What Precautions you should take while traveling with kids in COVID times

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“In COVID Times “ in the heading is mostly to catch your attention for the title is totally wrong for two reasons. a) It should have been “ To Travel or Not to Travel in COVID times and hello, why are you even thinking. b) All mothers will agree that  Corona or No Corona, traveling with kids at all times, requires precautions, and we are always wondering if we have taken enough.  So a ready reckoner of a checklist is always good to have. So at the top of the checklist, despite the topic is,  AVOID  any travel in these times even after the opening of  Lockdown 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, or in unlock times. Basically, don’t travel till you keep hearing the words “opening of lockdown,” “increase in cases,” and these will only go away once the vaccines are successful and finally arrive in large numbers.  No travel is worth jeopardizing anything and the safety of anybody.  So in COVID times, DON’T travel. Period! But If you still must travel or in case it is that essential you cannot delay it, then first you should transform totally into a fully autocratic dictator (that most likely you are anyways mostly accused of ), and it will totally be YOUR WAY on THE  HIGHWAY! Take the utmost measures knowing that kids are most susceptible to infections, and you have to take additional precautions to safeguard them. (1) First of all, the most crucial step is to be informed whether your destination place is safe enough for kids (you do know that no place in these times is). The area should not be a hotspot or a place where community transmission is declared by the local government. (2) The second step is to get a routine health checkup of your kid to seek advice from the physician and his or her recommendation in making that trip still. (3) Suppose you have crossed the above two barriers to move further. Make two checklists, one for the items you regularly carry while traveling and the other is COVID special checklist, most essential for combating against infection while traveling outside viz: (i) Sanitizer bottles. (ii) Hand wash soaps (iii) Disposable tissue papers (iv) Own blankets for journey (v) Some paracetamol tablets and thermometer for emergency (vi) Disposable Gloves (vii) Disposable masks (viii) If it is possible, carry a PPE kit also. (ix) Separate pack water bottles and packed homemade food. (x) Carry two separate bags for used clothes and other stuff and other for unused things. (4) Transportation: Travel only by your own car with your own driver or one who has been tested negative. But if you have to travel with public transport like an airplane, then follow all the designated as well as your own social distancing norms for you and your kids. (5) Some basic instructions you must explain to your kid/s  before departure: Give them instructions  that cant is compromised regarding hygiene so that they can be safe on their own; also when you are  busy or distracted:  They do not have to remove their mask in public places.  They are not to touch their face or mask.  They must keep a good distance from fellow passengers.  They must not touch any article or other unnecessary things like a wall or other’ passenger seats.  Tell them they would not get outside food because right now, it’s not hygienic at all. Be forewarned and not that you do not know already that despite best intentions and our best efforts, kids will be kids and will need constant reminders. Yes, it is heartbreaking not to let kids do the kid’s things.  But then, HeilHitler! (6) The important points for Parents: As we know, it’s a very stressful time in all manners. But don’t stress out yourself too much because it will not only deter your physical and mental health but also make uncomfortable your kid as well.  Try to remain calm.  Talk politely with your kid so that they can understand the situation well.  Don’t forget to wipe your seats before sitting.  If you are on a long trip and it’s difficult to ignore outside food, then go for the hygiene food choices where all safety measures are maintained. Keep calm. Stay Positive! Don’t Trave.

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