Practical tips and tricks to travelling with Kids

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Illustrious Travel Writer and Mom Insta Influencer @momtravelstories Silky doesn’t have a problem traveling the world with her daughter but concedes that balance and planning are of paramount importance when trying to marry motherhood, her work, and what she’s most passionate about.

Silky made a deal with herself that besides her own passion for traveling; she would make an honest effort to ensure her daughter would get a fair opportunity to immerse herself in those things that many only read about or watch on television. She does not want her daughter to have to depend on textbooks or the media to educate her about other cultures, religions, and countries.

Watch how this Super Mom managed to travel 14 States,50 Cities, and 6 Countries with her 4-year-old daughter whom she calls K in her journals, and why she thinks it’s one thing that she would never want to miss out on in her Parenting Journey.

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