Montessori Education and How it can help you transform your Child’s Life

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Montessori education is cautiously designed to present children opportunities to evolve their competencies. Each place is filled with appropriate determinative activities that motivate children to interact with distinct learning materials and work collectively with others. As children mature, the curriculum purposefully provides small group instruction and synergistic ventures through Montessori teaching methods.

The amalgamation of independent, partner, small-group and whole-group sessions and activities exposes children to discrete learning relationships and interpersonal dynamics that are beneficial for their interlinkages outside the classroom! Permitting children to make their own choices rather than adult direction established on internal stimulus and sets a robust foundation for developing competent children. Montessori education emphasizes that children learn in a variety of ways and caters to all learning styles.

Learn what the Montessori method of education is and why you should start with it from the beginning with Ankita C from @followyourchild and Discover how the Montessori Method can transform your child’s life.

Ankita C is a B.Tech from RV College of Engineering and a Certified Montessori Educator. She has worked at Head Start Montessori, Bangalore, and has a corporate experience of 3 yrs with GE. A mom of a 19-month-old Toddler, she now runs a music and movement program for babies and toddlers online.

Ankita also runs a Montessori consulting program and courses for parents and has launched India’s first Montessori from birth – pregnancy master course. Ankita is very passionate about Montessori education and tries to help people educate them about Montessori via her Instagram page.

In this video you will get to learn:
  • What is Montessori?
  • When does it start?
  • How can one start at home
  • Can Montessori accommodate gifted children? What about children with other special learning needs?
  • Montessori encourages a young child to be independent . How does it help, can you please tell us more?
  • How is it different from our conventional way of teaching?
  • If children work at their own pace, don’t they fall behind?
  • Incorporating Montessori Principles at Home
  • Creating a Montessori Environment at Home
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