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Browning Champion’s Choice Silverlite Feeder. The “Silverlite Pro” series is the result of a high demand for padding for international competitions. These rods meet all the special requirements of professional athletes. The winner in the competition is often decided by ссылка на страницу single fish that you can’t lose. The rod is very light when konger feeder 3 90 120g medalist free, but has enough power to perfectly control the fish. The rod is very light during fishing but has enough power to control the fish perfectly.

Despite its light weight it is very durable. The SIC “skeleton construction” guides have /11717.txt taken from the Sphere series feedeg work perfectly with the blank. This rod has a lightweight design. This series is a combination of all the features of the different models of the rod. It transmits vibrations from the blank precisely, allowing for a fast reaction приведенная ссылка. The reel is held rree place by a ratchet.

The reel is held securely in place in two places by two nuts. Oknger Browning Champion’s Choice Silverlite Feeder Pro feels great in the hand and allows you to fish for hours without exertion. The tip is only 2. Arcus Feeder. These rods are designed specifically for fans of the vibrating tip.

The series includes eight konger feeder 3 90 120g medalist free of rods combining sensitivity and durability. Interchangeable tips with different deflection lines come as standard, allowing you to adjust the set to the conditions encountered in the fishery. Albion carp. How often has your rod run out of power to turn back a medal fish escaping into the hooks Albion carp rods, made from ton VHM carbon, keep that risk to a minimum. These перейти на источник are armed with the highest quality components, including the strongest two-stage SiC guides and a clip, which holds the line and allows the use of reels without a free spool.

Designed by carp fishing enthusiasts and outstanding specialists at the same time. The rod is designed for fishing with bait baskets Technical specifications:. The action of the g adobe premiere download free full version windows 10 is the perfect konger feeder 3 90 120g medalist free for long casts in still water or for medium current river fishing. We are konger feeder 3 90 120g medalist free about over m here! Black Viper is synonymous with maximum performance and indestructibility.

The third generation of our popular feeder rods promise improvements in all areas. The action of the rod has been further optimized: amazing power reserve in the lower part, harmonious action in the last – third, carbon tips of the highest quality and clearly visible even in bad weather.

The perfect long casting rod, especially for anglers who want to get even more out of their rods. Carbomaxx Team Feeder. A kongeer of rods aimed at enthusiasts of ground fishing with a vibrating tip. The rod’s power, appropriately synchronized with its action, enables distant and accurate casts with a bait basket and a comfortable haul of big fish.

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Fluorocarbon Carp lines. You are here: » Fishing shop Bolw. Availability: out of stock. Add to cart You gain points [? Only available to registered customers. Rating: 5. Vendor: Browning. Product code: Related products. Add to cart. Aquos Ultra-D Feeder rod g 3. Matrix Aquos Ultra-D Feeder rod 90g 3. Product reviews 0. Mondial F. Karabrasem g. Fluorescent green 4mm 2pcs Marlin. Gift card gift voucher gift idea konger feeder 3 90 120g medalist free a Bolw.

Peat earth Grek 1,5kg. Mount Argile clay black 2kg. Manns Q-Paddler Hot Shad 8g 12cm. Anti-tangle tube LUX curved Jaxon 12 cm. Roach dry mineral Grki 1kg. Mikado fishunter 5cm hoofed ripper. Jaxon sinker Drop Shot. Mountaineering clay binding standard 2kg. Rotaugen g. Epiceine g. Groundbait Lorpio Konger feeder 3 90 120g medalist free Mix Heavy 2kg. Browning Feeder Method Leader with elastic band no Coco Belge g.

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120y Hook Baits Sinking 10 Coconut 1 1. Lorpio Hook Baits Sinking 10 Coconut 1. Dragon 1X19 Surfstrand leader 3 kg, 30 cm, 2 pcs.

Champion Feed Wonder Black 2kg 1.


– Konger feeder 3 90 120g medalist free


World Champion has been remembered by the fishermen as, without any doubt,. That is why we have decided to make the rods, which have been so much appreciated by the spin fishing enthusiasts, young again. World Champion II series. The ergonomically shaped handle is made of AAA-class cork and finished. The refined design of these rods has been coupled with their high practical values. In this range every fisherman will find a spinning rod that will suit his. To ensure maximum power, resistance and exceptional lightness, all blanks have been made of.

C36T and C40T high module carbon mats. Their designs were changed several times in the course of the tests to ensure proper balance, optimum operation. The final effect is more than satisfactory — in the end, the testers did not want to part with the models. The super-strong, reinforced blanks, Fuji components and tasteful design. It is still hardly known in our country, although the very efficient. The Saltexes are fishing rods that allow squaring up with any water.

They have been designed to deal with fishing of oceanic pelagic fish, incomparably stronger than the majority of sea specimen. Up to now nobody has managed it. But thanks to the.

Street Air series, we can proudly state — it is possible! Smooth action with nice. To make them even better, the blanks have the hex-wrap placed in. Worth mentioning are also the Fuji reel-seat and the guides with the minimized weight of the rings. Streeto Air XUL. This light rod is dedicated for fishing with small lures weight of which does not exceed 7 g.

This rod is. Paired with a light reel, this model will create the perfect gear, fishing with which the. Thanks to the minimized quantity of the epoxy resin used for joining of the carbon mats we managed to achieve highly dynamic, fast and sensitive. The qualities of the blanks enable you to animate the lure the way you want it and.

Streeto Caster. All the enthusiasts of light casting fishing should pay their attention to the rods from this range. The outstanding casting performance already. These rods will equally good handle soft or hard lures, giving. Streeto Caster Uptide H. We could write a few pages about this rod, but we need to focus on its few key aspects. Action characterisitics is almost same. Excellent casting capabilities, bent under fish,. We can say for sure, that this is one of the best pike rods available on the market.

Action of each of those rods allows you to mimic the movement of minnows with. Starting from light perch rods, through universal models, up to strong.

Those rods should definitely find their place amongst. Streeto Double. You are rigged for pike, but some nice perch are biting like crazy? You are fishing with a solid tip rod for perch, but some decent sized pike. During development, our target was to create a rod that would give maximum fishing opportunities. You can catch basically any predatory fish. Lightweight and same time strong blanks allow to fish freely however you like.

Definitely a rod worth to check out. There are few important features required from this. Worth mention, low weight of the frame – it will definitely increase comfort of fishing. If we will add to this list gear which will allow to retrieve over 80 cm of line per. For people who want to try finesse fishing, Streeto Cast R comes to the rescue! The relatively thick-walled blanks were made on the. As a result, light, durable and damage-resistant rods have been obtained. All spinning rods belonging to.

We have spared no effort to make every single model. You will find solid-tip rods, rods for light jigging, classical spinning, pike perch excellent for the drop shot method as well or classical pike rods. We recommend with full responsibility! Similarly to Furion, a spigot-type connection.

High quality components combined with reinforced, fast-action blank are going to give you the upper hand. We are glad and proud to give you one of the best spin fishing rods available on the.

Kastmaster Single Zander. Reliable, robust, strong, precise and swift. That’s what the new Kastmaster Single Zander rods are like. Optimally selected. The sensitive grip and one-piece blank. Two cast weights allow you to choose the model that suits your needs. The perfect choice for uncompromising.

Impact is an awesome proposal for fishermen who value high quality,. All models are built on blanks made of high modulus IM8 graphite, fit with SiC guides and have an ergonomic. AA cork handle. A wide range of rods used for catching coarse fish and even sea fishing can be found here.

Thanks to its exceptionally high quality, the. The blanks were. The variety of offered in this series models lets you choose the right gear for fishing either from the shores. And because they are very lightweight, you can fish comfortably even for long hours. Modern, lightweight blank created in HCC technology are. Modest design of those rods is going to please your eyes, while. Undisputable price to value relation will definitely appeal you. Altis Club Match. Ahh, the match fishing One perceive it as something common, while for others its a black magic.

Whoever tried this knows, that this. It finesse and accuracy allow you to reach impressive distances using waggler. Top important element. Elastic, to absorb energy of hooked fish, and same time strong enough to carry a big fish. This kind of rod is right here:. Altis Tele Travel. Classic, telescopic allrounders for any situation. Different lengths and casting weights give you a choice to match your preferences. If you want to have “the one” for any occasion,.

These rods will do well on virtually any water. High quality carbon fiber used in the production of this series allowed to obtain. They are equipped with high quality guides, A-class cork, and proven and practical reel handles.

Add to this an original. Not without significance should. All Endura rods were. Thanks to this technology, we have achieved the highest endurance and minimized. The Endura blanks have been fitted with reliable SiC-type guides and ergonomic reel-seats. Owning to the numerous tests and their results, each. Choosing the Endura series,. A kind of fishing multitool for every angler who wants to have the widest possible range of fishing possibilities,.

This project has been on our minds for some time now, and after many tests and trials, we have finally. It is an extremely successful combination of a 3lbs carp and a feeder with a casting weight of up to g.

Nothing in this rod is a matter of. It is an excellent choice for fisheries where we expect to fish for carp, bream, tench, and with the use of a feeder tip, even for roaches. In combination. Fishing rods with short section and great action. The dynamic flexion during the haul allows you to control it on. The Roach version is, as the name suggests, an excellent rod for roach fishing. Bream, in turn, is a stronger rod, which will allow you to face the grand breams with the float set.

Moreover, it will do a great job during tench sit-ups, where it is necessary to have a more robust set. Strong carbon rods with great potential to show for anglers who like. Diversified casting weights and actions will allow adapting to any sea fishery, whereas their appealing design catches the eye. Excellent balance. For arming the blanks we chose SiC class guides, a durable reel seat and a split handle made of high-grade.

EVA foam. The whole series received a modern, stylish finish. The family of these spinnings includes light, mid-power rods and solid and stronger ones.

We are. However, the right choice of lure size and colour and presentation are the key. If we are involved in the presentation of the lure, it is important whether our rod animates it properly and whether we are able to react quickly enough to the bite. Each of the Vistar rods will meet the above mentioned assumptions, enabling you to fish with your favourite lures effectively.

To increase the comfort of fishing,. You will find here both ultra-light perch rods and typical. High carbon content composite, being the base of this series, ensures great action and high mechanical impact resistance.

In order to. Troker Spin UL. To be successful in catching carefully feeding perches, you should have a rod with the most sensitive tip possible. Therefore, we offer you.

The hyper-sensitive insert tip will allow exact observation of even the slightest bites. Troker Spin H. A typical pike spinning rod with a considerable reserve of power. The H model allows fishing with lures up to 40 g, both on distant reefs and. If you strictly stick to catching bigger specimen, this model will surely draw your attention. Troker Spin II. These are rods built for pike hunters who like to use soft lure caliber over 15 cm, as well as jerkbaits and large wobblers.

Thanks to the use of. The length of the handle has been optimized for good ergonomics when casting and retrieving the lures. These rods are the perfect tool for anyone. Designing this series, we mainly focused on the creation of stable rods for catching predatory fish. All rods have blanks made of proven carbon composite with great operating parameters, thanks to which they are light and strong at the same time, and their action.

Spirado Feeder. Rods constructed on a carbon fibre base, which provides their dynamics and strength combined with low empty weight. They are characterized. The diameter of the guides on the tip has been increased, therefore. Spirado Feeder Big Eye. Strong and reliable feeders with oversized guides. Mentioned feature allow you to use thicker lines, necessary to catch large.

Those rods are perfect for rivers with fast current, but thanks to interchangeable tips it works fine also in canals and lakes. Spirado Tele Mino. This rod is a must for all float fishing enthusiasts, who prefer to use a little heavier rigs. Large bobbers, wagglers or bubble floats – all of those fly far and accurate, thanks to rods action.

Telescopic build allows for convenient. Spirado Jig. Light, strong and precise spinning rods designed for the enthusiast of soft bait fishing. Available with different casting weights and lengths. With the 24 g model you can carry. They are built on the basis of high quality.

Moreover, thanks to properly designed blanks, Grafitex rods have. It is a fully complementary series, giving you sincere joy from the very fact of fishing. Grafitex Tele Mino. Small dimensions and great possibilities accumulated in an aesthetic blank.

Properly selected section lengths allowed to maintain. We have used SiC guides and high quality cork grips to fit the new blanks. All rods are strong and finished with style. Both declared. The Carbomaxx. Team series offers rods for everyone and every single person will find out that solid, good quality equipment is not necessarily expensive. Carbomaxx Team Spin. A real treat for enthusiasts of luring predators with soft lures, cicadas and wobblers. The elegant blank and cork, handy and.

Models with casting weights of 10 and A telescopic landing net stick is very useful in float fishing. Its main task is to make fish landing easier for a fisherman using a long rod, such as a pole rods, a putover,. The handles made of carbon composite are strong and light, and have a standard thread, thanks to which they match all baskets. Listening to our customers, we have changed the appearance, raised the. The family of these rods is based on high carbon composite, equipped with SiC guides,.

Holding first place in an online consumer survey on numerous websites also weighs in its favour. High quality, reliability and. Carbomaxx Super Spin. A range designed specially for the enthusiasts of fishing with artificial bait. The high-quality components used in both the. Split grip handles, beside their esthetic qualities, enhance the feel of the.

The and gramm. It is characterized by great mechanical impact resistance. An excellent offer for both. In addition to their attractive. You will find here rods dedicated for float, ground and spin fishermen, as well as for those who. In this range,. The indisputable advantages of the Endura reels are their strong and light.

Similarly to the FD series, this. Endura RD. It was developed by anglers for anglers with the support of modern engineering technology. A precise multi-disc reel clutch. Just like the. This reel will satisfy the needs of spinning, float or bottom fishing enthusiasts. Five top quality ball bearings ensure smooth operating, and same time correct. Carbon composite body gives the reel sturdiness, while the. Thanks to modern technology and high quality of materials, this. Spirado Method Feeder Long Cast is the one that you need.

We assure you that this reel will survive really harsh handling,. The rear drag designed. Thanks to this, every bream or record-breaking roach will be quickly deprived. We ensure that these reels will serve you for many. Its classical design will fit together with any rod. We provide you. Version with three ball bearings and anti-reverse. Titanium-coated bail roller and spool edge will prevent fast line wear and tear. The reel’s rigid. We have built three ball bearings and one anti-reverse bearing into a strong and.

We used very precisely fitted components and elements that guarantee. So if you are looking for a worthy, improved version of proven. The high-modulus graphite which has been used for building the blanks guarantees that the rods are light and have fast tip action. This enhances their hook-setting performance.

The rod has been fitted with enlarged guides which enable to cast longer distances and the use of thicker lines. Thanks to an additional centimeter section, this model can be easily lengthen and adjusted to the changing conditions. The casting weight has been chosen to match the most popular feeder sizes.

Endura Multi Feeder comes with three interchangeable tips of different actions. It can be said without a doubt that this rod is a versatile gear for the quiver-tip method. They suit diverse float fishing methods, such as bottom fishing or luring predators with dead bait.

Thanks to the ferrule connection of the sections, Endura Float rods have dynamic action. The blanks have been fitted with big guides, which enable to fish in the places where the depth of the water is bigger than the length of the rod. This is because the stoppers including the beads will not cause resistance during casting.

The rod presented here combines the lightness of the blanks with their amazing strength, which will be enough to land a big bream or even a carp hooked on a delicate rig. Owning to its optimal balance, Endura Match enables to cast maximum distances. We offer the Endura Match rod in a comfortable, compact version which is perfect for holiday travels. The construction of this rod has been designed in accordance with the latest engineering solutions.

That is why their blanks can have very small diameter and great, fast action, which is almost identical to the three-section rods. High quality components and accurate, modern finish complete the picture of this perfect rod, dedicated to every true enthusiast of carp fishing.

The length in collapsed state makes the rod easy to transport and does not influence its behavior while fighting big carp. This telescopic version of the most popular allaround coarse fishing rods will not only suit all types of float rigs, but also can be used as a light gear for the bottom fishing techniques.

Thanks to the wide offer of lengths and casting weights, every fisherman will find the desired model that will become his favorite gear for frequent fishing trips. We recommend these rods for everyone who appreciates quality and flawless performance. If we add to this all the variants of the lengths and casting weights, it becomes clear that every spin fishing enthusiast will find in this offer something interesting. Endura Jig will equally good cooperate with perch micro-baits or strong rippers alike.

Strong carbon rods with great potential to show for anglers who like fishing with pilkers and sea jigs. Diversified casting weights and actions will allow adapting to any sea fishery, whereas their appealing design catches the eye. Seakon Pilk. Classic cod rod, designed especially for Baltic sea fishermen. Light but strong will allow you reeling every great fish. This rod is an interesting alternative for freshwater fishermen who wants to find a bottom fishing rod.

Additionally, it is characterized by low empty weight and a substantial reserve of power. The mostly commonly used lengths of and cm will allow comfortable fishing without tiring out the arm.

What more would one want out of a sea fishing rod? Only those who had a one-metre fish on the rod know the significance of a firm stop of a cod wanting to hide in the rocks. The two lengths of and cm will enable a fisherman to choose the right model. A uniform and strong tip, and in spite of that visible bites — this is a short but detailed description. The lack of a blank joint makes no rigid sections, which has an effect on rod behaviour during longlasting, strenuous hauls of a great fish from a considerable depth.

The rod for sea fishing connoisseurs. Two lengths, and cm, with a casting weight g and spigot-type connection of sections indicate even at first glance that we are dealing with a rod that no Baltic cod can win against.

When classical, heavy cod fishing with pilker rods produces no results, this method appears to be a successful recipe. This rod is also an interesting proposal for inland fish hunters. A four-section rod for travelling fishermen. The short sections allow for comfortable rod transport, having considerable significance while going to the seaside. Great casting weight, excellent action and attractive look are other chief assets of this rod. Substantial reserve of power and casting weight up to g predispose the rod to the real sea Big Game.

Sizes and arrangement of the guides have been adjusted both to the multiplier and classical fixed spool reel. The blank loads properly while casting, allowing to throw the kit at distances considerably exceeding m. The purpose related to this rod was to improve its functional values through the use of some curious and innovative design solutions. It is worth establishing a close relationship with this model. Seakon Spiral Pilk. The blank of this model has been reinforced by an additional carbon tape spiral braid.

The rod has a sufficient reserve of power to haul any cod with ease. Solid, fixed guides with SiC rings allow using braided lines, whereas the reel seat firmly holds the foot, preventing it from spontaneous unscrewing of the clamp nut.

A composite blank allows facing the biggest cods hiding near shipwrecks. Despite its power, the tip perfectly indicates the bites, allowing for quick response and successful hooking. All of them have carbon solid tips, sensitivity of which will help you to observe the behaviour of the lure.

Specially designed grip allows better sensing the moment when the fish strikes and an ergonomic reel seat makes long-hours fishing without a feel of tiredness in the hand possible. All blanks have been made from 36T high modulus carbon, which guarantees low weight of the rod and high resistance to tensions during landing of a raging fish.

Add to this excellent casting capabilities, reasonable length of butt section, and low weight. This is probably shortest characteristics of this amazing piece of craftsmanship. A great feature of Micron is its highly sensitive tip which indicates every contact that the lure makes with the fish.

Ultris Jig Perch. This rod is an outcome of two-year tests and modifications which were aimed to give you the best spinning rod for dropshot fishing. The tip allows you to observe every tiny bait, while the strong and dynamic blank will not let you to miss the moment to set the hook. Available in four different lengths, suitable for shore or boat fishing.

You will find ridiculously good pole and bolognese rods, feeders, carp rods, spinning rods and strong catfish rods. Excellent fishing rods simply cannot look bad, so we have made efforts within this area as well. We must warn you that you may easily lose your head for them! The fact that you will have to explain about purchasing another rod is a different issue.

Being light, solid and incredibly flexible, these rods will easily deal with a strenuous haul of a huge bream in the canal, leaving a considerable reserve of power for unforeseeable circumstances. Fishing with them is pure pleasure. With these feeder rods you may fish behind wingdam river-bottom holes with high-speed currents and flat surfaces in lakes. Properly arranged guides with appropriate diameters will not only allow for long and accurate casts, but also for a firm haul of a large specimen.

Maxer Float. Multi-purpose rods for fishing from river banks and lake shores. Casting weight and proper action allow for using it as a float rod for catching white fish, but it will also perform well in connection with light ground fishing kits.

The possibility of catching predators using the classical live bait method should also be mentioned. In short, it is a perfect rod with a wide array of potential applications. It is very light and sensitive, and its fast tip action facilitates reliable hooking. The tips have been selected to indicate even the most delicate bites. The blank dynamics will allow easy and accurate kit casting with a light feeder or spring.

Semi-parabolic action will allow for smooth and comfortable haul. The reel seat allows using both classical reels and bigger models with a free spool system. The guides have been equipped with SiC rings, so the rod may be easily used in combination with a braided line. You also know that nothing should fail to stop it before an obstacle. This rod enables you to win this tug-of-war. If you have a Maxer, you dictate the reeling rules. Maxer Catfish. A great catfish does not allow any equipment compromises.

Nevertheless, the most important is the rod. The Maxer Catfish is not a stick for a one-metre catfish. What is important, despite its intended use, the rod will allow for safe reeling of an unexpected bycatch in the form of a pike or pike perch.

The fitting allows using both monofilament and braided lines. Blanks made of carbon fibre, guide rings SiC class, and comfortable reel seats are just few things worth to mention. In this series you will find rods suitable for bank and boat fishing, light, tubular perch rods, handy all-rounders, and some pike oriented models. Interesting, modern design is combined here together with functionality and strength.

Definitely worth mentioning is the reel seat sensitivity of those rods is simply amazing. Basically, with any small lures which work best once animated in aggressive way. Sentry UL are fast when you set up the hook, but during the reel in, they hold the fish firmly. We strongly advice to use monofilaments up to 4kg together with this rod.

Sentry Spin L. Fast action and above average power of this rod allow to set the hook firmly, same time prevent the fish from escaping. We recommend this model to use with medium sized lures, like no. Versions and cm are dedicated for boat fishing, while longer, and cm are perfect for bank fishing. ML works exceptionally good with no. Blank construction of this model make the lure flies far away with minimum effort.

Lengths and cm cast the lures with pinpoint accuracy, same time reaching reasonably good distances. If you use most often lures up to 20 g, this will be a perfect choice for you. Universal rod redefined. Sentry Spin MH. At this moment those are the strongest Sentry rods in our offer. Sufficient enough to fight any resistance from pike or zander, without a moment of hesitation.

Casts are going to be long and accurate, while bite sensitivity will truly amaze you. You will find here both ultra-light perch rods and typical pike-related models. High carbon content composite, being the base of this series, ensures great action and high mechanical impact resistance.

In order to ensure the highest comfort of use, the rods have been equipped with SiC guides and good quality ergonomic VSS grips.

Therefore, we offer you a model, which perfectly fits into this type of fishing. The hyper-sensitive insert tip will allow exact observation of even the slightest bites. Troker Spin L. Slightly reinforced UL model blanks allow for the penetration of the fishing ground using lures up to 12 g, thus successful fishing with classical jigs and using the side strap method is possible. Do not judge the book by its cover: this model is able to deal with a 4 kg pike.

The H model allows fishing with lures up to 40 g, both on distant reefs and lake-bottom holes. If you strictly stick to catching bigger specimen, this model will surely draw your attention. Those rods are dedicated to fish with big soft and hard lures. Typical for Troker sturdiness will grant you with a plentiness of unforgettable memories. On those fields, this rod will give you full satisfaction. Beside of that, using it will allow you to fish with heavy weight soft lures, from 16 cm rippers up to twenty-few centimetres hybrid lures.

Designing this series, we mainly focused on the creation of stable rods for catching predatory fish. All rods have blanks made of proven carbon composite with great operating parameters, thanks to which they are light and strong at the same time, and their action allows winning over many impressive fish. We recommend this series for all fishermen seeking convenient and durable equipment. They are very durable and flexible rods and superbly take up sudden shocks of hooked fish.

Thanks to a relatively low empty weight and fast action, these rods are very interesting for admirers of large roach fishing in the spring and summer pike perch fishing from river and canal banks as well as lake shores. We assure you that thanks to the composite structure, they will deal with reeling more than one huge fish. High foot guides cause that a wet monofilament line does not stick to the blank during rain and fog, and the reel seat equipped with rubber pads holds it firmly on its place.

Stronger than common feeder rods with similar casting specifications these specialist rods are available in the optimum lengths for comfortable fishing. Rods constructed on a carbon fibre base, which provides their dynamics and strength combined with low empty weight.

They are characterized by tip action translating into casting accuracy and distance and long hooking efficiency. The diameter of the guides on the tip has been increased, therefore they do not collect impurities deposited on the monofilament line. Mentioned feature allow you to use thicker lines, necessary to catch large and powerful fish, like barbel or carp. Those rods are perfect for rivers with fast current, but thanks to interchangeable tips it works fine also in canals and lakes.

Universal rods dedicated both for beginners and advanced enthusiasts of feeder fishing. Their tip action allows for accurate and distant kit casting and for successful hooking. The high carbon composite used to manufacture the blanks causes that despite the tip action, the rod deflects deep, which is essential in the case of catching large fish with thin lines.

These rods are extremely strong and flexible, thus they perfectly absorb the frolics of the greatest carps, effectively discouraging them from escaping into obstacles. Attached on the blanks right under the line guides stoppers provide easier folding of the rod for the time of transport. A choice of four rods offered in this series gives to any dedicated carp angler a possibility to find a gear that will suit his needs. The rods may be used for float fishing, since they are stiff and allow fishing with larger floats in places of high-speed current.

The guides placed on high feet limit a wet line from sticking to the blank. Large bobbers, wagglers or bubble floats – all of those fly far and accurate, thanks to rods action. Telescopic build allows for convenient transportation and often change of fishing spots, which makes this rod a good choice for stalking the fishes. Rods with different power and casting weight, dedicated for carp fishing enthusiasts. Convenient in transportation, with backbone strong enough to fight with big and powerful fishes.

Size of the guides had been chosen to assure you long and precise casts, keeping their diameter as low as possible. This rod is an excellent choice both for greenhorns, and dedicated carp anglers.

This rod has been created to meet such expectations. It is fast, strong and finished with a style which amazes from the very beginning. The diversified casting weight and length will allow matching the rod for any fishery.

In a word: a proud member of the Spirado family. The Tele Spin series offers you rods suitable for fishing in rivers or lakes and for fishing from the bank or from the boat alike. To sum it up, every fisherman will find in this series something interesting.

Spirado Jig. Light, strong and precise spinning rods designed for the enthusiast of soft bait fishing. Available with different casting weights and lengths to suit the needs of every fisherman. Combination of the power and sensitivity in one rod had given astonishing result. We have used SiC guides and high quality cork grips to fit the new blanks. All rods are strong and finished with style.

Both declared carp fishermen, spin fishermen, large catfish hunters and enthusiasts of picker, feeder or classical trotting will find something useful here. The Carbomaxx Team series offers rods for everyone and every single person will find out that solid, good quality equipment is not necessarily expensive.

Its tip action simplifies kit handling and guarantees lightning-speed hooking. While reeling in, the rod superbly absorbs the struggles of a fighting fish. As in the entire Carbomaxx Team series, the undeniable advantage of this model is its value-for-money. The rod is light, thus the hand is not tired after several hours of trotting, and allows for successful hooking and reeling numerous great whitefish.

If you search for a high quality bolognese rod at an affordable price, pay attention to this model. The rod has been fit with high feet SiC guides designed in such a way that the monofilament line does not stick to the blank and does not cause problems during fishing.

It has progressive, tip action. It is characterized by high blank stiffness and low weight, high tolerance to mechanical overload and damage. This rod is also an excellent tool for catching predators with small live or dead fish. Carbomaxx Team Carp. Solid carp rods for catching the greatest specimen, maintaining a necessary reserve of power while reeling.

We have fitted them with amazing guides, an extremely durable seat for mounting large reels and a dynamic carbon tip.

A real treat for admirers of luring predators with soft lures, cicadas and wobblers. The elegant blank and cork, handy and relatively thin grip with metal ring finishing and unique, dynamic action are all chief assets which cannot be undervalued. Models with casting weights of 10 and 20 grams have an insert tip.

You will find here rods well suited for trout and perch, through all-rounder 28 g, up to those designed for pike fishing. Full hard EVA handle, SiC grade guides and ergonomic reel seat are only few advantages of those rods. Definitely one of the most interesting rods in this price level. A telescopic landing net stick is very useful in float fishing.

Its main task is to make fish landing easier for a fisherman using a long rod, such as a pole rods, a putover, or even a bolognese rod. The handles made of carbon composite are strong and light, and have a standard thread, thanks to which they match all baskets.

Listening to our customers, we have changed the appearance, raised the technological standards and expanded the scope of available models. The family of these rods is based on high carbon composite, equipped with SiC guides, and strong and ergonomic reel seats. Holding first place in an online consumer survey on numerous websites also weighs in its favour. The series has already gained masses of declared enthusiasts, thus meeting the expectations formed for our company, we want to present the worthy Carbomaxx family members.

It has to have tip action while hooking, whereas during reeling has to operate at a greater length than the majority of typical rods. This rod is characterized by a considerable reserve of power, while at the same time maintains a relatively low weight.

This fact is of utmost importance: it can be confirmed by those who love several-hour tours with bolognese rods. Strong, stiff while setting the hook, and elastic during the fight. Really good choice both for fishing adepts, aswell as more experienced enthusiasts of pole fishing.

Best proof of quality of those rods is still to check them on the bank. Enjoy fishing. More important though is a fact about its undisputable efficiency while fishing in a river. We have put quite some effort to make this rod both effective and comfortable to use. We strongly recommend this rod to any bolo fishing enthusiast.

Carbomaxx Pole. Handy rods for full kit fishing. The materials guarantee that you can use these rods for many seasons. They have an empty tip, thanks to which cooperation with the elasticate is perfect. Tip action allows for comfortable catching of whitefish in rivers and canals. A solid structure based on proven solutions guarantees long-lasting and failure-free operation. And everything at an affordable price.

Carbomaxx Heavy Feeder. Fishing with strong feeders has a lot of admirers, since it allows distant casting of a float with a feeder and observation of even the most delicate bites. Carbomaxx feeders will surely fulfil your expectations. They are perfect for kit fishing with feeders and using the quiver tip method.

We guarantee that they will ensure safe reeling of huge and strong fish from any fishery. Carbomaxx Match. Match fishing admirers may now rub their hands. It is difficult to find such elegant and inexpensive tip action rod on shop display stands.

We have fitted it with branded guides, a comfortable cork grip and carbon tip. They are equipped with a modern foam grip, are very durable and allow for long kit casting. If you use them, reeling the greatest carps causes no problem.

Their casting weight amounts to g, transport weight does not exceed 90 cm, and the price We assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised. These rods are not afraid of careless treatment and, what is most important, they may be ceaselessly carried in a car. After folding, their length is only 75 cm! These rods are well balanced and really solid. Now, your troubles related to stuffing equipment for a several-day trip into a car will be history.

A range designed specially for the enthusiasts of fishing with artificial bait. The high-quality components used in both the construction of the blanks and the production of the fittings have given evident results. Split grip handles, beside their esthetic qualities, enhance the feel of the bait. The and gramm models show great hook-setting performance even from a long distance.

A solid and excellent rod for sea fishing at shallower depths and as a heavy spinning rod for Danube salmon or a ground rod. This rod will definitely not fail in the struggle with a huge and strong fish. Carbomaxx Pilk rods will deal with any giant. It is characterized by great mechanical impact resistance.

An excellent offer for both fishing beginners searching for their favourite method, and advanced fishermen searching for strong, durable and affordable rods. In addition to their attractive appearance, they are also equipped with good quality guides and strong and comfortable reel seats. Despite its composite structure, the rods have a relatively low weight.

Corral Bolognese. These rods are excellent for trotting. Perfect for river, canal or standing water fishing. Their action forgives reeling errors. Strong feeders performing well in both running and standing waters. The kit includes two interchangeable tips and will easily deal with reeling of a huge fish from the river current. It will easily fit into the boot of any car. The kit includes two tips with different deflection curves. Great choice for fresh and advanced anglers. Corral Pilk. These strong and durable sea rods are perfect for cutter fishing.

The blanks are characterized by high damage resistance and are so flexible that they do not lose fish during the reeling. These rods are an outstanding compromise between power and sensitivity.

The length and cm is a practical and comfortable solution for fishing from a overgrown bank or from under the trees. With light fishing gear one can catch not only small fish and that is an undisputable fact.

It operates very well under load and has no rigid sections. It is perfect for fishing with a light feeding spring. A perfect choice for float fishing beginners.

They are excellent as river ground rods, live bait rods, or simply very solid float rods. Extremely powerful and aesthetic rods well suited to catch big fish in a river with strong current. Perfect rods for inexperienced carp hunters.

In addition, they have a sufficient amount of power to fight with a huge carp or grass carp. Corral Tele Carp. They have a sufficient reserve of power to reel in huge carps and deep deflection action which cushions sudden fish bursts.

Casting weights and lengths adapted to fishing conditions make these spinning rods the perfect choice for all fishermen. They are characterized by medium action, allowing for successful predator reel in. Rod holds the fish firmly, allowing to reel it calmly. Thanks to action of the blank, each hook setting is almost instant.

Available lengths allow to find something suitable both for ponds, lakes or canals. Casting weight and rods action makes possible to use small stick floats as well as lightweight bubble floats.

Perfectly suited for large bream, crucians or tench. Soft and warm action will not let the fish loose. Corral Tele Spin. These multi-purpose rods with short sections are the perfect choice for convenient fishing lovers. Different lengths give you a comfort of choice to match your preferences.

They can easily find their place in a bag or rucksack, being your trusty companion of fishing trips. Holiday Tele Float. A three-meter rod intended for float fishing. It will also serve well with a light kit with a live bait rod. Holiday Tele Travel. A handy, telescopic model of a multi-purpose rod intended for float fishing, lighter ground fishing and live bait fishing.

The optimum casting weight range makes this rod an appropriate proposal for fishermen interested in spin fishing. If yes, you are now looking at the titan among the strongest reels. The Saltex body and rotor are made of reinforced aluminium, whereas the bearings and milled gear elements are made of stainless steel. As for the drag clutch, alternately arranged carbon discs and polished stainless-steel discs have been used.

Maximum dragging power amounts up to 30 kg of static load, thus half as much as any rod is able to withstand. The spool oscillation mechanism based on a worm gear guarantees excellent line placement on the spool, which translates directly into longer casts. Moreover, if we add stylish design, we will obtain a reel, which will meet all expectations of demanding whitefish hunters.

Perfect choice for anyone who requires equipment reliability, and operating precision. Wide slider roller significantly reduces the line twisting effect. Its high quality and exquisite finish will meet the needs of even the most demanding fishermen. Seven steel ball bearings together with one roller bearing and precise engineering of the gear mechanism guarantee ultimate smooth and silent work of the reel.

The front multi-disk drag lets you effortlessly win the fight with a raging beast. A wide slider roller significantly reduces the line twisting effect.

The reel will deliver excellent performance during both spin and ground fishing. The words can mislead, thus they should be verified by a fishery test. Check it out – you will surely not be disappointed. The particular shape of the spool gives you the possibility to execute long and, what matters the most, precise casts.

Multi-disk front drag will not let you down in case of a rapid streaks of the fish, giving away the line steadily and smoothly. What else from a reel can you ask for? Two shorter lengths will perfectly manage during feeder fishing using the quiver tip method, whereas the two longer ones are dedicated to catching huge and strong fish at greater distances. Team Carp Bait Runner. Long Cast aluminium spool, solid gear and thick-walled tubular bail will ensure convenient catching and reeling underwater specimens.

But, as the practice and experience show, the look is not everything. Impact Baitrunner contains also a solid inside. Strong shaft, precise slow oscillation system, and reliable drag mechanism make up only some advantages of this reel.

It will serve you equally well paired with a carp rod, a feeder or float gear. It is equipped with a fast and durable gear as well as with a duralumin spool moved by a precise mechanism guaranteeing uniform and firm winding. We have equipped this reel with the same, efficient gear with 6. The duralumin shallow spool has been prepared specifically for winding thin monofilament line with no need to use a foundation. In combination with a precise winding system system, it allows making distant and accurate casts.

Its chief assets include, but are not limited to noiseless mechanism operation, easily closing bail and wide spool allowing for exceptionally distant casts. Four available sizes: 10, 20, 30 and 40 predispose it as a perfect choice for spin, feeder and match fishing lovers. It is equipped with an aluminum Long Cast spool, solid gear and thick bail tube. All these elements guarantee high comfort of fishing, letting you reel the fish in fast and secure.

This reel needs no advertising: high manufacture quality and attention to detail have once more been essential.

Try it on a fishery and it will definitely become your trip companion. High manufacture quality goes hand in hand with fine operation of internal mechanisms. This reel includes everything necessary for comfortable fishing and convenient reel in. The stylish color will surely attract attention, while operating smoothness will positively surprise you. In this range, you will find the sizes which perfectly suit the Bolognese or feeder fishing as well as spinning techniques alike.

The indisputable advantages of the Endura reels are their strong and light bodies, smooth work of the gear, and a precise drag. Similarly to the FD series, this one has also a lightweight, strong body, an ergonomic handle and an efficient gear. Endura RD will show equally great performance in ultra-light spin fishing and in operating of heavy feeders in strong currents of big rivers. The precise front drag mechanism enables you to face a catch of any size.

The basic virtues of this model include a main aluminium spool, a anti-reverse bearing ensuring anti-slip reverse rotation lock and good monofilament line winding. A precise multi-disc reel clutch allows comfortable large fish reeling. Just like the two previous models, also the series has a graphite body and rotor, folding handle and an accurate rear drag. This reel will satisfy the needs of spinning, float or bottom fishing enthusiasts alike.

We assure you that this reel will survive really harsh handling, while forceful reeling in of a big fi sh with a fi rmly tightened drag will not have a negative effect on the performance of its mechanisms. Method Feeder LC FD 4 4 ball bearings, 1 anti-reverse bearing 4 multi-washer front drag 4 graphite body 4 aluminium main spool LC 4 graphite spare spool LC 4 computer balanced rotor 4 precise line leading system.

Five top quality ball bearings ensure smooth operating, and same time correct support of most important mechanisms. Carbon composite body gives the reel sturdiness, while the shape and color pleases your eyes. Spirado Method Feeder LC is the one that you need. Reliable gear, smooth drag and great casting distances thanks to special cone-shaped spool all of that you will find in our new reel.

We assure you that this reel will survive really harsh handling, while forceful reeling in of a big fish with a firmly tightened drag will not have a negative effect on the performance of its mechanisms.

The rear drag designed exclusively for this model is equipped with friction discs made of a new material allowing for accurate reeling power adjustment, which is vital in relation to catching huge fish using delicate kits with a thin end leader. Thanks to this, every bream or record-breaking roach will be quickly deprived of strength and easily reeled in to the landing net.

We ensure that these reels will serve you for many seasons, provided that they are properly maintained. We have equipped it with everything a good reel should have, i. Its classical design will fit together with any rod. We provide you with a reliable tool for harassing medal-winning fish living in lakes, rivers and canals. They are also perfect for other ground fishing methods with live or dead bait.

The excellent drag, solid structure, strong and ergonomic handle, spool made of hardened graphite, smooth free spool system and precise winding system will delight even the pickiest of anglers.

This is a great choice for anyone who wants to have a go at carp fishing. Lightweight, graphite body, Long Cast spool and precise spooling system guarantee long and accurate casts. The choice of offered sizes provides models suitable for carp fishing or for fishing with live or dead bait. Method Feeder LC FD 4 3 ball bearings, 1roller bearing 4 multi disc front drag 4 graphite composite body 4 graphite Long Cast spool 4 computer balanced rotor 4 precise line lay system 4 titanium coated line roller.

Cone-shaped Long Cast spool will let you cast precisely and on a great distance without regard to neither type nor diameter of the line. Sometimes an investment beyond your real need is not worth it. This reel will perform great during the sessions with a feeder tackle and will let you perform long and accurate casts.

Its precise front drag ensures reliable landing of the fish. We have prepared a reel marked by high parameters and reasonable technical specification for those who want to try this fishing method. A solid carbon composite body, a durable gear mechanism and a precise multi-disc rear drag will allow becoming familiarized with this specific huge carp fishing method.

Carbomaxx Iron Carp They are equipped with two light graphite spools, a comfortable rear drag as well as a casing and rotor made of strong graphite composite characterized by low abrasion modulus guaranteeing proper and permanent arrangement of reel elements, and also its low weight. A reinforced mechanism supported on 3 ball bearings and 1 anti-reverse bearing along with a titanium covered bail roller constitute the solid elements of this model which ensure long-lasting and reliable use.

They are dedicated to lovers of catching whitefish using the float or ground method, but are also applied for predator light fishing using live baits or spinning rods. While designing it we focused on durability and functionality that will satisfy not only professional fishermen, but also beginners. We ensure that when properly maintained, the Carbomaxx RD reel can handle huge overloads and serve for a really long time. They may serve fishermen with various levels of expertise.

Thanks to modern appearance, they please the eye of demanding fishermen, and their value-for-money is excellent. They have a series of technical assets, such as a new spool movement mechanism, reinforced bail spring, and an ergonomic and durable rotary handle — all of them allow for comfortable and pleasant fishing. A perfect tool for catching white fish with a float or picker. This model has been equipped by the design engineers with a failure-free gear, a stainless steel bearings fixed to a durable and light casing and a multi-disc rear drag.

Thanks to a new spool oscillation system, the line forms a hard and tight weave positively influencing the casting distance. Light, made of graphite composite body, precise winding and an attractive, modern design, will please even the most demanding anglers.

It is easy to choose from four different sizes the one exactly suiting your needs. If your fishing season starts at may and ends at september, this reel will be a good choice. Corral can handle a fight with pretty decent specimens, and will not fail you in a moment of need.

Body made of heavy-duty composite and smooth drag action are additional pros of this reel. To be honest: we have succeed. Gear is reliable, front drag is smooth and precise… What else do you need for fishing? If your fishing season starts at may and ends mid September, this is your reel.

Body made of rigid composite and precise drag are going to help while some nice catch will be fighting on the other side of the line. Spin, float and ground fishermen will choose an appropriate item from 5 available models.

Every reel in this series is equipped with 3 ball bearings, a precise rear drag, a rotary balanced handle and a titanium covered roller. The gear and spool mechanism have passed numerous strength tests. One of its advantages is also its low weight and, most of all, affordable price. Classical design has been combined with a reliable mechanism. Its main advantages include the multidisc drag, graphite spool, computer-tested rotor, perfectly balanced graphite rotary handle, and titanium covered bail roller.

It is all you need to feel extremely comfortable while reeling breams, tenches, pikes, etc. Their additional advantage is an exceptionally affordable price.

The simple and reliable structure allows for comfortable leisure time by the water without any reel-related troubles. The gear ratio has been adapted to the reel size, so that the internal mechanism is not exposed to damage while reeling. A precise rear drag is another unquestionable advantage.

We recommend it for both beginners and more experienced fishermen. We wanted to provide you with equipment that will allow you to comfortably catch white fish with a float, picker or light feeder. A multi-disc rear drag with a wide operating range is another advantage of the reel. It is characterized by uniform monofilament winding, smooth operation and attractive graphite body. A durable, simple and reliable structure will allow beginners to make their first fishing steps and more experienced users to fish comfortably with a float, light spinning or light picker rod.

Precise monofilament winding system and good quality drag complement the package. Its elegant design catches the eye, while a solid and reliable mechanism grantees full satisfaction during fishing sessions. Precise, smooth drag system will be smooth as silk even in freezing degree.

Long story short, Iceman FD have got everything needed to fight those rainbow warriors and pull them from under the ice. Going into the details, we should mention the aluminium spool, CNC steel rotary handle, hyper-precise drag and the anti-reverse lock. In short, this reel will become your reliable ice fishing companion. Eskimo SX FD. Moris RD and RD are solid machines built upon firm mechanisms. The reel bodies and rotors are made of very durable graphite composite characterized by a high resistance to low temperatures.

Both of them are equipped with extremely sensitive rear drag, which allows winning a fish fight using really thin monofilaments. Reliable Moris FD reel mechanisms have been enclosed in the front-drag model for user convenience and to increase active adjustment range of power affecting drag discs during low temperature reel ins. They can be used alternatively in light float or solid tip spinning rods. Their main features include a simple and freezeproof structure, reliable operation and durability.

Both models have a firm graphite body, a durable and smoothly operating mechanism, and a front drag allowing for stress-free adjustment of monofilament tension to fishery conditions. Nordic will also perform well in combination with a light bolognese or picker rod. The reel body made of graphite composite ensures proper power and low temperature resistance. For complete satisfaction, we provide a precise front drag, a durable gear mechanism and the two most popular sizes.

Its spool will hold m of 0. You absolutely have to test this model on perches and breams — a rollercoaster guaranteed! All the aforementioned properties can be found in this reel. Check it out yourself. As the name itself indicates, it has been designed for surf fishing requiring casts often exceeding m. The high spool with perfectly smooth border will allow achieving such distances.

The reel will also perform its function as a carp big pit while taking the bait out with a boat, or in places where this method is forbidden and the fisheries are located at a considerable distance from the shore. Seakon Surf FD. It is immense, solid and reliable. Intended for catching huge cods, saithes, pollocks and even halibuts. A capacious spool will hold a reserve of a thick line up to several hundred metres long. Its chief assets include, but are not limited to, a durable and reliable structure protected against the devastating effect of salt water, a solid aluminium handle, and a hard casing.

Fjord reels can be also effectively used during sessions aimed at the greatest freshwater predators. Moreover, it is comprised of a light aluminium spool, stainless steel bearings, very strong composite material casing, an aluminium rotary handle with comfortable seat and a precise multi-disc drag.

Although it is primarily intended for sea fishing, it is also perfect for ground fishing and heavy spinning. A chrome-plated main spool and top quality bearings make this reel excellent for all lovers of sea fishing and freshwater fish hunters. As far as the latter are concerned, we offer them the model with full responsibility. You will definitely enjoy its gear ratio, materials, finishing precision and power. This model should be appreciated by sea and freshwater fish enthusiasts.

Multi Hunter has been made with attention to every detail. We have equipped it with four stainless and salt water resistant bearings including one anti-reverse bearing , an aluminium spool and an aluminium rotary handle. The casing has been manufactured from the same stainless material. We recommend this handy multiplier not only as a tool for cutter cod trolling and luring, but also for surfcasting – a method popular in recent years.

There are no such combative cods that would win over a fisherman equipped with this precisely made multiplier. A hardened graphite casing reinforced with stainless steel elements, a duralumin spool perfectly mounted on firm bearings able to hold m of 0. We have additionally equipped it with specialized knobs which may be useful while reeling overgrown halibuts and record-breaking catfish. It is high time you ceased to be afraid of distant shocks and sudden escapes of a combative trophy.

Two large Multi Power models equipped with 3 stainless bearings, a hyper-precise drag, a strong graphite and aluminium frame, a precise monofilament winding system and a duralumin spool with 2 available volumes: 0. Good quality and reliability at an affordable price – this is a short description of this handy and solid multiplier.

It is addressed mainly to cod hunters who do not trust fixed spool reels and are going to meet eyeball to eyeball with 15 kg specimens lurking in the vicinity of shipwrecks buried in the depths. Multi Power has a simple and strong structure characterized by maximum resistance to the devastating effect of sea water, and a precise monofilament winding system. The reel in the offered size is intended for heavy sea jerking, trolling and jigging.

A capacious spool will hold a sufficient reserve of line necessary for a fight, whereas a precise drag will not enable even a huge catfish to escape. We have equipped the reel with a mobile slider accurately shafting the line, which translates into winding hardness facilitating long casts with no fear of tangling.

It has got a powerful gear allowing to fish with heavy pilkers on deep waters with an ease. Built in depth counter allows to easily set the pilker on the exactly same depth as the last strike happened — a feature very useful for an advanced sea anglers. If we will add to this list gear which will allow to retrieve over 80cm of line per turn, there can be a problem to find such bait caster… But, luckily, not anymore.

Thus, searching for a new reel for fly fishing, you should pay attention to this model. Drag precision leaves the fish with no chance to impose its own conditions during fight. Though, definitely you can say: a force in this line strong is. Well, this is definitely truth. What else is worth to mention?

For sure, 12 original PE strands braided tightly together, giving it ultimate strength, almost round cross-section, and extreme casting capabilities. Those features mean nothing less, but that you are seeing now one of the best lines dedicated for boat fishing, popping, jigging, and all other methods used to catch huge and powerful fishes living in the seas and oceans across the world.

This kind of fishing leaves no space to use poor quality tackle, we are well aware about that. We can proudly say, that this line will be one of the strongest points in your tackle.

Braider X8 are produced in heavy quality focused regime, which makes those lines one of most reliable on the market. Lines had been tested both in fresh and saltwater, and emerged victorious from each test they faced. Its perfect smoothness reduces any friction on the guides and that enables long and precise casts. Work, persistence and experience in matter of lines, weeks of tests gave effect in form of Braider X8 Black.

Perfect braiding, eight calibrated strands and long lasting color – this is a simple rule to get excellent line. We knew, that compromises are going be the very last thing we will agree to. Perfectly calibrated strands, tight braiding and color which is easy to see above water, high linear and knot strength – these are the features that make it a perfect choice for all demanding anglers. Additionally, thanks to advance braiding technology, it casts longer and in very silent on the guides.

Characteristic, bright green color, is easy to observe in various light conditions. Braider X8 Fluo Green is sharing the same features as other braids available in this family, which is a guarantee of good choice. We strongly advice this braid to those people who like jig fishing the most — any movement of the line is very easy to see. Available color and size chart allow to easily fish with various techniques: jig, dropshot, texas rig, or classic spinning.

Long lasting colors and abrasion resistance, tight braiding which provides smoothness and silent running through guides, are just a few pros of this amazing line. You also know well, how much does it cost. We have decided to stir things up a little, and to give you an alternative from Japanese potentates. We would like to introduce to you a braided line which strength, smoothness and softness is going to truly amaze you.

Available chart of sizes allows to find the line for any XUL lure, and fish with it in most efficient way. With full responsibility we can assure you that this is the world class product. Sum of answers from well over a dozen experienced anglers had become our reference point.

Shared answers was as listed: good strength, abrasion resistance, long lasting color, specialization of fishing technique, and obviously, price. To combine all of those features seems to be impossible, right?

Luckily, we love challenges of that sort. Our passion is to face things that are hard to overcome, think how to solve unsolvable, and finally, enjoy the outcome. If you are willing to trust our experience and already field tested technology, get the KEVLON line without hesitation. This series of 4 braid lines is a perfect balance of strength, quality, technology and price!

This braid will show its outstanding performance in both spinning and bottom fishing techniques. Besides great resistance characteristics, Kevlon Black has round braiding, thanks to which it is relatively quiet on the guides. The range of available diameters will let you find a line for any fish inhabiting our waters. Combination of power and resilience, 4 original micro PE strands, color which is masking itself in the water and on the bottom – those are the features which differ excellent product from that mediocre one.

When you are chasing predators, margin of mistake is close to none. This regards both to your tackle, and your skills. You may ask yourself a question, what is a really good line for lure fishing? Excluding color, obviously.

In certain circumstances i. For such conditions, a little darker, intense color is much easier to observe. This assumption had been tested by different anglers fishing for many days on different fisheries in Europe.

We do not create products just to have bigger portfolio, we are creating them for your convenience, and we trust that you will see the difference between KEVLON, and some other lines Ultimate quality is at your hand. One of the most basic is to have a line that you can trust.

Tight, precise braiding, makes this line resistant for salt water environment. Sum it up with high abrasion resistance, perfect calibration on all the length, good linear and knot strength… If you are looking for a line that will be the strongest point of your setup, you just made a good choice. Maximum linear strength, balanced extensibility and no shape memory make Metron Classic Pro the perfect choice for the substantial majority of fishing methods. The rarely seen lime colour is barely visible underwater, even in crystal-clear streams, remaining highly visible over the surface.

Its extensibility has been matched, so that feeder bream biting could be shown without any difficulty from several dozen meters and spurts of a huge carp could be easily absorbed. Its colour is also significant, since it perfectly blurs with virtually any bottom. A special polymer used to produce this line has allowed obtaining an easily sinking line with no tendency for fast wear.

Medium extensibility allows making confident hooking even from great distances. Metron Specialist Pro Match is a perfect choice for float fishing old hands. Metron Specialist Pro Bolognese 5 A monofilament line dedicated to bolognese method specialists, allowing for excellent control over a flowing kit.


KONGER EN by Олег Кадников – Issuu


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Serie Walter World Champion Carp II este o lanseta pentru pescuitul la feeder realizata cu ajutorul componentelor de calitate si tehnologiilor noi. Constructia blank-ului, realizat din Carbon High Modulus si utilizatea inelelor Fuji K, permit lansarile precise la distante extreme.

Caracteristici: Putere aruncare g; Lungime 3. Descriere de produs dezvoltata de echipa TotalFishing. Vezi informatii despre transport si livrare, modalitati de plata , conditii de retur si locatie magazin. Speram ca pana la sfarsitul acestei luni sa avem disponibila lanseta in stoc. Va rugam sa activati optiunea ,,Alerta stoc” pentru a va anunta imediat cand produsul va fi disponibil. In acest moment nu este disponibila aceasta lanseta. Nu detinem un termen de livrare pentru acest model inca.

Puteti accesa butonul Alerta Stoc, pe care-l regasiti pe pagina produsului. In momentul in care acesta revine in stoc o sa primiti un email de atentionare. Toate drepturile rezervate. Cititi termeni si conditii , fisiere cookie , politica de confidentialitate si protectia datelor si ANPC.

Producator Serie Walter. SKU SW Review-uri 0 Intrebari 4. Stoc Magazin. Livrare gratuita. Adauga in cos. Adauga in wishlist. Livrare prin curier, h oriunde in Romania. Ridicare personala din Bucuresti, Strd. Progresului Peste Consultanta de la pescari specializati 44 Pana la 6 rate fara dobanda cu card bancar. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Ai cumparat acest produs?

Spune-ne parerea ta! Adauga un review. Intrebarile clientilor Intrebari: 4. Raspuns Total Fishing: Buna ziua! Va multumesc! Va multumim! Raspuns Total Fishing: Buna ziua, In acest moment nu este disponibila aceasta lanseta. Pune o intrebare despre acest produs Pune o intrebare. Alte produse din aceeasi categorie. Lanseta feeder Benzar Universal Feeder 3. Lanseta feeder Ryobi Amazon Feeder 3. Lanseta feeder Okuma 8K Feeder 3. Lanseta feeder Sportex Rapid Feeder Medium 3.

Serie Walter.


Database Riptek – Detalii Lanseta feeder Daiwa N’Zon S Feeder 3.90m/120g

Cod producator: DAIWA D Lansetele N’Zon S oferă caracteristici de aruncare perfecte și durabilitate ridicată, la un raport uimitor preț-performanță! Datorită utilizării materialului din fibră de carbon HVF, a fost posibilă proiectarea unor blank-uri ușoare, dar în același timp rezistente, care să facă față. Feeder vrhovi. AVATAR NG FEEDER m g – TIPS M. Rezervni vrh za Formax Avatar NG Feeder štap, 1 komad. Karakteristika. Vrednost. Kategorija. Feeder vrhovi. Brend. Konger feeder cena interneta veikalos ir no 19€ līdz €, kopā ir 52 preces 4 veikalos ar nosaukumu ‘konger feeder’. Meklē preces interneta veikalos. Meklēšana; Katalogs; Konger, Wędzisko CARBOMAXX TEAM FEEDER cm – g | .

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