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Video Delay input now defaults to using the vMix Video Codec as the save format as it is the most efficient option. Various replay bug fixes. Eight channel continuous recording of up to eight camera inputs including 4 channel audio High frame rate support for camera inputs and replay, up to fps where supported by both camera and capture card New Replay Recording format.

A and B output channels can be controlled independently or in sync and have any camera angle assigned to each Twenty 20 Event lists are available that can each include an unlimited number of Mark In and Mark Out points Event lists can now have custom names applied Export events to separate video files on the fly in either MP4 or vMix AVI format Dedicated Replay MultiView output with two playback channels shown alongside eight live camera previews. Previews of the camera angles during event playback can also be optionally enabled.

More Stingers and GT Stingers. Two new Stinger channels added GT title templates can be used with stingers automatically. A number of GT stinger title templates have been included which will work in all editions of vMix. Input Layers. Input MultiView renamed to Layers to make it eaiser to use Existing shortcut functions remain, but new Layer shortcuts also added.

Both are different names for the same functionality Basic borders can be added to each input layer. NDI 4. The latest NDI release is included in vMix Everything is FEIM. New “Faulty Encoder Isolation Mode” for NDI separates each input into its own background application, so if an encoder causes a crash it will not impact vMix. This is an optionally enabled mode as it does increase CPU and memory usage and should only be enabled for problematic inputs.

New alert manager in Settings enables a large flashing red warning on screen when there is low audio or FTB enabled. This warning only shows to the operator and will not be visible to the audience of the recording or stream. Over new title templates, including titles, social and stingers New “Search” category added, allowing the display of certain inputs by a search term Web Browser input updated to Chromium V86 New SRT indicator at top right of vMix main window.

Red when connected, amber when no-connection or error SRT library updated to 1. Dynamic Inputs and Dynamic Values supported. Whatever is set with these functions can be recalled by typing in “DynamicValue” as the Value field, or selecting the Dynamic options in the Input dropdown Dynamic activators to see which inputs are selected in 1 of 4 dynamic input channels. These are lower quality, but lower file size recording options Data Sources and SRT outputs will no longer load automatically on startup.

They will now only load on opening of a preset. Improved compatibility with VST3 plugins that expect certain behavior when removing plugins Fixed Mix Input showing incorrect premultiplied alpha by default Fixed issue where streaming output could be set to a higher frame rate than the master frame rate leading to low bitrates and keyframe warnings on some streaming providers Production Clock did not support fractions in hour offset, this has now been corrected.

SRT – Secure Reliable Transport is a point to point protocol for fixed latency streams of an unreliable internet. More Audio Buses. A-B audio buses expanded to A-G for a total of 14 channels of audio 7x 2 channel pairs Audio buses can be routed to Master to use as groups by selecting the new M button in the audio mixer. SRT supports up to 8 channels audio in or out. Magewell, AJA and Blackmagic devices support up to 8. Mix Input 4K and Pro only.

Mix inputs support ‘re-entry’ and can be used as Input MultiView sources without any additional latency. GT Text Bounding. This allows elements to match the size of the text with an optional padding value on each side.. Updated NDI support to latest 4. Add option to select either Output 1 or Output 2 for each stream through the Streaming Quality window.

Facebook can now be used alongside other destinations due to Facebook policy change Facebook scheduled streams can now be selected and created from within vMix Improved codec support for video playback including NDI MOV files with alpha channel Web Controller authentication support allows setting a password for each page Added ability to select a Row for each text field now in Data Sources Added 2x zoom option to Vectorscope Added Mixer and Lightcast streaming providers to Destination dropdown Added Unselect All option when opening a preset.

Updated Web Browser input to V77 of Chrome. Older versions still selectable from dropdown for compatibility. GT – Easy to use, high-performance, animated graphics. Four way ticker support: create custom tickers with top, bottom, left or right scroll directions. Spell check support added to built in vMix Title Editor. New Clock dropdown box in Title Editor provides built in presets to add common clock formats to a title. MultiCorder 4K and Pro editions.

Added support for recording Video Call sources in addition to Output Individual MultiCorder settings can be saved in each preset.

High quality, fault tolerant, low CPU codec suitable for post production editing on Windows. Supported in both the Recorder and MultiCorder. Turns any input into a Virtual PZ camera with high quality, customisable digital zoom. New MultiView Output layout options.

Set the title bar either above or below the MultiView Output video previews. Titler Pro 7 EDIUS Edition offers new handling and design features for professional titling, animated graphics, rolling titles and lower-thirds.

The seamless transitions also work great on animating titles and graphics. Thumbnail display in marker window. Easy cancellation of multiple jobs in the GV monitor.

Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro and others Background file conversion in Bin — allows to comfortably perform file conversions into various formats as background processes while continuing editing on a project Extended Bin conversion — now H.

Also the initialization of plug-ins and the loading of projects containing a multitude of QuickTitler titles is faster. Extended Export Support — exporting MP3 audio files possible. An option is now available to automatically import exported files into the bin. Planned free of charge updates will include : Teamwork editing — including the sharing of content and projects.

Enhanced workflow options utilizing the cloud. Intelligent handling of metadata for optimized media management. Want to know more about Edius X? Free Test Version! Free Basic Tutorial! Edius Podcasts! Support for high-resolution displays EDIUS X Workgroup Only Built-in loudness meter with auto adjustments Dolby consumer license included as standard, which is applicable to corporate and consumer use of Dolby audio. Optimized Audio Sync Performance Native Support for the Latest Cameras and Codecs Bundled with three great new modules for optimizing audio, title creation and video effects.

This includes the support for latency compensation along with a powerful WaveShell integration. Layouter Motion Tracking with Anchor Mode: Have your picture automatically reframed with reference to the tracked object.

This is great for aspect ratio conversions and virtual multi-camera shots. This is also available with the new Background Rendering options. This makes editing even more comfortable, has a cool look and might also relieve your eyes. The new modular design allows utilizing the potential of multi core CPUs more efficient than ever before. Optimized Audio Sync Performance: EDIUS X provides an even faster automatic audio sync function auto aligning as many clips as your projects requires for a smooth multi cam edit experience.

No need to transcode, just edit! Edius X video tutorials. Post review Show all 3 reviews. Has to be one of the best editing software packages around. Real-time effects so you can see as you go. Lots of assistance available on the Grassvalley forums including in-depth tutorials available for color correction.

Review by Pachycephalic on Dec 10, Version: 6. Best editor I’ve ever used. Looking to upgrade to Edius 6. You can drag anything to the timeline and works without a hitch. Oh and no pesky stops to render. These guys are lightyears ahead of adobe. I’m using this software for about 1 year and I’m giving it 10 points for functionality. This is the best video editing program! Adobe Premiere 2. Review by bgtrix on Jan 14, Version: 4.

It may be disabled when installing or after installation.



Install newblue titler pro free

Furthermore, there is possibility to customize shapes, color, animation and many more with just in minutes.


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