Sameera’s Getting ‘Sassy’ With Her Saasu

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B—Town actress Sameera Reddy is famous for her movies, made her mark in the entertainment industry with her acting talents, which were scattered over Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and Tamil cinema. She was last seen on the silver screen in the Kannada movie ‘Vardhanayaka’ in 2013, after which she disappeared off the Bollywood radar. She married businessman Akshay Varde in 2014 and became a mother in 2015 to baby boy Hans, and later in 2019 to baby girl Nyra. And now she has started a series on Instagram with her mother-in-law, which is very aptly titled “Messy Mama & Sassy Sasu.” Like any other girl, Sameera might have had apprehensions of the unknown ‘devil’ as all Indian brides do. The very thought of sacrificing your own home’s comfort and adjusting to another household and its individuals can be a nightmarish feeling. Then there is the age-old rivalry between the saas and the bahu; the bahu is trying to ‘change’ the traditional way the house is run, and the saas always finding it hard to relinquish control.

Fortunately, Sameera didn’t have to go through the entire ordeal. She is apparently blessed with an uber-cool mother-in-law in Manjri Varde, and they get along like a house on fire. Now Sameera might have disappeared off the silver screen, but she is more than making up with increased appearances over small screens all across the country, and yes, this time, she is not alone. She has started a series on Instagram with her mother-in-law, which is very aptly titled “Messy Mama & Sassy Sasu,” a show focused on showcasing home-cooked delicacies. Still, the USP of this snazzy show is the unlikely chemistry portrayed between Sameera and her mother-in-law. Not only do they have fun on camera, but the to and fro between Sameera Reddy and Manjri Varde, which is a delightful bouquet of the traditional relationship between a saas and a bahu, but with a completely contemporary twist! And yes, if you have been able to take your eyes of the adorable duo, some delicious home-cooked recipes are up for grabs as well.

Apart from the apparent jugalbandi on screen, another important message that comes out of this quirky show for all to be bahus is that today, not all mothers-in-law are the typical tyrannical beings society has made them be. Times have changed, and today’s mothers-in-law are not only welcoming, but they also strive to be adaptable to the ways and dynamics that a new daughter-in-law brings to the house and, in turn, make you feel more at ease. A mother-in-law’s role is slowly but surely transitioning towards being more accepting of the contemporary thought process, which is beautifully humorously portrayed by Manjri Varde. So, if you are still nervous thinking of the atrocities that your future saas would make you subject to, all you bahus out there, open up Sameera Reddy’s Instagram, She has started a series on Instagram with her mother-in-law, which is very aptly titled “Messy Mama & Sassy Sasu,” and witness how frivolous your preconceived notions might be!

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