5 Ayurvedic Tips to Rejuvenate your kid’s Body, Mind, and Soul

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The term Ayurveda translates from the two terms Ayur meaning “life” and Veda meaning “science,”, together known as ” life-science,” a natural life science arising from India for both kids and grown-ups, nearly a thousand years ago. Very often, Ayurveda is mistaken with the other health sciences, which follow a one-size-fits-all approach towards stimulating wellbeing. On the contrary, Ayurveda caters to promoting health and wellbeing among souls using uniquely tailored lifestyle routines and practices based on their mind-body type.

Owing to this, Ayurveda is rapidly picking up ubiquity, and an ever-increasing number of guardians are utilizing it to rejuvenate their kid’s body, mind, and soul and subsequently incorporate conventional and modern medicine into their child-rearing techniques.

The introduction of Ayurveda into your kid’s lifestyle is what every Ayurvedic expert highly encourages. Below you’ll find the top Ayurvedic tips for your kids that’ll reignite your child’s natural capability to heal & develop.

1. Change your lifestyle

It’s true that most of the maladies kids are enduring these days are related to their lifestyle that comprises both good and bad habits. Kids can be seen committing a series of common lifestyle mistakes like not sleeping on time, waking up late, consuming unhealthy food, etc. Hence, maintaining a strategic distance from these continuous life botches is what Ayurveda promotes. The least complex approach to have a solid existence is to follow the ayurvedic dinacharya or lifestyle. This includes arousing two hours before dawn, eating at the perfect time, resting on schedule, performing light activities regularly, and rehearsing yoga day by day.

Tips for Healthy Snacks for Kids

Make your kids have some fun with food; healthy eating need not be boring: Use healthy alternatives like olive oil to sauté and fry. Switch to whole grain for dishes such as multigrain pizza, millet cakes, or ragi dosa. Add seasonal fruits in sweet treats such as mango muffins, whole wheat pancakes with cherries, or make a delicious crumble. Substitute cheese and mayonnaise with homemade spreads like hung-curd and hummus.

2. A Healthy Digestive System

Ayurveda views a healthy digestive system as the foundation of your child’s wellbeing. Hence, it’s your obligation to guarantee your kids a hearty digestive system following the Ayurvedic principles. A kid’s eating habits matter the most in this regard. Hence, put special emphasis on the freshly cooked nutritious food. Besides, teach them the significance of gulping plain water consistently, especially in the early hours, that too, empty stomach. Moreover, frequently observe your kid’s urine and stool quality. Clear and extensive urine exhibits that kids are well-hydrated, and that stimulates the working of their body tissues. For stool, if it’s normal, soft, well-shaped, and has a negligible odor, it signifies sound digestion. Additionally, you should serve your kid-appropriate meals prepared with the stocks available seasonally because as kids crave heavier and denser food during the winter months and lighter & watery food during the summer months.

3. Importance of Oil Massage

It’s a well-known fact that oil massage alleviates the nervous system, revives the body tissues, and stimulates blood circulation all through the body of your kid. Hence, massaging with oil can be unfathomably reviving and mitigating to your child as it benefits him both physically and mentally. As the oil shapes itself around the body, developing a protective shield, it buffers their nervous system and mind against everyday activities. The following is the best way of oil massaging your kid, according to Abhyanga. Prior to your kid’s shower, rub about a fraction (say, 1/4th) of warm oil on your kid’s skin, hair, and scalp. Oils that are suitable for massage include Sesame oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or even ghee.

4. Boost Mental Strength through Ayurveda

Ayurveda nurtures your kid’s mental strength right from the beginning. According to Ayurveda, the primary reasons for your kid’s low IQ and memory power include malnutrition and chemical imbalances inside the brain. In the Ayurvedic language, those chemicals (or doshas) are Vata and Kapha. While more of Kapha causes dullness, excessive Vata leads to stress and confusion as it works directly with the nervous system. Hence, a perfect balance of these is highly important for your kid’s robust mental strength. And for this, incorporate the following memory boosting foods into your child’s diet.

  • Brahmi,
  • Vacha,
  • White gourd,
  • Shankhpushpi, etc.
5. Perform Yoga in the Early Morning

The health benefits of yoga aren’t hidden from anyone. Both Ayurveda and yoga are like two paths interlaced with each other such that walking on one without the knowledge of the other is sometimes of no/less use. Hence, both should go hand-in-hand. Ayurveda states that your vikruti (the state of three energies, Vata,  Kapha, and Pitta) is the driving force of your entire regime, and thus, it also decides which yoga is best for you. For example, kids with Vata nature must practice yoga that’s calming and warming. For kids with Pitta nature, asanas that are quieting and cooling can be practiced. If your kid is of Kapha nature, asanas that are stimulating are the best. The following are some asanas for the above three energies ( or doshas).

Asanas for Vata:

The best asanas for Vata are:

  • Uttanasana
  • Balasana
  • Supta Virasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Siddhasana
  • Padmasana
Asanas for Pitta:

The following are the recommended yoga poses for Pitta:

  • Ustrasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Headstand
Asanas for Kapha:

Kids of the Kapha nature must try the below asanas:

  • Ustrasana
  • Setu Bandha
  • Surya Namaskar or sun salutation

These are some of the popular kid’s yoga poses having Ayurvedic importance. Performing these early in the morning is the best way to reap their benefits both mentally and physically. As parents, all of us strive to put the best foot forward for our kids in their lives, right? As far as the science of living is concerned, Ayurveda has a lot of wisdom that can simply be applied to the kids like grown-ups. From energizing their mind and body to provoking the growth of healthy cells, Ayurveda has got all covered for your kid.

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