Keeping Calm when your baby is ill but cannot convey

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Love is all about the feeling that makes it difficult for you to breathe if your loved one is in pain or suffering from some distress. And when talking about love, you experienced a different level of love altogether when your little one arrived in this world. Watching a part of you growing and smiling in this world is indeed an out of the world blissful feeling, but when that part of you is sick, and you can almost do nothing to ease his pain, is one of the most nerve-wracking feelings a mother can ever experience. The problem worsens if your little one is still an infant and can’t convey his anguish through coherent words, but here’s the catch. It won’t help to lose your mind over your baby’s constant whining while there’s not much you can do to bring him relief. So here is a list of few things that you can actually do to maintain the equilibrium of your mind while nursing your sick little one.

1.Go to a doctor

If you are a first time parent, panic striking you like a lightning bolt is one of the most common phenomena. It’s best you visit or call your pediatrician at first because they would be able to guide you better whether the problem with your baby is minor or, god forbid, any major ailment. Even if it’s a minor one, you would know what to do the next time you find yourself in this situation. Moreover, it would be good for your mental peace, and I think that’s the most important commodity you would need in such situations.

2.Give a pep talk to yourself

I know this must be one of those times where you would want to rip off all the hair from your head and still won’t get a solution to help your little one in easing off. But here’s the deal. Sometimes you need to motivate yourself and fuel yourself with self-confidence and belief that you would come out of it. Give yourself a pep talk that it’s fine and just a phase of parenthood. It’s a part of growing up and emerging better. Tell yourself that you can do it and that your baby is going to be alright. There are medicines and all the assistance available to you. In most cases, resting and a little time is required by most infants to overcome their ailment. Don’t let yourself lose courage and hope.

3.Consider asking for help

PLEASE DON’T SHY AWAY FROM TAKING HELP! It’s one thing that people say mothers are superhumans, but you don’t have to take that literally. You’re only human. You need to take some time off as well. Ask for help and assistance from your partner. There might be only too many relatives and neighbors who would be more than willing to help you take care of your child. In India, the women around have enough home remedies and solutions for baby problems, and a lot of times, they really come in handy. You are new at it, so it’s wise for you as well as your young one if you reach out for help and allow someone else to take care of him while you take a little time to organize yourself and your life.

4.Eat and sleep well

I am very sure you would be losing your sleep while you sit beside your baby or just keep rocking her in your arms the entire night because it’s obvious that being a mother, how can you sleep if your munchkin is so not comfortable. Eating would seem like a task to you as well. But let me tell you this. You need to eat and sleep well to give some rest to your exhausted mind, body, and soul. Food brings comfort to many. You can sleep with your baby, so you won’t need to run to keep a check on them. Divide shifts between you and your partner, if possible. Trust me; you will feel a lot better if you maintain your eating and sleeping routine.

5.Deep breathe

I know your baby might be howling like a banshee, and it can get super irritable in most cases because obviously, you can’t find the panacea treatment to this problem, but you can obviously find a treatment for your anxiety. You can practice deep breathing while you coax your baby to sleep or feed him. You can indulge in mantra meditation or pleasant visualization while you pat your baby or when he’s finally asleep. These points might seem general and hard to digest, but these are the most instrumental things that you must keep in mind to prevent losing it during your baby’s illness. Babies fall ill a lot during their initial years. They can be easily suffering from some common flu, stomach distress, teething, pollution, etc and there isn’t much one can do. But now that you know how to at least keep calm while the weather is all stormy in your life with the help of these incredible tips, I am very sure both you and your little one will emerge victorious and much stronger than before.  

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