Dad’s Role in Raising Kids and How it helps in shaping their personality

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After a series of conversation with moms in our Jan series Mom’s Perspective, we now bring to you a never before attempt at diving into a man’s brain with what we want to call ” Grass is always green on the other side ” episode or simply put a Live on Dad’s Perspective.

All said and done but it’s so true. Why should it always be about women and what they want and the fact that mom’s world turns upside down after becoming a mother? Why don’t we ever talk about the men, father of the child, and our better half on what they go through before, during, and after childbirth?

Does only a girl’s life change, is there no impact on the guy’s life. Do they feel trapped at times as we do and if no then why not and if yes then how do they deal with it? Don’t miss this super fun LIVE on Mommywize where we are in conversation with Shantanu Garg who calls himself a subject matter expert on fatherhood and gets to know from him the dad’s perspective.

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