Cool games for Superhero Theme Birthday Party to have a blast at your Kid’s party!

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It’s a daunting task to entertain a fun-crazed group of toddlers at your kid’s birthday bash as it doesn’t matter how well you spend on the party’s decor and gifts, all get outweighed if there’s no fun at all. And at a kid’s party, if anything matters, it’s the fun-filled games and activities. But at the same time, it’s crucial that those games are in accordance with the party’s primary theme. So, in any case, if your birthday boy is contending for a superhero theme birthday bash this time, here’s how you can incorporate some super-duper fun into it with some cool superhero games/activities to give a little “zap,” “pow”, and “wow” to your party plans and be the coolest mom around.

1.Pass some Kryptonite!

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This is a popular superhero game your kids would enjoy the most. For this, divide the kids into two groups: one of the heroes and the other of rivals. Roll up aluminum foil into balls (one for each kid) and paint them green to form kryptonite (a poison to superhero’s powers) and throw them into a heap in the room. Lineup the groups a few feet apart from each other, yet they must confront each other. Provide every player a Krypto-proof stick (a paper towel tube goes well) as they can’t touch the balls with bare hands it being a poison. Now, start a superhero song. Children will have time until the music ends to push whatever number of kryptonite as they could pass their rival group’s side while guarding their side simultaneously. At the point when the song stops, tally the number of balls of kryptonite on each side with the group with minimal kryptonite balls behind their line being the winner.

2. Where’s your Nemesis?

For this, you will need a pair of cards per player. Write a superhero’s name on one card with its arch-nemesis name on the other. Collect the cards with superheroes names in a bag or bowl and spread the nemesis card all over the party space with the bottom side up. Ask each player to draw one card from the bag/bowl and search for its corresponding nemesis card within a minute of time. Award the kids who succeed in finding their card.

3. Dash to the Music corner

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Put out the images of any four superheroes and download their respective theme songs. Hang these images at the four corners of the playing room. First, play any random song and let the kids hop. Randomly stop the previous song and play any superhero song. The kid’s job would be to run towards the corner having the song’s superhero picture hung. The last kid who reaches the desired corner gets eliminated with the sole standing player becoming the winner.

4. Knock the villains down!

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Take some cold drink cans or mini milk jugs or simply, paper cups. Paste the images of villains or the arch-rivals of the superhero onto them. Place these cans over a table and set the kids holding ping-pong balls or toy guns a few feet apart. Turn by turn; each player will have to knock down the cans in each of the three levels. The kid with maximum knockdowns at the end becomes the winner.

5. Name any superhero or remain frozen!

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This game can involve both kids and their parents. One player will act as a villain, and all other participants will freeze at their position. The villain will tag anyone randomly, and the tagged person will have to shout out any superhero’s name or remain frozen. Continue the game until everyone is frozen and start with a new villain in the next round. Remember, superhero names need to be unique each time.

6. Help me blast the evil balloons.

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For this game, you will require a bunch of balloons in two colors, red for the villains and green for the superheroes. Blow up the balloons and set them randomly over the floor. Now, blindfold the kids and ask them to burst the red balloons with a stick. But how will they do this? For aid, their parents will guide them in finding the red balloons, and kids, after listening to their directions, will burst them off. The player with the maximum bursts in less time is the winner.

7. Emblem relay

For this, cut four large squares out of cardboard and paste an image (or emblem) of any superhero on all of them. Divide the guests into two teams with two emblem squares each. On the count of one, the first player from each team puts one square emblem in front of them and steps on it. Then, they place the second square in front of them, step on it, and pick the first emblem squares. Now, place this emblem square again at the front and continue this until each of them reach the finish line. They will then rush back to the starting point for the other players to follow the same. The team that completes the relay in the least time becomes the winner. Looking at the Pinterest-themed parties, guardians often think of prearranging castles & horses or changing their homes into dreamlands just what any kid would dream of. This isn’t needed at all. A simple theme like this superhero one with loads of cool games and activities is enough for your birthday boy and his gang to have a great time.

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