Time to get Back to Work, Mommies-Some tips on how to Manage work with your Baby

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Spending all day in your pajamas, sleepless nights, organizing and managing everything, no personal time, no late-night binging shows, no cute date nights with your partner. This pretty much sums up a parent’s life after having a baby. But the baby makes it worth it! Amidst all this hurly-burly of taking care of your newborn baby, you suddenly realize that your maternity leave is going to end soon! Just the thought of going back to work when you have spent so much time away can be scary and overwhelming. According to a survey by Ashoka University, only 27% of new mothers join work again and advance their careers. Among those who manage to return, 48% quit their jobs within 4 months of joining the workforce. They can’t go through with it. They prefer to start their own small business after their kid starts going to school or start to work from home for lesser pay. Every baby is a piece of their mother’s heart. No mother wants to stay away from their little delight for even a second. They feel anxious, guilty, and selfish about returning to work when their baby is so little, which further leads to thoughts about quitting the job and being a full-time mother (which is beautiful in itself). But you don’t need to give up on your dreams and everything you have worked for if you can manage everything! You will have to manage tons of things before you hit the peddle back to work! Here are some tips on how to manage work with your baby!

1.Work up a schedule!

Establish a schedule, what things you have to do, when you have to do, how you have to do, and follow it religiously. This way, you won’t forget the important stuff, and it will not be utter chaos! Make it a week before and practice so that you are entirely ready for your first day!

2.Find a trustworthy daycare or a caregiver!

To focus on your work and manage work with your baby, you need to make sure that your baby is in safe hands! If your parents or in-laws can help look after your baby while you are out, it will be best. If not, get a nanny or a maid whom you can trust completely with your baby. And the last option is, looking for a daycare center where you can drop off your baby. Make sure to look for good reviews, safety, hygiene, the staff, etc. It would help if you made sure that someone you trust is with your child.

3.Planning things in the night make your morning super easy!

It’s better to plan all the simple things at night, which makes your morning stressful and chaotic. Like deciding your meals for the next day, sterilizing bottles, getting diaper bags ready, all the baby essentials, picking out clothes for the next day, and your other small chores. It might take an extra hour in the night before, but it also gives you a free extra hour with your baby in the morning!

4.Charts make it easy!

Make a feeding chart for your baby for the whole week! What all he has to eat and drink, it should all be written down! This makes it easier for you and your caregiver as well.

5.Reconnect with your work colleagues!

You’ve been away for too long now, and a lot of things would have happened. Catch up on the latest information, let everyone know that you are coming back, and get a little rundown of what’s been happening. It will make your first day less terrifying, and you will have everyone’s moral support while you are away from your baby!

6.The first day!

Your first day back at work will be very overwhelming and upsetting. You will have an emotional breakdown, and you will cry a lot, you would want to go back to your baby. But focusing on work on the first day is really important in order to manage work with your baby! Just for the first day, if possible, get a family member to take care of your baby. It will help you with the anxiety, and you will be sure that your baby is safe. It will help lower stress levels.

7.Stop checking your phone constantly!

“Did my nanny text” “Are they okay at home,” “I should check on them.” Your baby is perfectly fine; you don’t need to check for text messages or call from your caregiver all the time! It will just boost up your anxiety and stress level for no reason. Enjoy your work, and know that they are safe! Getting back to work can be horrifying, and we understand that. But take it one day at a time, focus on the positives, and you’ll get through the day. It does get easier. It will become the new normal. It will take a really long time, and it will be hard, but you’ll get through it! Motherhood makes you healthy, bold, responsible, and confident. You will feel the change in yourself once you are back at it!


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