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Founded on 12th October 2012, SDRO, aka Scientific Development Research Organization’s primary goal is to nurture the young minds that are filled with trinkets about space and astronomy whenever they look up into the night sky and wonder what lies beyond the basics of the solar system and outer space. It plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the youthful astronomers, teachers, students, and professionals & their fascination with astronomy with the aid of their formative and exciting programs like The Night Sky online program. Live astronomy and space program for kids is one of its space programs for the school kids having a keen interest in outer space.

Therefore, if your little one aspires to be the next APJ Abdul Kalam or Kalpana Chawla, let him be a part of The Night Sky Online program, which stretches over 7-long days, commencing from 4th November during which, he’ll learn: Day 1: About our Solar System Day 2: The life cycle of the stars Day 3: About time-traveling and aliens Day 4: About Exoplanets and life beyond Earth Day 5: The ancient astronomy i.e., from Aristotle to Galileo Day 6: The birth of the big universe, “The Big Bang” theory Day 7: Final evaluation! The joining criteria for this program are as simple as it should be for young minds, i.e. a clear understanding of the English language and access to high-speed internet on any of their preferred learning devices (laptop, mobile, tablet, or computer).

The Night Sky Online program’s participation fee is just INR 1150, which is again, 100% refundable. The faculty in-charge of this entire program is Mr. Sarvesh Bhardwaj. He is a gold medalist Indian planetary scientist who has so far partnered with over 900 educational institutions with the sole aim of developing scientific skills and promoting planetary education among the kids. He is also a part of the Planetary Society in the USA and the organizing partner of Vikram Sarabhai Astro Quest, New Delhi, India. Besides the online Night Sky program, SDRO also has a helicopter workshop where your kids will learn how to design a basic helicopter with maximum stability in mid-air from scratch. The workshop offers training on the following two helicopters.

  1. Infrared induction helicopter for students in grades 4th,5th, and 6th, and
  2. Intelligent infrared controlled helicopter for the students in grades 7th, 8th, and 9th.

The participating students will also be acknowledged with a certificate of participation with a self-made helicopter to boast about. If your kids are interested Live astronomy and space program, what about SDRO’s DIY CubeSats Kit for building a working IoT-based cube-satellite? A cube satellite is a representation satellite capable of operations like space research, short-range communication, imaging, and monitoring of environmental parameters (like humidity, UV index, temperature, etc.). It can be deployed in space and can be used at home as well. The satellite displays all the environmental data on a 16×2 LCD and can also connect to a Wi-Fi network. This way, you can upload the observed data on a server and display it on an app. SDRO has also launched a STEM challenge for the school kids to know various space transportation options in the most innovative and practical ways. An expert team will train them with all the essential knowledge and provide them with the required material for building their space vehicles.

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