Keep a check on Kids Demands or Write a Cheque

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Raghu cries before he goes to school, asking for a chocolate every day.

Teena asks for an iPad and doesn’t have her lunch because her friend Reena owns one.

Have you observed your kids being stubborn about their demands and puzzled if you should fulfill every little thing they ask?

We understand that you may feel like a bad parent when your kid asks for something and starts crying. Sometimes, they may not have their meals and throw tantrums just to get their demands done. Kids’ demands may not be reasonable all the time; they may have big whims and wishes sometimes.

How Can You Check On Their Demands?

Talk about needs and wants

Many parents will think about giving their children a happy life (well, that is not wrong until happiness includes more number of things). You need to listen to their demands without passing judgments at first and explain to them about necessity. In case if the thing is wanted to add value to them, you can provide it. You can teach them a sustainable and minimalistic living approach from a young age itself.

Tell them if you can or cannot Afford

It is not good if you cannot talk to them about affordability. Sometimes kids’ demands may be unaffordable; if you just give them sky, you may feel difficult to serve them food someday. In the end, you need to take care of them.

Teach them how to Ask

Let your children think before they ask something. When they fail to ask, so let them learn to ask politely. Let them be calm and nice instead of weeping and throwing tantrums to get demands satisfied.

Make them understand deservingness

Make them learn that they get what they deserve. If your kid is into cricket, you can try to afford to give them a kit. This will make them understand that they need not demand for things. They will understand the concepts of worthiness and needs.

Let them understand the importance of hard work:

It may not be good if you just offer things without letting them know the value of hard work. Ask them to work for a while and grab their favorite things. This makes them understand how difficult working is, and they will stop demanding things. They will get to know that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Start saying ‘No’:

Kids can own things; it is definitely normal. Let them know the reality. Let them understand the difference between getting things to gain attention and necessity. Tell simple No and negotiate them. You need not feel like an ill parent. You are actually shaping your kids.

What is the risk if you provide everything?

You may find your kids being intolerant. If your kids are 2-4 years old, you may find them frustrated with little things. Your children may not tolerate frustration in the coming days if you habituate them with providing sources. Children may throw tantrums for no reason to make things done. You need not punish them or yell at them for simple things. You may make kids more stubborn and let them threaten you.

Kids may become more angry and unable to maintain emotions. They will not stay under your control or assistance. They will not understand the value of possessions and money. Giving many material things to your kid does not always show that you shower love. The quality time you spend with them gives them true happiness. Teaching kids to be independent and leading a sustainable life will help your kid grow as a strong individual.

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