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Looking for a super grain for incorporating in your kid’s diet? Presenting to you, Ragi, the versatile wonder grain for kids. Ragi or Nachni is an immunity-boosting grain for babies and growing children. It is very nutritious and aids in the overall growth and development of the babies. It can be introduced in the baby’s diet along with other foods as she completes 6 months. Know Health benefits of Ragi for kids.

Ragi is high in calcium, so it can be very beneficial in the teething years for toddlers. Along with the nutritious aspect, this wonder grain also helps babies and children sleep peacefully and night, which can be difficult for some of them. Ragi is rich in iron and fiber and hence, avoids overeating, which is crucial in initial years. Thankfully, this grain can be used in both sweet and savory recipes. So, do not hesitate to introduce Ragi in your baby diet to ensure that the vast nutritional requirements are fulfilled!


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