10 Common Mistakes related to Health and Fitness

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Has it ever happened that you have been continuously following a strict diet, but you don’t lose any weight? Or Are you feeling frustrated that you are still at the same weight despite following a good exercise routine? Better health is central to our happiness and well-being. Exercise can boost your mood, improve your sleep, and help you deal with depression, anxiety, stress – it is the best thing you could do for your health. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, your life changes with every phase in life, and to keep up with these changes, you need to stay fit and healthy. But, ever so often, we tend to feel confused and frustrated in our quest for a healthier body. On a personal level, it is frustrating to listen to or come across these new tricks, tips, shakes, wraps, teas, or a new diet fad that change with every season. We may be doing all we can, but we may not be doing it in the right manner. A lot of us can relate to the number of times we may have thought, “What else can I do? What am I doing wrong?” Trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle and get fit is a journey that one needs to ride through without shortcuts. However, there are some fitness mistakes which we may make with regards to our regime, and they eventually circle to ten main things:

1.Not Drinking Enough Water:

We know that water is good for our internal health – digestion, our blood, organ function, and our skin; however, water has a significant impact on our physical health too. Adequate hydration relieves body aches, bloating, headaches and contributes to weight-loss to no small extent. Many studies have indicated the correlation between increased consumption of water and the fat-burning ability of the body. Our body cannot correctly interpret the difference between dehydration and hunger pangs on not drinking enough water. Yes, thirst can be interpreted as hunger by our body and lead to unwanted munching, which can be avoided by only drinking a glass of water. So, try drinking water the next time you feel the urge to eat unnecessarily. It fills your stomach, leading to a sense of satiation, and suppresses hunger.

2.Not Eating Enough:

Our general thought process regarding eating is – eating smaller portions, counting calories, and skipping meals. However, under-eating can also contribute to retaining weight, as well as hamper muscle growth. All our bodies have a minimum caloric requirement each day, and eating below this number prevents you from losing weight and harms your internal organs. So, get an estimate of your caloric requirement and log or track your food intake in a manner that works best for you. You need not do this forever, but you can get familiar with the numbers and manipulate the same depending on your lifestyle.


Just like under-eating, over-eating results in weight gain. It is essential to burn the excess calories you take in by exercising and keep check of your minimum caloric requirement each day.

4.Doing Too Much Cardio:

One of the most common misconceptions concerning weight loss is that cardio is the most significant factor for losing weight. Doing a lot of cardio will not help you reach your fitness goal (unless you are looking at a bony and shapeless body type). Cardiovascular activities are vital to overall health, but if that is all you are doing, then it does not help. Include weight training and off and on heart elevations to your exercise regime.

5.Not Lifting Weights:

Most women do not lift weights, either because they do not know how to or simply because they believe that cardio is the solution to their weight issues. Weight training has always been understated regarding losing weight; however, there are various benefits associated with strength training (weights). It is important to note that muscle burns calories, which means that more muscle burns more calories. How do we build muscle? The answer is by eating sufficient calories and combining that with weight training.

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6.Not Lifting Enough Heavyweights:

Another mistake that most women make is lifting weights (yay!), but never really pushing themselves to do more and struggle. It is an issue as muscles need to be a challenge to grow (affecting your body shape or tone up). Remember to constantly challenge yourself and your muscles, and increase your weights as you get stronger!

7.Doing Something Unsustainable:

Keto diet is not sustainable! Starving yourself is not sustainable! Low-carb is not sustainable!. We resort to unsustainable measures to focus on short-term goals rather than building long term healthy habits. Though Keto gives excellent results initially, one does feel like to indulge in something unhealthy once in a while (think pizza, burgers, sandwich). To put it simply, if you believe that certain foods are off-limits or you can never eat certain things as it will break your diet, then that diet isn’t meant for you. The solution is to understand and educate yourself about the right way rather than the fast way. Find a balanced method or an approach that suits you and your lifestyle.

8.Punishing And Rewarding Yourself:

Do not reward yourself with junk food just because you have exercised all week; similarly, do not double-up your exercise routine just because you missed a few days of exercise. The solution to getting out of this using exercise as punishment and food as a reward is to plan. Plan your exercise and food intake.

9.Not Being Consistent:

Being consistent does not mean working out continuously for a month and then expecting a complete body transformation. Continue with your exercise regimen – make it a lifestyle. Aim for at least four workout sessions a week and plan your meals –be rest assured of terrific results.

10.Blindly following a plan or a program:

Do not blindly follow a new diet plan or an exercise program – research and choose wisely what fits your lifestyle. The hazard of blindly following a project or a program is that you may not be in control of the results, as you have no idea why you are doing what you are doing. If you do not understand the plan, then how can you carry it out confidently? The other significant risk is that you may be following a program that may not fit your body type. Just because it works for XYZ on Insta, it does not have to work for you. We must also note that reducing stress is another strategy that can help you stay healthy, given the connection between anxiety and various disorders.

So ,stay happy, positive, and exercise – do it for you and for the ones who depend on you.

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