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When a woman conceives, her main aim in life becomes to be a good mom. After you give birth, the only thing that stops you from doing your best

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For a newborn, a mother always looks to wrap something safe and sound around her baby’s skin, which would give the baby a feeling of warmth an

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A post-natal massage is a massage meant for women after their delivery. It is a full-body massage and is meant to give the new mother relief aft

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The female body goes through significant changes to grow and give birth to a baby. It takes time for the body and the belly, in particular, to r

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Delivering a baby can be grueling, demanding, exhaustive, and can take a toll on the mother’s body. During the pregnancy, the mother’

Post-Partum Planning Guide

Most often, moms always have a birth plan in place but inevitably forget to chalk out a plan for their recovery and rest during the postpartum phase. To help you navigate and prepare for your fourth trimester, we have teamed up with various experts, professionals, and moms for all their advice and recommendations to create a guide for post-pregnancy body. This guide comprises information on all the crucial aspects to think about before the child comes – the diet and nutrition your body will need, as well as tips and best practices on self-care, and postpartum supplies. Our aim is to make you mamas feel empowered in motherhood. Reach out to MommyWize to access all the details.

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Questions on your Post-Pregnancy Body

Post-pregnancy, most women often have various questions, such as:

  • What are the effects of pregnancy on my body?
  • What is all this talk about the pelvic floor?
  • When can I start going to the gym?
  • When will I start getting my periods again?
  • What kind of diet should I follow post-pregnancy?

Our platform aims to provide you with all the answers to your questions. We have expert-backed content curated in the form of blogs, articles, and live sessions that will provide you with all the information, from a post-pregnancy diet, to when you can expect your first period, to all the effects of pregnancy, and self-care tips.

The First 40 Days After Delivery

If you have had a baby, family members may have communicated to you that the first 40 days after delivery are crucial. There are various recommendations and suggestions provided by well-meaning adults. And as a new mom, you may be confused as to how to go about caring for yourself post-delivery. Different families have different practices; however, the first 40 days are typically observed as a confinement phase, meant for you to recuperate, take care of yourself, develop strength and bond with your new baby. Getting back to your pre-pregnancy self is not an easy task. However, you need not worry as you have MommyWize. Reach out to us to access our guide for post-pregnancy body to gain all the knowledge you need to get back to your pre-pregnancy self.

Postpartum Care

Now that you have delivered your munchkin, your body is changing… again! Caring for a new child while feeling tired, sore, and stressed can be a lot to manage. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do for your baby and yourself. Visit MommyWize to understand and learn how you can stay healthy as your body settles, rebuilds, and heals as you adjust to your new life as a mother. Find out what happens to your body during the first six weeks after delivery and why it is important to follow a healthy diet during this period. Our post-pregnancy diet tips and recommendations will address any confusions or concerns you may have regarding your health and diet. Our platform also details the warning signs to look for after giving birth, such as signs of postpartum hemorrhage or depression. Reach out to know what is normal and what is not.

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