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When I had delivered my Son(Avyaan), my mom told me a secret that worked wonders for her & that was to whisper in your child’s ear when they are sleeping. You could whisper anything you wanted, like if you were going out of the house when your child is asleep, then you could whisper in their ears, ” keep sleeping till Mumma is back home”. I also did it many times since Avyaan was small & it worked just the way it was said. This made me quite inquisitive & I wanted to know what this is actually. So after a lot of research & reading, I came to know that this is called “Sleep Talking” & it works like “Magic”.

So what is “Sleep Talking”?

Over here, you talk to your child’s subconscious mind. Once your child has slept, after 45 mins you go to your child & talk to him/ her just as how you would talk to him when he/ she was awake( conscious mind).

When to use this method?

You can do this process every single day for anything & everything. This is mainly used when there are some behavioral issues in the child. For instance, your child doesn’t eat food, throws tantrums, bites nails, sucks his thumb, bangs his head, pushes/ hits people, etc. It can also help with things like separation anxiety, school refusal, frustrations or tantrum type behavior, negative self-talk, fears, and phobias or sleep issues – anything that causes stress or anxiety.

What to talk about?

Talk only positive sentences to your child. For instance, if there is any behavioral issue, like in my case, my son use to not eat green vegetables & he use to bang his head anywhere when he use to get angry. So I started talking to his subconscious mind by saying,

  • Avyaan, you love eating green vegetables.
  • You feel incomplete without green vegetables in a day
  • Green Vegetables make us strong.
  • You eat all kinds of green vegetables.
  • Avyaan takes care of himself & all his body parts. ( This one is for him banging his head)
  • You know to control your anger.
  • You know what is right & what is wrong.
  • You are well behaved.

In my above sentences, I have not used any negative connotations like don’t, no, not, shouldn’t words. Talk only those sentences that you want your child to be like & always in the present tense. As though he/ she is already behaving well or just the way you wanted them to.

At what age can we start this?

Right from the time your child is born till 14 years of age.

Its impact?

Your words work like magic as the subconscious mind is listening to what you are saying & passing the same signal to your child’s body. In my case, Avyaan has now started trying all kinds of vegetables & his headbanging is considerably less as compared to before. You will see the magic unveil with regular practice.

Why does this work?

After 45 mins of your child being asleep, his subconscious mind becomes completely active & they hear us calmly as well as act immediately upon it. It gives your child a feeling of being loved & secured.

.So now it’s become a kind of ritual for me to talk to my son every night after 45 mins of him going to bed. I talk about all kinds of positive affirmations I want to imbibe in my child, as well as any behavioral change that I want to bring in him.

I really hope this article was helpful for you all & you too can imbibe this ritual in yours as well as your child’s life on a daily basis. Let us all experience the magic.

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