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Founded on 12th October 2012, SDRO, aka Scientific Development Research Organization’s primary goal is to nurture the young minds that are

Activities for Toddlers

Activities and play form an important part of a child’s life and they are a crucial part of development for a toddler. We understand how planning different activities and play ideas to keep your little one engaged may be challenging. We have thus come up with some fun toddler activity ideas for you to plan some cherished and fun times with your kids. You will find lots of fun toddler activities here, from gross motor and physical activities to fine motor and pre-writing activities to fun sensory activities, and even some early learning activities! [show_more more=’Show More” less=”Show Less”]

The Importance of Activities for Toddlers

Children naturally have the capability to learn and understand things by themselves. This is a part of a child’s self-learning process and we as parents may feel that this is the best way for a child to learn. Of course, all children grow, learn and develop at the right time; however, activities are of vital importance for a child’s physical and mental wellbeing and development. Skills, such as being able to bond with loved ones, friends, discipline, observation, vocabulary, sharing, and so much more can be developed only by getting children to be involved and participate in activities. With the help of child care experts at MommyWize, we have created content that will give you tips and recommendations on some of the best activities for kids. Reach out to us to access our toddler kid activities articles that will help you to keep your child motivated, challenged and engaged in the best possible manner.

Parents Involvement in Activities

When parents are a part of and involved in their child’s life, the children turn out to be more healthy, happy, well-adjusted, and also shine in their extracurricular and educational pursuits. The more you take an interest in your child’s life, the more inspired and interested they are towards their educational and extracurricular activities. Involvement from the parent’s side can also boost the cognitive development of a child and also improves a parent-child relationship. This pattern can also help parents achieve a positive outlook towards their parenting, boost their own self-esteem and self-confidence. But as parents, we need to understand how involved we should be in our child’s life and where we should draw the line. In today’s day and age, most parents lead extremely busy and hectic lives which affects the quality of a parent-child relationship. MommyWize is here to help you with content on some of the best activities for kids that you can easily accommodate in your busy schedule. Our platform hosts various toddler kid activities articles that you can easily access for tips and recommendations. 

Simple and Easy Activity Ideas for Toddlers

At MommyWize we believe that as parents, you must spend quality time with your kids and not just your money. This is the primary reason as to why our platform has come up with some excellent fun toddler activity ideas that encourage and enable you to spend quality time with your children without the burden of having to spend money. Children grow up quickly and the time you spend with them today is what is going to lay the foundation for their better tomorrow. Reach out to us and understand how you can make your journey as a parent a memorable one for your child.