mind is as important (if not more) as a healthy body. Therefore, it is essential that in today’s era, we focus on holistic fitness.

But what exactly is holistic fitness?

Holistic fitness includes physical and mental health. It includes your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and it goes well beyond the physical exercise we do in the gym.

So how does one ensure their all-around wellbeing? To ensure your holistic wellbeing and to work on the development of your mind as well as your body, you must, of course, incorporate some physical exercise in your daily routine. Walking, swimming, yoga, aerobics, etc. are some of the activities you can incorporate in your daily routine, which will take care of your physical wellbeing.

Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing

Many people have been struggling with emotional and mental health, especially in these times. Most countries have been under lockdown due to the spread of the Coronavirus, and people have been faced with sudden loneliness. Many a time, this loneliness can result in mental illness. Utilize this time to indulge in a long-neglected hobby. Take up reading or art or join an online class.

Try and involve yourself in activities that can keep you busy. And if none of this appeals to you, catch up with friends and family over a call or video session. Thankfully, being in touch with people does not require you to move out of your house. A quiet hour of meditation is also a great way to introspect and calm your mind, and can also help in your spiritual wellness. Do puzzles to keep your mind sharp.

Challenge yourself with crosswords and Sudoku puzzles. Read books you’ve wanted to read but never had the time to or simply relax with some good music or by trying to learn an instrument with free online tutorials. These will keep your brain sharp and active.

Alternative Therapies

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, an Integrative Neurologist, based in the USA, believes in the integration of traditional ayurvedic practices to ensure your mental and physical wellbeing. She believes that Ayurveda can help cure many of today’s modern illnesses. Ayurveda and other alternative therapies can help manage your stress. She recommends the use of herbs such as Brahmi and ashwagandha to help with anxiety and improve your mental health.  Sound medicine is the use of vibrations to heal the mind and the soul; Chanting of mantras is also a form of sound healing. A combination of Sound healing and Ayurveda can help one deal with most of the mental stress we are faced with in daily life

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Gut Health

Dr. Chaudhary also believes that good gut health can help in holistic health. Therefore, it is very important that you eat right, and your gut is healthy. Toxins present in your body can affect your mental wellbeing. Most specialists believe that the reason for most modern diseases is an unhealthy gut, which is because of our modern eating habits. Processed food should be avoided as much as possible. Early dinners and incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables, and nuts and seeds, into your diet, is the key to good gut health and a healthy digestive system.

Hormonal Disorders

Many hormonal disorders such as PCOD, thyroid imbalance, etc. are also a result of a weak gut and poor eating habits. There is no denying that many of the foods we eat today are genetically modified, which plays havoc with our hormones. Chia seeds and flax seeds help to regulate your hormones and should be incorporated into your diet. Add them to shakes, salads, and smoothies and consume them on a regular basis. A healthy mind can help you create a healthy body and vice versa, and both are vital to leading a happy and healthy life and can help you grow as a person. Source: With inputs from Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, an Integrative Neurologist live session at Modish Magazine.

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