How long does it take to lose postpartum weight?

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The joyful moment of the arrival of your snuggly newborn also accompanies some visible changes in your body, one of them being the weight you put on over nine months. You may wish to magically lose postpartum weight at the very next moment of your delivery, but it’s the harsh reality that no one can get back her pre-baby physique so quickly. This makes everyone wonder how long it takes to lose postpartum weight, and it’s rightly so. It depends upon a variety of factors. For example, taking into account the baby’s weight, which is around 5-10 pounds, and the importance of amniotic fluid and placenta you lose at delivery, a pregnant lady can shed about 12 pounds at her delivery.

In comparison to the average weight gain of 25-30 pounds during nine months, losing 12 pounds at the moment is commendable. But what about the remaining weight? What can all be done to lose it without taking too much stress? Let’s find out.

A realistic postpartum weight loss by week timeline 

While losing the excess postpartum weight varies from person to person, you can look up for your reference here’s a postpartum weight loss by week timeline. 

●    Week 0-1: This is the period that immediately follows your delivery where, as said above, you will lose around 12-15 pounds in a pretty short time. 

●    Weeks 2-6: By weeks 2-6, considering a slower weight loss pace, you can expect yourself to lose around another half of your pregnancy weight gain. Again, it will vary from case to case.

●    Weeks 6-12: During weeks 6-12, the weight loss pace will be even slower than what it was earlier. However, if your healthcare provider allows you some lightweight exercises, you can shed the postpartum weight at least a bit quicker than those who still can’t work out yet. 

●    After 12 weeks: After 12 weeks, you won’t witness any weight-related changes in your body, and the only changes visible will be due to differences in your body’s metabolism. 

As per studies, some women may also keep shedding bits of postpartum weight up to 2-3 years, but it’s for ladies who fall into the obesity 2 & 3 categories. If your weight gain levels are up to the standard classes, the below postpartum weight loss chart will surely help you understand which factor contributes to losing postpartum weight.

As evident from the above postpartum weight loss chart, your exercises and nutrition are the two significant factors that help significantly towards your postpartum weight loss. However, this chart is just a reference, and in reality, there’s much more doable at your end to expedite your postpartum weight loss. These include:

●    Taking care of your postpartum nutrition 

As nutrition has a critical 40% share in your weight loss, you should primarily emphasizes what you eat and its proportions. The three macronutrients: carbs, fat, and proteins, are fundamental in any diet. It would help if you had a word with your pediatricians regarding their proportions in your diet to lose weight. You don’t have to “diet” but follow a sustainable and realistic nutrition plan. 

●    Physical exercises

Besides its effectiveness in your postpartum period, some level of physical exercises are beneficial in your antepartum period as well. Not only it elevates your weight loss rate but exercising lifts your mood, enhances your cardiovascular endurance levels, and makes you feel strong. However, never assume exercising as a substitute for a balanced nutritional diet. Both should go hand-in-hand.  

●    Maintain optimal hydration levels

Hydration is very critical when you’re breastfeeding (another postpartum weight loss strategy). Water not only keeps the various metabolic processes running in your body but also contributes towards weight loss. How? Simply gulping a glass of water before every meal will make you feel full, help burn calories, and keep a check on your food intake. To know the various hydration levels in your body, focus on the color of your urine. Various urine colors signify different hydration levels. 

●      Focus on your restoration

A sound sleep is what many pregnant ladies are usually left deprived of, and it’s a significant element of a healthy metabolism. According to studies, lack of sleep can amplify the risks of weight gain, especially during pregnancy. Hence, put prime focus on your rest and restoration.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the average postpartum weight gain?

Ans: Considering all factors and a healthy period of 9 months, a pregnant lady can gain around 25-30 pounds of postpartum weight. 

2. How long will it take to lose postpartum weight?

Ans: If you are following a standard doctor-recommended weight loss plan, by the 12th week, you can shed most of your postpartum weight. Any remaining weight will then keep going off as you get back to your daily pre-baby routine post 12 weeks.

3. What factors highly contribute to weight loss?

Ans: Your nutritional intake and exercise levels have a significant say in your postpartum weight loss regime.

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