Tips to Timeless, Ageless Style

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Trends change. Your body changes. In the world of fashion, the only thing possible constant is the confidence that you can wear. Other than that, everything is constantly changing. A timeless, ageless style is an achievable goal. The key to creating a timeless, ageless style is discovery. Although a lot of things change, there are some things that are consistent, like your tone, tastes, and your desire to look and feel good. With those factors in mind, one can curate the wardrobe and figure out what your style is—your own personal brand of chic and class. By doing this, you save hours of mindless shopping and no more ‘Oh no, I Have Nothing to Wear’ days. There are no hard and fast rules to curate your style, but there is a list of universal tips or stages that most go through while on this road of discovery. So here are some tips to a timeless, ageless style.

1. Invest Invest

Not every piece of clothing you wear has to be a designer label. But some of the essentials you have, certain staple pieces (like that white shirt or navy blazer), invest in them as you will use them a lot. Examples of staple clothing items include winter coats, standard nude heels, a pair of fitting jeans, etc. These are the items that catch the eyes most and define the overall style. So invest in them.

2. Prints Ageless Style

Not everyone likes prints, but they offer a huge advantage, you can pair them with any color. Even though one should wear prints in moderation, animal prints have never really gone out of style. It exudes a certain charm that is irreplaceable.

3. Tailor Ageless Style

The importance of a great tailor cannot be put into words. Whether it be shaping dresses or replacing buttons, tailors weave magic. Getting the right cut and curve will elevate your style. It’s not just limited to the shaping of clothes; you can get a plain dress tailored with custom designs, have blouses made, the possibilities are endless.

4. Trends Ageless Style

Just because some piece is trending doesn’t mean you have to own it. Know the trends but go for the timeless pieces. For example, standard red/black stilettos never go out of style. It’s simple, stylish and can be worn on multiple occasions. You cannot go wrong with a little black dress or fitted jeans. These are the styles that you should focus on, the ones that don’t change with time.

5. Colour colored outfits

Monochromatic styles are very plain. On the other hand, too many colors are not stylish. Finding the perfect balance is important. One of the simple solutions is to have a pop of color. If you are going for an all-black outfit, change up the shirt to a canary yellow. That pop of yellow will change the tone of the outfit.

6. Assets work your assets

We all have one part of our body that we are proud of. Maybe it’s the long legs or the shapely shoulders. Work your assets. When you wear an outfit that shows off your best side, you will also be your best self. If you’re not wearing something that doesn’t boost your self-esteem, then why wear it?

7. Skin Skin

An important part of the outfit is your face. You needn’t have flawless makeup on to look good. This is why skincare is important. Most forget to tend to the skin, which is a mistake because it requires constant care and effort. Drink lots of water, consult a dermatologist. Looking good will boost your morale and help you look leagues better.

8. Flats flat wear

One of the must-have commodities that have transcended time is flats. Classic ballet flats go with every style and are super comfortable. Invest in a pair of flats that suit your style. These are very go-to and stylish at the same time.

9. Handbag handbag

Handbags are an important accessory to your outfit. Choose and invest in a killer handbag or clutch that can turn heads wherever you go.

10. Stylist be stylish

There are so many salons today. Finding your perfect place can be tricky and tedious. But once you have, never leave. Stay loyal to the palace that makes you look and feel great.

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