18 Sign and Symptoms you may be carrying a Baby Girl!

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Some parents want the gender of their baby to remain a surprise, whereas some cannot wait to find out the gender of their unborn child and start preparing accordingly – the name, the clothes, the nursery, and so much more. And sometimes, you just want to do it for fun, and see if what you guessed worked out true.

While an ultrasound is the best way to detect the sex of the baby, in some countries, such as India, doctors cannot reveal the sex of the child to the parents. However, we have curated a list of signs and symptoms on how to know the baby gender without an ultrasound. Read on to find more about the symptoms of being pregnant with a boy or a girl.

Do NOTE that these methods are based on old wives’ tales and are not cent percent accurate.

  • During your next ultrasound, pay attention to baby’s heart rate. If that little ticker is beating faster than 140 beats per minute, get ready for a girl.
  • Acne and oily skin and hair during pregnancy are mostly signs of having a girl.
  • Do you crave for sweets? Another sign that you may be having a girl.
  • Try the baking soda test. To try this test, add a few drops your first-morning urine to an equal amount of baking soda. If the urine fizzes, then folklore regarding the baking soda test says the woman is carrying a boy. If the urine remains the same, it suggests she will have a girl.
  • Unfortunately, this early pregnancy symptom does not tend to discriminate. But if you are suffering from excessive nausea and morning sickness, it’s said you could be having a girl.
  • The linea nigra is simply a line that forms, running vertically on the pregnant belly.How to know if it’s a baby girl?? Now, if the line extends from your navel downwards towards your pubic bone, then you are more likely to have a girl. However, if your linea nigra is heading ‘north’ – from your navel up towards your head – then you are more likely to have a boy.
  • If you are able to eat a lot of garlic but not smell like it, apparently that means you are carrying a girl.
  • Dull-colored urine means a woman is carrying a girl; bright-colored urine means it’s a boy.
  • Tie a ring on a string and hang it over your belly. If it swings in a circular motion – it is a sign of having a girl, but if it’s swinging side to side, it means you are having a boy.
  • According to pregnancy lore, carrying high means you are having a girl while carrying low means it’s a boy.
  • Look up all your ultrasound reports. The general belief is that baby boys have bigger and blockier skulls than girls (referred to as skull theory).
  • We also have the Ramzi theory. Look at your ultrasound reports again, placenta on the right side usually indicates a male fetus, while a placenta on the left side is a sign that a fetus is female.

So, based on these old wives’ tales, do you think you are having a boy or a girl?

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