How to Make Holi Colors at Home?

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Holi is around the corner and excitement is running high in your family, especially the children. It’s imperative to teach them and educate them about the motive and importance of the festival along with lots of fun. Preparing organic colors at home with the help of children can kill two birds with one stone that is, involve the kids in the culture as well as saving them from the hazardous synthetic colors being sold profoundly in the market.

Follow the following steps to make dry herbal gulal is mentioned as follows:

1. Take some flowers. You can also order them online.
2. Dry them in sunlight and crush them later to achieve a powdery texture.
3. Take a large container and put the powdered flowers in it. Add some fragrant sandalwood essential oil and mix them with your hand.

Your exotic homemade dry gulal is ready to use on holi.
There are a lot of people who love to play with wet colors. Filling them in water cannons and water balloons and throwing them on people is a delight on its own. Hence, for making wet colors:
1. Take some fresh flower petals and soak them overnight in a bucket of water.
2. Add essential oils of your desired fragrance.
3. The water would gather the color from the petals and your wet colors are ready to spread happiness on the festival.

Follow the procedures listed above and enjoy the best and safest holi with your kids and family.

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