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The chemicals that we apply to our skin have more adverse effects on us than we think. All mundane products that we use daily, like soap, shampoo, cream, and face wash, are dosed with heavy chemicals and can long-term affect how we look and how we age. It has a nasty effect on the super sensitive skin of young children and toddlers, and Mala- The Founder of Amala, was quick to identify that off the shelf products don’t suit her son’s sensitive skin. She read about and explored natural products and ingredients and ultimately started making soaps herself that worked her son’s skin. Mala started gifting these products to friends and family who loved these products and demanded more of them. She then customized her products according to the skin and hair type, and it worked wonders for those who used them. In this endeavor to naturalize daily effects and with a simple motive to provide purity that she would want in a product as a customer, her brand journey started about 2 yrs ago, and Amala, the brand, was born. Amala means pure and natural without any chemicals. It is about going back to the roots with handcraft beauty products with the purest ingredients that are natural, edible, skin, and environment-friendly, to deliver ageless and luxurious skincare and haircare. The brand’s logo is beautifully in sync with the objective and the process that Amala has to create products. A tree, dewdrop, and a hand, symbolizing the natural extracts, purity, and hand-made process of making their products, which is further boosted by their tagline “Crafting Purity.” Mala now wishes to use an MBA’s lens at looking at her business, now that she has more time since her children are all grown up. She is content that her products’ value is adding a lot for her repeat customers, and she is looking at a full-scale commercial expansion while keeping the ethos of handcrafted purity. You can buy handcraft beauty products currently from Amalapuresoaps and add glow to your skin with all-natural handcrafted products.

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