Homeopathy: Safe, reliable system of treatment during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a dream of every woman, a cherished countless memory that is truly priceless. It is a roller coaster ride of joy and worries, comfort and fear, present and future. The news of going to be a mother seems like magic. It is the start of an incredible journey that is challenging, exhausting, inspiring, for every day is an adventure with a sense of responsibility. It is time for you to understand what is going to happen to your body from conception up until you are nine months pregnant and ready to welcome your new baby. It is time to experience the love, nurturing, compassion, and empathy of a mother.

Many hormonal, physical, and emotional changes take place as the baby grows. The world for the mother is now a feeling of fostering love and security for the baby. Being a mother is the toughest job but the most rewarding in this whole universe, and I am sure all mothers would agree with me. The moment you become pregnant, advice starts pouring in from all corners on do’s and dont’s during pregnancy. You become the center of attraction at home and as well as in the workplace. You yourself start reading various books and searching on the internet. Everything gets messy and complicated – your schedule, your sleep, your stellar punctuality record, you’re to-do list, your deadlines, your best clothes, and even your relationships. Now you are never really alone in your thoughts; you start thinking twice, once for yourself and once for the baby. You start daydreaming about your baby and his looks; you start planning for his clothes, toys, cradle, etc. It is awesome to see your face glowing, tummy growing, weight increasing, clothes becoming tighter, baby kicking, every evening discussing your baby with your husband, and whatnot. At the end of the day, all these put a smile and bring a sense of achievement. Each visit to the Doctor’s chamber makes your heartbeat so fast with anxiety about your well being and that of the little baby in the womb. So many questions come to your mind that you want to seek clarity on from your  Gynaecologist. At times you are satisfied and, at times, partially left with more research to be done.

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Can a Heartbeat be Detected at Four Weeks of Pregnancy?

For new parents-to-be, hearing a baby’s heartbeat is an exciting and most cherished milestone. A fetal heartbeat can be detected first by ultrasound as soon as five and a half to six weeks after gestation; this is when a fetal pole (the first noticeable sign of a developing fetus) can mostly be seen. However, between six and a half to seven weeks after gestation is an ideal time for the fetal heartbeat to be better assessed. This is also when your doctor may schedule your first vaginal or abdominal ultrasound to ensure that the pregnancy is viable. It must be noted that one may not be able to hear a baby’s heartbeat during the first ultrasound. Typically, the reason for this may be that it is too early in the pregnancy and does not necessarily indicate a problem. Your doctor may schedule another ultrasound one or two weeks later. Ideally, your baby’s heartbeat should be between 90 to 110 Beats Per Minute (bpm) at six to seven weeks. By the ninth week, your baby’s heartbeat should reach 149 to 170 bpm.

There is a long list of Gynaecologists suggested by one and all, but what matters most is with whom you are comfortable describing your feelings, desires, and aversions. Pregnancy demands you to be extra cautious in your eating habits. There should be positivity in the air around you. Yoga, meditation, listening to music should form an integral part of your daily routine during pregnancy. Pregnant women are generally advised to take Iron and Calcium tablets for the development of the fetus but developing constipation and discomfort after eating them is a common problem encountered. As a result, many of them do not eat those tablets on a regular basis and thus develop anemia during pregnancy, or the baby does not show proper growth. Homeopathy is a safe, reliable system of treatment. Homeopathic medicines are small sugary pills that look good, taste good, and make you feel good. The remedies are derived mainly from plants and minerals. The minimum dose of medicine does not cause any side effects for women to use during pregnancy. Instead, they stimulate the vitality of the mother and the baby. They are effective for treating the most common pregnancy-related problems such as morning sickness, stretch marks, varicose veins, constipation, pedal edema, marked cravings for sour foods, vinegar, and especially pickles. So, to all the women who are trying to conceive, are currently pregnant, or are waiting for the imminent birth and want this time to be natural and healthy, should use homeopathy to their advantage? Many women are unaware of the fact that homeopathy can actually be a great help in coping up with the difficult aspects of pregnancy. However, a prescription from a registered Homoeopath is necessary here. Pregnancy will experience a gamut of emotions—many of which may be completely new to you. Along with the excitement and the heartwarming feeling during pregnancy, some unsettling thoughts come up naturally. And so, there may be some difficult decisions to make. There is a special feeling in being able to participate in creation.

As so truly said by Rudyard Kipling that “God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.”. You need to live each moment of pregnancy as this duration of nine months flies fast. Remember that there’s no perfect way to be pregnant.

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