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How to Choose the Best Mac for Logic Pro X

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Much like the aforementioned “Low Latency Mode” in Logic Pro, we can manually disable audio plugins to help free up audio processing power and reduce latency. Do you have any plugins on the master in logic? If you do, that can cause latency in recording even with low latency mode on. Also, you can freeze tracks, maybe. Share · Core Audio Settings: “The Buffers” · I/O Buffer Size · One last note · Plug-in Delay Compensation · Compensation Setting · Low Latency Mode · Odd Issues with.


How to Get Rid of Audio Recording Latency

Re: Logic Pro X latency on one project?? Latency is mostly induced by plugins. If you have some projects that have more latency than others. When you enable Low Latency Mode, Logic temporarily disables all plugins and routing that is introducing Latency to your Project. Which allows.


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