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All right, so you are expecting a new member in your family, or you have already had her, and now your major concern is to create an apt and a well-built nursery for her, which is loaded with all the right elements that suit her and her mind as well as her physical well being. But, you are confused, you are baffled, and you are entirely clueless as to what might be the right option to opt for in a nursery for your baby since her choices might be quite persnickety! But on a more serious note, babies do have specific demands and one needs to be aware of that fact to design an excellent nursery for them. Infancy is rightly said to be the most crucial stage for a human being since apart from life itself, it determines a whole lot of things, one of them being our intellectual and creative dimensions. A good nursery’s primary objective is not only to provide comfort and a sense of security and safety to your baby but also to stimulate her mental and cognitive development and aid in the process of brain-building. She would need a place that would inform her about her environment and help her realize what she is capable of. Therefore, it is essential to invest, both mentally and financially, in a good nursery. This article shall help you know How to Choose an Ideal Nursery-An Abode of happiness – that will help your baby reach her potential most effectively and efficiently.

1. Black and White

black and white elements in the nursery Since babies aren’t able to see, decipher and identify colors till the time they get at least three months old, it’s immaterial to load their nurseries with a lot of colorful objects thinking that it might aid their visual stimulation. According to various research, it is advisable to slowly and gradually introduce colors in a planned fashion. Therefore, until the time they get three months of age, you must install black and white elements in the nursery. These monochrome patterns shall help in enhancing their cognitive development at a much quicker pace and that too far more effectively. Also, because contrasting colors play a significantly more prominent role in helping babies develop their mental faculties faster, black and white patterns are essential for a baby to be surrounded with. [read more]

2. But colors are important as well!

contrasting colors Science says that after those initial three months, babies are visually able to identify colors. And that is the time when you can opt for installing different colors. But relevance should be non-negotiable; it means one must not start adding every other color available in the nursery. As we mentioned before, contrasting colors is the key as they help babies experience enhanced visual stimulation and learn and develop in a vivifying manner. Starkly different colors act as a stimulating factor in spurring mental growth as well as their creativity. But make sure the process of adding colors is slow and gradual since it takes a year or a little bit more than that for the babies to differentiate between different colors. You can begin with soft pastel colors and increase the density, enhancing the visual appeal slowly and steadily.

3. Shh! Keep it down!

Shh! Keep It Down Babies are short of listening. Also, their attention span is unimaginably short. And because their auditory pathways are underdeveloped, it doesn’t matter what music you run in their nurseries, as chances are they aren’t listening at all. It is essential that you engage in a dialogue with them as frequently as possible so that whenever they are listening, they learn some titbits of their mother tongue. A lot of music and unnecessary auditory clutter might hinder their natural process of picking up language and linguistics. One must keep the nursery simple and noise-free.

4. Tech is not as useful to them, as it is to you –

technology Refrain from using technology in your baby’s nurseries. Educational screens or, for that matter, anything that amounts to technology and emits blue light won’t make any difference at all to your baby’s mental development. Colorful images, illustrations, bright and vibrant wall patterns are more helpful for babies than screens, and life-size videos

5. Walls are forever –

colorful painting Since the babies spend most of their initial time lying down, make sure all the color contrast combinations are represented on the walls, on the ceiling, and for that matter, on all the places in the visual reach of the baby. Also, you can make use of colorful paintings and pieces of vibrant art.

6. Invest in a good crib –

crib Buying a perfect crib is an essential factor for a good nursery for your baby. An apt crib shall determine how suitable your nursery is to your baby, as that is where your baby would spend most of the time in the initial stages of her development, both physically and mentally. But there are a few factors that one needs to consider before buying a crib which are– • Bars of a crib should be 2 3/8 inches apart so that the distance is not too much for a baby to fall out of it and not too little for a baby to feel trapped or encased as if she is in a small opaque box. • The mattress used in a crib has to be firm enough not to sag under your baby’s weight. • Make sure you use a crib that does not feature drop rails as they are unsafe for the baby. • Your baby’s cot has to be uncluttered, and large toys and stuffed animals should not remain in it as your baby could use them to rise and then fall out of the crib. • Make sure you don’t place pillows, heavy and bulky comforters or blankets in a crib as babies are playful, and their presence could lead to a scenario where she gets under them and finds herself in a situation where she can’t breathe. • It’s important to situate your baby’s crib away from the windows as bad weather or, for that matter, mere sunlight can make her feel uncomfortable. Also, a crib’s temperature may rise due to sunlight making your baby feel unpleasant. When to get rid of the crib –  Once your baby is about 3 feet tall, you should make it a sure thing that you get rid of the crib, as sleeping in a crib while being that tall can cause your baby to fall out of the cot. Since the moment one is born, the process of absorption is at its peak, and before you even know, she has started sensing the world around her, and that too even better and faster than us adults. And because a nursery would be the place where she might spend a significant period in the initial stages, a parent must know how to build the right kind of the nursery that supports her demands.

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