Tips on how to dress up Super cute during Pregnancy!

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Happy, wholesome, ecstatic, blissful, elated, etc. These words are not enough to describe the feeling of being pregnant. Don’t we all agree, ladies? But, after getting the “good news,” we all worry about not looking stylish, fashionable, and sassy. As you start gaining a little weight and your baby bump starts showing, your attention is attracted to your wardrobe, which makes you cheerless. But no need to worry! We are here to give you amazing styling tips on maternity clothing to make you look chic and trendy.

Top Styling Tips on Maternity Clothing :

1. Comfort is Basic!

soothing fabric clothes Soothing fabric is the foremost thing while dressing up because being at ease is really important. Wear cotton, light linen, and comfy bonbon fabrics. These materials are lightweight, soft, and breathable. They will help prevent any skin rashes and will keep you cool (super skin-friendly!)

2. Maternity Jeans/Leggings

maternity jeans Maternity jeans are so much more comfortable than regular jeans. They go all the way up to your belly and give a great shape. You can just wear a cute t-shirt or a tank top and maternity jeans or leggings with white sneakers, and you’re good to go!

3. Size Up!

Size Up
When you are buying tops or dresses, make sure to get one or two sizes UP from your regular size so that they fit till the last trimester and are flexible, stretchy, and comfortable. Loose-fitting maxi dresses will work well for your pregnant body.

4. Embrace your Bump

embrace your bump Ladies, never try to hide your baby bump! Be proud of it. After all, there is a life growing inside of you. Get long, sexy, summer dresses (could be off-shoulders, V-necks, anything you like!). Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice looking good. Wear maternity skirts with colors that compliment that flawless skin!

5. Jackets/Cardigans

jackets Adding a denim jacket or a cardigan to any of your loose dresses can really add a lot of sass to your look. They will focus on your bump and kind of conceal everything else. You can also wear jackets over your boring t-shirts and tank tops and make it look like a chic outfit. Jackets and cardigans can make you look really stylish and also keep you warm. But, if it gets too warm, you can always go for ponchos or sleeveless shrugs, whatever works for you, beauties!

6. Accessorize!

accessories Looking stylish is very easy with all the accessories you own! Wear beaded necklaces, long, sparkly and dangling earrings with the cute dresses you just bought! Add cuff bracelets or a simple watch for your wrists. Put a belt to give an overall structure to your body and look like a fashionista. Scarves can be your all-time friend! Add a long, comfy scarf on your neck with any of your outfits, and you will grab attention. Adding a hat or a headband with a cute summer dress will make you an inspiration. Carry big bags, so you don’t grab much focus on that belly(Trust me, big bags work!).

7. Go all Black!

wear dark colors Don’t be afraid of dark colors. You must own at least one bodycon black dress (It will be your “go-to dress”). Add black boots, a black sling bag, a black headband, and a black watch or a bracelet.  Have more and more black because it’s chic!

8. Footwear!

footwear When it comes to footwear, comfort reigns all. Also, while choosing footwear, being safe is the most important factor. Be all about flats! Your feet tend to swell during pregnancy, so avoid heels. Make sneakers, your friend. Pair flats and sneakers will get you through.

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