A doula is a professional who has been trained in childbirth and who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother and their

Stages of Labor and Birth

Each labor is unique and special in its own way and different, even if it is from one pregnancy to another. Sometimes, labor can be over in a few of hours, whereas, in some cases, labor can test a woman’s emotional and physical stamina. One really does not know how childbirth and labor will unfold until you actually go through it. However, we at MommyWize have got you covered. We will help you prepare by understanding the general sequence of events with our specially designed content on stages of labor and birth. Let us help you deal with and manage this pinnacle moment in your life.[show_more more=’Show More” less=”Show Less”]

What are the Stages of Labor?

Labor is a body’s natural process of giving birth to a child and it lasts on an average of about twelve to twenty-four hours during the first childbirth. Generally, labor is shorter for births after the first childbirth. Labor occurs in three stages. The first stage begins when one starts experiencing  steady contractions when a woman is ready to birth the child. This stage includes a latent or early phase when contractions are not too strong and the cervix starts to change to enable the baby to come through. Then comes the active phase, when the contractions are quite strong and work happens to prepare the woman’s body to deliver the child. This phase is followed by a transitional phase when a woman begins feeling the need to push. The second stage of labor is the actual birth of the child and the third stage is the delivery of the placenta. Our content is designed with all the labor and childbirth tips that will help you through each and every stage of your labor.

Preparing for Labor

While it takes nine months for the baby inside your womb to develop completely, the actual labor and delivery occurs in a matter of days or sometimes even a couple of hours. However, it is the process of delivery and labor that generally occupies the minds of most expectant mothers. Our expert-backed content contains all the information you would need about the stages of labor and birth and how to look for the various signs of labor. Reach out to us and you can access the content on our platform that will answer your questions and concerns around the length and signs of labor and how to manage pain.

To Deal with Anxiety During Labor

If you are feeling a bit anxious about the whole labor and childbirth experience, there are various things you can do that could help. We at MommyWize have curated blogs, articles, and videos that have loads of helpful advice from moms who have been there. Additionally, we have sourced credible information from doctors and experts all across the country that will help you navigate the labor bit of your journey into motherhood. Our labor and childbirth tips will help you with all the information you need to help make your labor and childbirth experience as easy as possible. Reach out to us to learn more.[/show_more]