How to Host the Perfect 1st Birthday Party for Your Child

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Finally, it’s time for your baby’s first birthday! And what better way to commemorate this occasion than a birthday party, of course! Your toddler’s first birthday is an extraordinary celebration, and you might feel a little bit stressed from worrying about how to plan for the party. From deciding who all to invite to choosing what games and snacks to include – the entire process of organizing and managing a party can feel a little taxing, especially if you’ve never planned for a party as a parent before. Well, fret no more! Let’s take a look at all the tips and tricks you need to know to host a ‘wonderful’ birthday bash for your child.

1. Stick to the Budget

The very first step for planning any party has a budget plan. Be realistic about what and how much you can spend on and stick to it. It’s vital to decide first-hand what the essential factors are for you. For example, if you feel that your party should look visually appealing and fabulous, separate your budget’s largest chunk for the theme and decorations. Ask yourself where you want to have the party, whether you don’t want to spend cash and celebrate at your home, or if you aren’t opposed to spending some money to rent a venue – like a hotel banquet or an open area. If you feel that it will get a little exhausting and stressful for you to be on the lookout for so many toddlers, consider hiring help – an entertainer or babysitter perhaps. How you would like the party is the first question you need to answer before starting any planning.

2. Who to Invite?

A huge party sounds great in theory, and why not! It’s your little one’s very first birthday; it should be memorable, right? Just keep one thing in mind, though – you’re having a party for your 1-year old kid, and your baby can’t appreciate extravagance at this age. Babies aren’t really aware of their surroundings and hence, require your undivided attention. A lot of commotion might throw them off, and you don’t want to spend the occasion with them clinging to you and crying the whole time. So, consider having an intimate gathering with only family and close friends. Keeping it small, just like your precious little toddler, is a beautiful option. But if you’re sure your baby would be comfortable and fine in a big crowd as well, you can go for a grand party. Ultimately the size of your party depends on your own preferences and budget. In any case, begin with your must invite list, those you absolutely can’t celebrate without. Then keep on adding to the headcount if you prefer.

3. Choosing a venue

The next step is to decide where you want to celebrate. As usual, babies get easily afraid of strangers or new places, and it’s wise to have the party at your home itself. Your baby is familiar with the surroundings and won’t be overwhelmed. It’s also a great way to save some money, and one added bonus – your kid has a place to nap if they get tired. If you do plan to host the party outside, like a hotel or a children’s play space, make sure the place is spacious enough, so it doesn’t get cramped. Also, you should check the weather forecast beforehand and make sure the weather will be bright and pleasant for hosting a party outdoors. God forbid, but if rain is predicted on the birthday, the risk-free and best option is to have the party indoors.

4. Time it right

Scheduling is majorly important, and timing is everything when it comes to a baby’s party. So, orchestrate the party according to your baby’s nap time.  During festivities, a tired baby means lots and lots of crying, so plan the party around your toddler’s sleeping time. This will result in a stress-free and happy baby, thus stress-free and happy you. On the day of the party, make sure your baby has had lots of sleep and is well rested before the party’s start. As toddlers get tired and cranky easily, keep the party brief and lasting for no more than 2 hours.

5. Pick a Theme!

Themes are a sure shot way to make any party grander and more special. From whimsical and fun to beautiful and elegant, the options to choose from are countless. You can center your party around fantasy characters like mermaids or Disney princesses, or you can pick a theme based on seasons – like the winter wonderland or flowery summer. You can design everything from invitations to the birthday cake and party favors around the theme.

6. Send Out the Invitations

Once you have the guest list and party details solidified, it’s time to send out the invitations. Try to send them at least 4 weeks ahead of the time so that the guests can plan their schedules accordingly. Don’t forget to put all the important details of the invitation, like the date, time and duration, and venue of the party. You can send out cute personalized cards with your baby’s picture printed on them to the guests, or you can opt to send out invites digitally. The latter is definitely the more affordable option, and it saves up a lot of money, plus you can come up with just as cute and adorable designs online as well!

7. Shop for Fun Decorations

After you decide the theme, add a bunch of bright and interesting decorations to your party. If you have a rainbow theme, then fill your party with lots of colorful balloons. If you’re going for the winter whites, then hang different sized beautiful snowflakes from the ceiling. Decorations add character and fun to your party, so think creatively and outside of the box! As you’ll be clicking a lot of pictures of this day, make sure that your party looks magical and vibrant.

8. What to Serve

On the menu plan, have food options not only for the kids but for the adults as well. For the kids, simple and healthy foods and that can be eaten on the go are good choices. For the adults, you’ll need something more substantial. Finger foods are excellent for both babies and adults alike, as eating them won’t interrupt play or interaction. You can serve snacks such as sandwiches, cutlets, noodles, pasta, bread rolls, and drinks such as milkshakes and dilute fruit juices. And everyone loves dessert! So, make a sperate table and fill it with colorful muffins and cupcakes, different ice cream flavors, cute shaped cookies, lollipops, and treats.

9. Time for Games!

With a party filled with lots of kids, games are a must! As the kids enter, have an activity to do immediately to warm them up, like coloring or putting stickers on the birthday hat. For toddlers like your baby, you can have games like catching bubbles or building blocks. For kids a little older, you can have play games such as musical chairs, freeze dancing, and passing the parcel. As small children don’t like losing, make sure you hand out prizes not only to the winners but to every kid for participating. Everyone gets something!

10. The Party Favours

At the end of the party, it’s tradition and customary to send kids home with favors. You can give away fancy goody bags or keep it simple with just a small stuffed toy or a crayons pack. Some practical party favors are – children’s books, rattles and bath toys, feeding accessories like cups and plates. You can also choose to give the older children return gifts, such as chocolates, tiffin boxes, or water bottles. Also, always be alert and keep an eye on your small guests as children have a way of getting into mischief. Ensure that the place you’re having the party at is completely baby proof so that there are no sharp edges in the way of the crawling babies. Finally, take lots and lots of photos! This is a day to cherish and remember, so document everything so that you will have beautiful memories to look back to and reminisce about when your child is older. And remember to relax and enjoy the party. Your baby’s 1st birthday is a very special occasion, so don’t sweat the little things that may not go as planned and enjoy the party with your precious little one to the fullest.

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