7 Insta Handle you can Shop for adorable little dresses for your Baby Girl!!

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Having a girl child is like having a walking Barbie doll in our house. Raising a daughter has its own perks, but we can all agree that the most fun part about it is playing dress-up with them! Getting them into adorable little dresses, braiding their hair in a fun way, and styling the whole look with the accessories you picked up for her; and when our little angel sees herself in the mirror and feels like the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world, looking at that just makes us forget about all the other problems in our lives, doesn’t it? We, mothers, don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to make our baby girls look like an angel or a princess. Be it be their birthday, or their friend’s birthday, or a family function, or any other occasion; we just want our daughters to look a showstopper. And what says showstopper better than gowns! But getting that one perfect outfit for an occasion can be a little hard, provided that there are a plethora of options available. Well, let’s make it a bit easier by looking at what’s hot in the market right now!

1. Ballgowns

gowns A classic ball gown would be the perfect attire for your girl’s birthday. There is an extensive range of neck patterns, gorgeous styles, vibrant colors, and stylish bodices when it comes to ball gowns. Style your beautiful daughter with elegant ball gowns, which are appropriate for any occasion.

2. Tutu Dresses

girl dresses Tutu dresses are one of the best apparel you can buy for your little munchkin’s first birthday. The gorgeous and fluffy flare of the dress, the floral design, and pairing it up with hair accessories will make her day more precious and memorable. They come in all different types: knee length, floor length, and separately as a skirt. Give your little angel this fluffed gift on her first birthday, and look at her shine!

3. Ruffle Dressesgirl dresses

Ruffle dresses come with a designer bodice and layers made of net. The net layers provide a flowy flare to the look. This exquisite design makes up for a lovely attire suitable for any party or occasion. It comes with different necklines, patterns, and colors. And of course, you can further enhance the look with matching hair accessories that will add more grace to your little barbie.

4. Puff-sleeved Satin, Chiffon, and Lace detailed dresses.

girl dresses Yes, that’s right! Puff sleeves never went out of fashion! Fine detailing of lace, satin, or chiffon added with puff sleeves is just a timeless beauty. It gives a whole vintage look, and it is comfortable too! Chiffon laces, satin ribbons, or floral prints add up to make a beautifully detailed dress for your little ball of sunshine. Accentuate this graceful look with hair accessories, and your daughter is ready to steal the limelight!

5. Peplum Dresses

girl dresses Well, we can never go wrong with a little silhouette. The peplum is the overskirt attached to the dress. It gives a distinctive, sophisticated, and elegant look to the baby girl. It comes in different fabrics, detailing, and patterns (like double peplum) This kind of dress will make your girl the talk of the party! If you’re confused about how and where to get these types of gowns and dresses, don’t worry, we got you covered, mommies! Here are 7 Local Indian Brands where you can Shop for adorable Little Dresses for your Baby Girl!

1. Janya’s closet

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  Website- https://www.janyascloset.com/ Instagram handle- @janyascloset Janya’s closet provides luxury couture dresses for girls aged 0-16 years. It offers a wide range of gorgeous dresses and gowns for our little girls, which will make them want to twist and turn with elation! If you’re looking for superior quality and fine craftsmanship, then this is your place!

2. Forever Kidz

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Website- https://www.foreverkidz.in/ Instagram handle- @foreverkidz_fashion Distinctive quality, design-driven, fair pricing, and trendy clothes for girls as well as boys are available here! They have a range extending from casual wear to amazing party wear dresses (Do check out their party gowns range, it is absolutely dazzling!). They also customize for various sizes.

3. Samta and Shruti Studio

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Instagram handle- @samtaandshrutistudio Based in Hyderabad, it provides a handcrafted luxury clothing line for both boys and girls. They have graceful gowns and an elegant ethnic range for girls, smart and trendy blazer sets for boys, and color-coordinated outfits for parents and kids! Do check out their well-designed and chic range of clothing.

4. Angel Couture

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Facebook Page-https://www.facebook.com/angelcouture12 Instagram handle- @angel.couture A luxury house for your girls only! Angel couture deals with premium fabric, fine detailing, and immaculate workmanship to make that perfect outfit for your little munchkin, which makes her feel beautiful and special. The dresses are custom-made and embellish with comfort and style. Do check out their adorable collection for your princess.

5. Pastel Palette Kids

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Instagram handle- @pastelpalettekids Pastel Palette Kids is an online store that offers a classy and chic range of ball gowns for girls aged 0 to 10 years. And the best part? They have a full range of tiaras (flower crowns) to doll up your beautiful girl!

6. The Little Factory

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  Website- https://www.thelittlefactory.in/ Instagram handle- @thelittlefactory.in This store has it all: clothes, furniture, toys, indoor and outdoor games, activity kits, décor, party kits, musical instruments, cutlery, linen, and more! Run by parents of two lovely children, the little factory has a lot to offer (for both the kid and the parent). Their product line is wonderfully diversified and totally worth checking out!

7. Pixie threads

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Instagram handle- @pixiethreadss Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/Pixiethreadss/ Pixie threads is an online store which deals in premium girls’ wear. Each piece is handcrafted with luxe fabrics and designed in whimsical patterns. They aim to make your little girl feel special in their clothes. Their product line is absolutely striking and spectacular. Do check it out for dream-like outfits for your little angel. Go get that prettiest party dress for your future divas. Don’t go overboard with the designs. Remember that simple and minimalist is the key to beauty! No matter the dress, our little balls of sunshine will look amazingly beautiful in whatever they wear!

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