8 Ideas to use your Home space for Office Work in COVID times

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Since the lockdown, we have been working from home. At first, it might have felt alluring and comfortable that now you don’t need to go out, leave your child alone or with someone else, and still earn an income. But the more we are getting deep in these waters, the more we are feeling the pressure of the depth of the problem. You must have deciphered by now that your productivity is declining, and your personal and professional life is being thrown into a mixer grinder to present an amazing juice of blunders regarding your health, your relations, and work. Every time you sit down to work, your toddler might come and start raining his small fingers all over the keyboard like a pro, or their extreme silence for long might urge you to leave all you’re doing and run to save his or your life. This brings us to the solution that we might need a proper segregated office space where nothing should come between you and your work. But here’s the catch, it is a home of a baby too and most probably small. So we’ve compiled 8 ideas on how you can set up a home office without causing any mess while setting up that space:-

1. Corners storage

Corners are the most neglected spaces of homes. Pay more attention to them, and they can become your next office space. You can make storage cabinets in the corners to keep office stationery and other paperwork. You can also set up a bookshelf or artificial light source in the corners to get a more organized, cozy, and compact office space. If clients visit you, you can also make a cute conversation space in the corner by adding 2 chairs and a coffee table.

2. Stowaway study

Are you really struggling to make space for your work because you can’t find a separate room to yourself? Stowaway study desks and foldable furniture can become your best friend then. These articles would take almost zero floor space and can really help you organize your office in the minimum space available. Also, when you finish your work, you can fold it away, and you’d be gifted with the unparalleled relief and feeling of satisfaction that you’ve finally completed your work. It wouldn’t affect the interior of your home and also prevent your kids from banging themselves accidentally against the new surfaces.

3. Use the space below the stairs

Remember how in Harry Potter, the malicious Dursleys used the area beneath their staircase for poor Harry’s room? Well, for a bedroom, it was a terrible idea, but for a quiet, separate office in a small home which doesn’t look messy, using this space can be an incredible idea. You can set up a small desk and chair with shelves and get working if you don’t require a lot of space. You can also use large spare closets after removing their doors. Add wooden planks as shelves according to your need, mount a cute table lamp. The colors should be cool and comforting to looks a bit decluttered.

4. Wall-mounted shelves

When it comes to utilizing space, we tend to neglect the real estate above our desk. It is time we put the heights of the wall to give a clean look to our home office. Instead of using the normal cabinets, the open floating shelves and those mounted on walls would solve your storage problems and also prevent your kids from reaching out to your stuff as they are obviously beyond their reach. You can keep your stationery, files, and other office supplies over there and overload them as well if you opt for bracket mounting.

5. Space with natural lighting

If you have trouble deciding which place to use for setting up an office, let us tell you one thing for sure. Go for places that have ample natural light flooding in from windows or doors. This would save your energy consumption, fill you with lots of positive vibes, and enhance your productivity by many notches. You can perch in front of any window which provides a good view, along the walls attached to your balcony, terrace, or garden.

6. Choose the right desk

Every home has different needs. Try looking for the perfect desk with specified requirements about the size, with or without the storage space, drawers, etc. that would help you make your office space better. A small three feet desk with a drawer is ideal for corner office spaces. Desks with attached shelves and cabinets would help you organize your space well. Similarly, corner specific counter desks can be used to utilize the corners of the space. Incest well in a good quality comfortable chair and work as efficiently as demanded.

7. Get a cork-cum-whiteboard

When you’re a mother, multitasking and playing several roles becomes your second nature naturally. Make your board multi-purpose too. Install a 2in1 board above your desk or beside it if you have more space. You can pin important documents and papers to the corkboard and can tack your kid’s drawings of a few photographs of your family on it. Write your to-do list and reminders on the whiteboard. It would help you stay on top of your tasks while giving your office space a personalized look.

8. Customize with your favorite things

It’s a universal fact that when you customize something according to you, you become more attached and interested in it. You can add indoor plants for freshness and positive vibes. Get creative with the colors and décor of your space. Keep it open and airy. You can use vintage and rustic furniture to show-off your style. Hang paintings or pictures, display your achievements and awards. This would make you more productive at work and more willing to work in that area.   Being a mom and managing your work together can be a tough job altogether, but it would become slightly easier to manage your work with a separate office set-up with the help of these tips. These tips would not create any extra mess or require any extra space, rather help you bring a lot of organization back that had sort of disappeared post-baby and post corona. That office would really help you full of professional energy when you sit down to work and help you snap out of your tiring day as you leave that space after work. So unleash your creative side, which might have been much sharpened after having kids because obviously, embracing motherhood and getting things done by the children requires a lot of creativity. Without any further ado, get working on your small yet productive working space.

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