Connect Kids with true meaning of Diwali Traditions and Celebrations

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In today’s changing times, the significance of festivals has also changed. Now festivities are about buying new clothes, gorging on delicacies while getting an Instagram worthy picture. Diwali is around the corner, but it is not surprising that its charm seems to be fading away in the era of gadgets and modern technologies. However, we cannot deny that it is imperative to impart the right values behind the celebrations to the new-age generation. Adhering to rituals and traditions has no meaning if done, without a thoughtful understanding of the same. Many modern parents are concerned about raising more empathetic and compassionate kids to create a better world for all. In the absence of this knowledge about diverse cultures, it is challenging to make kids a part of the community they live in. Therefore, the question arises on how to connect the children with the soul and heart of festivals like Diwali. The answer is through self-awareness and getting oneself well-educated about celebrations and the way they impact our lives. In a country like India, the lack of religious tolerance makes it more essential to familiarize youngsters with the prevailing customs across various cultures. Apart from parents, I believe that an educational institution also has a huge role to play in establishing a strong cultural bond in kids. I vividly remember schools organizing an array of competitions prior to Diwali vacations annually. The pupils used to partake in Rangoli making, Diya painting, classroom decoration contests, and quizzes. The awards and certificates of recognition in such games also boost the self-confidence of children. It is advisable that you enroll your wards in schools that focus on not just feeding their young minds but also creating a vast knowledge base for them. Now let’s also talk about the role of parents in this regard. Remember that certain traditions define our roots and narrate the tales of our origin and history. For instance, the festival of lights is a celebration of Lord Rama’s Ayodha return after 14 years of a life of sacrifice, family commitments, and companionship. Diwali is a reflection of the triumph of good over evil. So, it is essential to pass on the heroic stories that we heard growing up from our grandfathers. Today, the ratio of nuclear to joint families has drastically increased. People have moved to apartments equipped with contemporary facilities and modern amenities for a luxurious life. This shift in lifestyle has changed the ways festivals are celebrated. Another reason to engage in Diwali festivities is that they help us in strengthening family bonds. Presently, frequent meetings with grandparents and cousins cannot be possible unless they live in the same house as yours. To me, Diwali is about sharing a sweet with a sibling and creating relations that last a lifetime. So, always make an effort to bring together family members so that children can learn the bigger picture of feasts. Ask the children to help the elderly with Laxmi pooja and adorning the homes with floral garlands and other items. Search kids’ group activities online to indulge the children and adults in a single activity. Whether it is a simple thing as a Rangoli making or something exciting as trying out new cuisine, everything gets better with every family member around. Plan out family gatherings to form robust family ties during Diwali this year. Usually, little ones tend to associate the auspicious occasion of Diwali with bursting crackers. Here it would be best if you talked to the children about the adverse effect of such unhealthy practices. Kids fail to comprehend the damage they cause to the environment and other species of the planet for the sake of pleasure. As a parent, you sleuth about the negative environmental impact of crackers. Besides, the firework industry is one that attracts high child labor prone to health risks. Before telling all these facts to your kids, you should be well-prepared. Seek assistance from the internet and explore as much as you can. You can create an atmosphere at home that enhances the little ones’ understanding of different cultures as well as communities. Education intertwined with practical learning can aid children to trace their roots and understand their culture better. Lay down a foundation of values that leads to a more peaceful world. Make special occasions memorable and something to look forward to every year.

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