10 Tips of Conception if your trying to get Pregnant

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Today’s women are fearless, bold, and very progressive. Gone are the days when under societal pressure, women used to keep pregnancy at priority and keep solving the puzzle how to get pregnant, abandoning their love, passion, and above all, their free will. Now women set their own rules, their terms and conditions of doing things, and run the world around them the way they feel is good for them. One such thing that pestered women as soon as they got married was the ordeal of presenting their family with a child. It was a common expectation among traditional Indian families that a woman should give birth to a child soon after her marriage.

Congratulations to you if you fought them and embraced your free will when it came to the choice of pregnancy. But here’s the catch, you may have made up your mind that you want to welcome your bundle of joy in this world and start a family of your own, however, things do not end there. We know you can’t wait to become a mom soon enough and you are eager to know how to get pregnant, however, pregnancy can demand a lot from your body and, hence while you might have prepared yourself mentally: you need to prepare yourself physically too which increase the chances of getting pregnant. There are a few things that you need to be aware of so that there is hassle less conception. Before you start trying how to get pregnant or how to conceive a baby, here are 10 tips on conception that you should know:

1.Start recording Menstrual Cycle 

It’s time you start recording your cycle’s frequency, occurrence, and duration to predict time of ovulation. A female egg is fertile only for 12-24 hours after release, so recording the specifics of the cycle length would tell you when you’re most fertile.

2.Monitor Ovulation

Women usually ovulate 12-16 days before they get their periods. It might differ individually. You can use a home ovulation-prediction kit, which tests the luteinizing hormone whose levels increase each month during ovulation and cause the ovaries to release an egg. Also, check for the cervical mucus. If it’s release increases and it becomes more slippery, chances are you are ovulating, which means the intercourse during that period would result in fertilization. Menstural Cycle

3.Strive for Regular Intercourse:

Now that you must have determined your ovulation window look for regular sex during the ovulation window. The ovulation window usually lasts for 6 days: 5 days before the egg is released and the 6th day when the egg is released. The sperms can live for 5 days in a female body, so having sex everyday might increase your chances of fertilization.

4.Go for Healthy Body Weight:

Obese and underweight women have quite a lot of difficulty in conceiving. To bring a baby means you have to be healthy. Try to maintain your BMI in the normal range to increase your chances at conception.

5.Take Prenatal Vitamin

After a healthy body weight, you must prepare your body with prenatal vitamins beforehand. Prenatal vitamins like folic acid are essential to be present in the body before conception as the brain develops in the first 2-4 weeks after conception.

6.Eat Healthily

When you are considering sincerely how to get pregnant, be mindful, pregnancy needs the body to be very healthy and ready to take the development of another soul inside you. Start taking a protein-rich and nutritious diet. Don’t forget to cut down on your caffeine intake as it affects fertility.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

7.Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking alcohol can be very harmful to your body and to the possible little one. It can cause problems in conception. The chemicals like nicotine and carbon monoxide found in smoke, direct or passive, can reduce the fertility of female eggs drastically.  

Quick Tips on Trying to Get Pregnant

•Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking as this may prevent an egg from being fertilized and also affect the quality of the female egg. • Exercise, breathing control – as it increases your chances of conceiving. • Supplements like folic acid formulated for conception as they help with the nutritional requirements for women trying to conceive. • Less stress and good hours of sleep ( 8 to 10 hrs )

8.Go Easy on Workout

While you are thinking about how to get pregnant, exercise and taking care of your good health is essential,  however, excessive exercise can be harmful. One should avoid doing strenuous workouts, which can interfere with ovulation. There might be periods of irregularities in women who do heavy work out.

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9.Know age-related Fertility decline

After health, it’s the age factor that determines your probability to conceive. With age, the quality and quantity of eggs decline due to changes in ovaries with age. With age, health issues like uterine fibroids, blockage in fallopian tubes etc. can happen. Beginning from the  30s, there can be a sharp decline in fertility.

10.Know when to seek help

Fertility problems are normal and curable, but neglecting them can be problematic if you are preparing for conception. A woman over 35 and one under 35 must go for consultation if they aren’t able to conceive after a year and 6 months of unprotected regular sex, respectively.


Follow these tips to increase your chances of conception. Take the help of a gynecologist for better guidance on how to get pregnant. Pregnancy can be as blissful and as hard for you; it depends on the care and preparation you undergo for the same. Conception is the first step towards pregnancy and hence the most crucial. Embracing motherhood is delightful and now that you are ready for it, be optimistic, and enjoy the experience.

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