Yellow Class Ramayan Series : Ultimate Guide to Ramayana for Kids

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Ramayana is a well-known literary work of Indian mythology. Its greatness is known to all, not only in India but in western countries as well. It is a timeless epic that stays relevant for every age group all the time. Every instance from the life of Lord Ram is a lesson for life. The kids’ Ramayana series by Yellow Class ensures that these lessons are well-received by the new generation.

Ramayana – Important Values taught by Ram – Practical examples

Ramayan is a guide for humanity that teaches the valuable lesson of living life to result in the greater good of society. The best thing about this epic is, its practical examples are valid even today. Here are some instances to take values from Ramayana for kids –

Education is Essential: Ram and his brothers went to Gurukul for studies. In the Gurukul, he learned the way of living. Rama learned to use various weapons and developed necessary life skills. These lessons were valuable later in his life.

From this, one can understand the importance of education, devotion, discipline, and respect towards everyone.


Responsible for Every role: Ram fulfilled his responsibilities towards everyone. He kept his father’s promise and was obedient to his mother. After marriage, Ram gave his best to protect his wife irrespective of the hardships. As a king, he was very gentle to every human being and helped everyone who came to him.

Thinking beyond the materialistic comforts: He portrays the real meaning of obedience and selflessness by staying in exile for fourteen years. He gave up all the riches at one request from his father. Being a prince, he could have lived like one in the jungle also, but he chose to lead a simple life. 

What Kids can learn from Ram

The student life of Prince Rama: Ram’s student life entails dedication and determination at every point. While living in Gurukul, he performed all the meager tasks like acquiring material for food or maintaining his Astra. He asked his Guru to “order” him and not “request” him to do things. Kids can learn the lesson of obedience and respect from Ram’s time in the Gurukul.


The Nature of Helping others: In his whole journey, Rama helped many people. You can take examples of Shabri, Bali, Hanuman, Vibhishan, and many others. This nature of being friendly and helpful to others got him all the necessary help he needed during his exile. 

Leadership Skills: Ramayan for kids will teach them how to develop leadership skills. Ram was an incredible leader who kept everyone together through exile, be it the vanar sena or the people in Ayodhya. 

What Parents should teach Kids

Impact of Parents: The life of Ram shows that parents play a significant role in what a child becomes and what he learns. Parents can conveniently teach their children the importance of values, morality, obedience, and truthfulness through Ram’s story.


Importance of Balance in life: Parents can teach children the importance of maintaining balance in life. They must also tell the importance of working hard to achieve that balance, like in studies and other chores. Maintaining a balance of work and play is critical for a child’s mental and physical development.

Dealing with situations: Lord Rama dealt with every adversity in a calm and composed manner. From crossing the river to Lanka to giving chances to Ravan before starting the war, he managed every situation pragmatically and tactfully. With kids’ Ramayan, students will be able to understand the same.

Why should parents encourage their kids to read the Ramayana?

The epic is full of life lessons at every instance. By reading Ramayan, kids learn the values of obedience, patience, focus, determination, and righteousness. Lord Ram’s entire life is an inspirational journey.

Yellow Class Ramayana Series

The kids’ Ramayana series by Yellow Class covers the essence of the story in a gist. Everything is provided so that kids will know the story, enjoy reading it, and gain a lot of knowledge from it.


The Yellow Class Ramayana series covers the whole Ramayana in just two hours, making it easy for children to take out time from their schedule. The lead actor of the TV series Ramayan, Arun Govil, will be taking four live sessions with the kids making the sessions even more effective and fun.

The kids’ Ramayan is divided into four classes, beginning, tales from forest exile, tales from Ravana’s Lanka, and the victory of good over evil. The child gets to know the whole story in a systematic way which builds up the interest. This approach allows them to learn, ask and adopt what is being conveyed to them.

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