Work , Kids , Home and Managing Time : How to do the Impossible !!

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20-25 yrs of education, a corporate job, and a dream to make it big. 3-4 yrs of goal setting to achieve great height only to get married, have a baby, and then wonder what the actual life priorities should be.

Have you been there? Have you faced such a dilemma? Are you still struggling with putting things in place so that you can get back to the life you wanted and had worked for?

If you are a mom then in some form or shape you must be going through these frustrations of work-life balance, kids, home, pandemic, time and the list goes on.

Watch Simran Sehgal CEO of Trove Hospitality and mom of 2 lovely kids in conversation with our guest Madhulika Appasani who is India’s leading Life Coach for higher-achieving women as she asks questions about time management, work-life balance, kids, and managing mom guilt Life Coach Madhulika has helped 1000s of women to manage their time, find their passion, be more productive & live a balanced & fulfilled life.

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