Kids Nutrition and Family Meal Planning in Covid Times

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Are your children eating healthily?

This does not necessarily imply that they eat a lot, but rather that they eat a variety of healthy meals. Are you struggling with your Kids nutrition and meal planning in COVID times? Is your child having put on too much weight?

Are you stressed and confused? You should add any food supplements to your child’s diet to ensure that they get the proper nutrients. If your kids don’t eat well, you might view the food pyramid as a goal to reach for and use this healthy eating plan to get there..

To get an answer on kids nutrition planning and more, watch the session with Malvika Sehgal, a Nutritionist who is on a mission to feed family and kids healthy food. Malvika is a Delhi-based nutritionist helping families make better food choices and lifestyle changes.

She shares fact-checked information, proper food combinations, and recipes on her insta handle and also allows people with nutrition consultation and diet plans for weight loss, PCOS, Thyroid, and for proper guidance on daily healthy eating habits

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