Know-How Traveling Helps in Evolving Your Kid as a Person

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I have heard innumerable times from people that traveling with kids is not a cakewalk. Few of my friends believe that a child could not make the best of the travel experience. However, I feel taking kids along on a getaway has its perks. For me, traveling has always been something more than a mere passion. Even my daughter’s birth couldn’t postpone my travel plans as other parents might choose. But as a mommy passionate about traveling, I had a different plan for Miss K (that’s how I fondly call her). Her first trip was to the magical city of tall skyscrapers and lavish architecture, Dubai. You should not be surprised when I say that the two-month-old was on an international tour with her adventurous mommy. Having visited several countries and cities, my little girl has evolved in various ways, not only as a person but also as a human being. If you are also planning a short trip with your little ones, then go ahead. Take that risk and explore a new world together.Here Are All The Advantages Of Travel That I’ve Felt

Here’re all the Advantages of travel that I’ve felt and experienced in my child:

 ●Evokes her Curiosity: Travel makes children learn a myriad of things they have neither witnessed nor heard before. Kerala was one place that was an on-my-travel list for a long. So, when she turned one, we grab the opportunity to book tickets to God’s Own Country. Celebrating Miss K’s first birthday amidst the lush green view and backwaters was no less than a paradise. I still vividly remember the fondness my daughter developed of the ocean and the tranquility. I always look for ways to instill experiential learning in my kid. And the alluring city was the ideal pick. Miss K was jumping with joy at the sight of ocean waves. Since then, I have seen her being excited about going to places not just in India but also abroad. ●Develops confidence in her: I allow Miss K to choose her food, no matter whether we are dining out in Europe or having limited food resources at a faraway mountain in Himachal Pradesh. I encourage my little one to understand her choices, preferences, and the things she wants. I have a strong view that children must be raised in a way that they built self-esteem and confidence. And traveling has always helped me to pass on that belief to my daughter. ● Learning about Different Cultures: Every family has its history and heritage. Your elders made you learn the culture you belong to it. Likewise, you must teach the Younger ones of your cultures. It is better to put aside the verbal teachings and let them look for themselves. Traveling opens up such opportunities to comprehend your roots while gaining insights about other cultures. To make children travel helps to widen their perspective about a variety of things. ●Better Understanding of Our Own Culture: Traditions and customs are an integral part of any culture. The kids must familiarize themselves with the diversity that unites the world. Like in Amsterdam, we made new connections with Dutch people. We not just engaged in healthy conversations but also shared food with each other by staying together in Airbnb. I still remember Italy was the place where Miss K experienced the ancient Roman sculptures exquisitely and uniquely. The distinct traditions offered a sneak peek to my daughter into the lives of a plethora of people across the globe. ●Get out from the Comfort of our Home: When kids travel, they witness the real world with real people and hurdles. When we were in Kasol(India), we ditched our comfort and stayed in the lap of mountains in tents. If this does not amaze you, let me add that it was with 0-degree temperature. From sweltering desert summers to chilly winters, we have experienced it. Surely, it meant engaging in activities we could happily escape from. The little one’s co-corporation and learning motivate me to keep adding more places to our travel goals. Despite these uncertain times of the Covid 19 Pandemic, we took a weekend trip to a resort in Rajasthan. It was certainly different from what Miss K has been accustomed to, but it was worth it. She learned how to adhere to precautionary measures in public spots amidst the global pandemic. I am glad that our little one loves traveling more than me and carrying the passion for traveling as her lifestyle. I will always have a travel partner when my spouse is away for work. Travel makes kids learn everything beyond textbooks and digital gadgets. Don’t wait to plan out your first travel with yourtoddler this year. Article Credit: @mommytravelstories

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