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When I get to this level, all I find are empty folders. Achieve your best work with tools, solutions, and services that bring your creative inspiration to life. Save time with automation Save time with automation Save time with automation Media Composer automates time-consuming tasks in the background.

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This would be compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit windows. Get Into PC. Download 64 Bit x64 v Build Follow Us. Avid Codecs LE. Avid Xpress Pro. Avid Application Manager. How to uninstall programs in Windows 10 with system tools. How to Resolve Common Mac Problems. Twitter Facebook. Each episode also features a musical guest, a solo act or a band, who perform two or three musical numbers. Occasionally, the musical guest simultaneously serves as the host, and may also appear in comedy sketches.

As of May 19, , Dave Grohl is the most frequent musical guest, performing on eleven shows since Exceptions are made only when the musical act is focused on intense dance routines instead of vocals, where it is difficult to be both heavily physically active and sing.

The December 18, episode, hosted by Paul Rudd , became the first episode not to feature any musical performances since the first episode of season 12 , as well as the third episode in the show’s duration to not have a musical guest, due to the rise of the Omicron variant in New York City during the ongoing COVID pandemic. XCX’s only appearance in the episode, however, was in the pre-recorded music video spoof called “The Christmas Socks”, where she played a parrot named T.

To make up for time and the lack of cast members, classic Christmas sketches are shown, with some sketches introduced by Tina Fey , Tom Hanks , and Kenan Thompson. Academy Award-winning composer Howard Shore served as the first musical director, from to , appearing in many musical sketches, including Howard Shore and His All-Nurse Band and backing a U. Smith musical director from to As of , the band is under the leadership of Tower of Power alumnus Lenny Pickett , keyboardist Leon Pendarvis , and Eli Brueggemann, who does not play in the band on the live show.

The band plays instrumentals leading in and out of station breaks; affiliates who run no advertising during these interludes hear the band play complete songs behind a Saturday Night Live bumper graphic until the program resumes. During the summer shooting hiatus, crews began renovations on Studio 8H. With its thirty-first-season premiere in October , the show began broadcasting in high-definition television , appearing letterboxed on conventional television screens.

The offices of SNL writers, producers, and other staff can be found on the 17th floor of “30 Rock”. Production on an SNL episode will normally start on a Monday with a free-form pitch meeting [] [] [] between the cast, writers, producers, including Michaels and the guest host in Michaels’s office over two hours.

The host is invited to pitch ideas during this meeting. Although some sketch writing may occur on the day, the bulk of the work revolves around pitching ideas. Tuesday is the only day dedicated purely to writing the scripts, [] a process that usually extends through the night into the following morning. Writing may not begin until 8 p.

At this point, there may be at least forty sketch ideas that are read-through in turn, lasting upwards of three hours.

After completion of the read-through, Michaels, the head writer, the guest host, and some of the show producers will move to Michaels’ office to decide the layout of the show and decide which of the sketches will be developed for air.

Once complete, the writers and cast are allowed into Michaels’s office to view the show breakdown and learn whether or not their sketch has survived. Work focuses on developing and rewriting the remaining sketches [] and possibly rehearsals. According to an interview with Tina Fey in , the three- to four-member dedicated Weekend Update writing team will write jokes throughout the week.

The host s of Weekend Update will normally not work with or read the scripts from the team until Thursday evening, after the main show sketches have been finalized. The host s will then work on contributing to the script where necessary. With onsite facilities housed on floors 8 and 17 of Rockefeller Plaza, post-production duties on live broadcasts of Saturday Night Live include the mixing of audio and video elements by the Senior Audio Mixer, coupled with additional audio feeds consisting of music, sound effects, music scoring, and pre-recorded voiceovers.

All sources are stored digitally, with shows captured and segregated into individual elements to reorganize for future repeats and syndication. The production tracking system was migrated from primarily analog to digital in , with live shows typically requiring 1. As of , the show uses five Sony HDC cameras, primarily mounted on Vinten pedestals , although one is mounted on a Chapman-Leonard Electra crane.

As of , GVG digital component production switcher, and GVG digital component routing switcher are used to route visual feeds to the control room, with multiple digital and analog video recorders used to store footage.

Graphics are provided by a Chyron Lyric Pro character generator and an Avid Deko character generator. Audio facilities consist of a Calrec T Series digitally controlled analog mixing console, and a Yamaha digital mixing console used for tape playback support and utility audio work. Typical elements are recorded at 30 fps , with slow-motion sequences shot at 60 fps, both in full p high definition.

Edie Baskin was the original SNL photographer. She was hired after Michaels saw her photographs of Las Vegas and other work. Baskin helped create the opening title sequence for the show by taking photos of New York City at night.

It was then that Michaels suggested that Baskin photograph the hosts for the bumpers instead of using publicity photos, beginning a tradition that continues today. Since , Mary Ellen Matthews has been the official photographer of SNL , responsible for devising distinctive photo layouts and aesthetics for still imagery used on the show. Matthews creates photo portraits of the hosts and musical guests of each episode which are used as commercial bumpers.

The limited time frame between the host’s involvement in the production process and the Live show requires Matthews to create makeshift photo studios on-site at 30 Rock, with Matthews attempting to shoot the host on Tuesday and the musical guest on Thursday, although the availability of either can mean the photoshoot for both occurs as late as Thursday.

On the lighting, Matthews commented: “I think it just helps the image pop off the screen If you use soft or flat lighting, it becomes not as dimensional The [classic Hollywood lighting] gives a little more contrast, and if I use edge lights and then light the background, it goes farther and farther back.

I try to achieve that depth as much as I can. As of , she has also been involved in directing videos, including the show title sequence. The show begins at p. Eastern Time , and is scheduled for a minute timeslot ending at a.

For most of SNL’ s history, it aired live only to NBC stations in the Eastern and Central Time Zones, with all others receiving a recorded broadcast at the normal start time of late-night network programming p. Pacific and p. Since , the show is broadcast live across the contiguous United States.

Because the show airs outside of the safe harbor outside of Eastern and Central Time, a brief broadcast delay is installed to meet Federal Communications Commission regulations of primetime programming. Sunday, delays it to 11 p. Since the first opening in with Michael O’Donoghue, Chevy Chase, and John Belushi, the show has normally begun with a cold open sketch which ends with one or more cast members breaking character and proclaiming ” Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!

Eastern Time during the regular season these may be preempted due to the live airing happening in primetime on the west coast ; the episodes scheduled were sometimes rebroadcasts of the previous week’s episode if it was a first-run broadcast. From until , and again since , Comedy Central and its predecessor Ha! In September , reruns of most episodes made from onward began airing on VH1. On March 16, , NBC announced it would air the final four episodes of the 42nd season live in all mainland U.

NBC executive Robert Greenblatt explained the show’s significant viewership had made it part of the “national conversation”, and thus they felt it would be appropriate for the entire country to be “in on the joke at the same time”. The episode scheduled for October 25, , hosted by Rosanna Arquette , was not aired until November 8 due to NBC broadcasting Game 6 of the World Series between the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox ; the four-hour game entered extra innings with the Mets overcoming a two-run deficit to win , causing that night’s broadcast of SNL to be canceled.

The show was recorded for the studio audience starting at AM Eastern Time, and broadcast two weeks later with a jocular “apology” by Mets pitcher Ron Darling. Lopez and the cast were not told they were airing on a delay. Michaels was so upset by the delay the episode was rerun a mere three weeks later. The fledgling football league ended up changing their rules in order to speed up play, and a deal was reached where the feed to future games would be cut off if the episode is airing Live —whether the game had been decided or not—when SNL started, so that no such incident would happen again.

The November 7, , episode, hosted by Dave Chappelle the first episode after presidential elections , began at a. Eastern after a Clemson – Notre Dame college football game went into double overtime. Most episodes were hosted by German celebrities, however, some shows were hosted by American personalities who never hosted the American version, including Mel Brooks and Michael Winslow.

Due to language barriers, they appeared only in opening monologues and in a limited number of sketches. SNL in its original American version has aired in Israel since the early s and is broadcast by satellite provider yes. Spain’s version of the show was short-lived, lasting a few episodes which aired on Thursdays and not Saturdays as the title suggested.

This version copied heavily from the American version, as they did their own versions of sketches already done on the original series. The show followed the same format with a few minor differences, being only 45 minutes long and hosted by a permanent host. The cast was made up of seasoned comedians who take center stage and newcomers who play the background roles.

It was broadcast once a month, and ended after six episodes, as planned from the start. Show and produced by Endemol ‘s Weit Media. Unlike other international versions, it was not broadcast live.

Reruns of the adaptation were aired at night on NTV throughout the first half of On May 13, , SNL Quebec was renewed for another eight episodes to be broadcast monthly over the —15 season ending with a “Best of” compilation. The show received mixed-to-negative reviews. The show’s ratings increased steadily for several years after its debut, reaching their highest point in the fifth season.

Ratings entered into a period of decline after that, never again reaching those heights, but had rebounded enough by the early s to make the —93 season the fifth-highest rated in the show’s history. Since then, ratings have trended steadily lower. As of , thirteen of the show’s lowest-rated seasons occurred in the s. The show’s ratings have often experienced temporary spikes during U. In June , the show was placed at number 25 on the list of the best written shows of all time by the Writers Guild of America , assessing series from the previous seventy years.

It is most popular in cities throughout the country, and college towns. Amherst, Mass. By late , however, critics were cautioning that the show was too dependent upon visiting guest actors and former SNL cast members—particularly for its impersonations of prominent politicians in the U. Presidential Election races—and was beginning to have difficulty producing relevant, truly funny content.

Twenty cast members have received individual Primetime Emmy Award nominations in the show’s history. These nominations were mostly in the category of Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program before that award was discontinued; since then, nominations have been in the Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress categories for comedy series.

SNL has also affected American elections—most commonly presidential elections. Voters have reported that political sketches shown on the program influenced them in the voting booth. Two-thirds of voters who responded to a poll said they had seen a broadcast of politically charged content on SNL , with ten percent saying it had made a difference in their decision. Barack Obama was the beneficiary of the political content, with 59 percent saying they did in fact cast a vote for the Democratic then-nominee.

Several politicians have appeared on SNL , including President Gerald Ford in , during the show’s first season , then-Senator Barack Obama , Senator John McCain and , Senator Hillary Clinton and , and Governor Sarah Palin , who appeared alongside Fey’s Palin impression, resulting in the show’s largest audience in fourteen years with fourteen million viewers.

Due to the show’s live broadcast , a number of technical problems, performer mishaps, intentional acts of sabotage by performers, protests, and cuts to dead air have occurred throughout the show’s run. On October 23, , Ashlee Simpson appeared as a musical guest, during which a mishap occurred as a result of her lip synching her second song to a backup vocal track. Her first performance, ” Pieces of Me “, was performed without incident, but when she began her second song, ” Autobiography “, the vocals for “Pieces of Me” were heard again through the speakers, even before she had raised the microphone to her mouth.

Simpson began to do an impromptu jig and then became the only musical act in the show’s history to leave the stage. At the goodnights at the close of the show, Simpson explained that her band played the wrong song. Over the years, SNL has been criticized for its perceived stereotypical and sparse representation of racial and gender groups. The same year, Thompson refused to play any more black women on the show and demanded SNL hire black women instead.

SNL has had “little representation from Asian actors, as cast members or hosts”, in its run. Denny Dillon was the first gay cast member in the —81 season, but was in the closet at the time. Terry Sweeney was SNL ‘ s first openly gay male cast member, appearing in the — season, although he was not hired by Lorne Michaels. Sweeney was also the first openly gay series regular on network television.

All four cast members left after one season. Numerous news outlets noted the disconnect of Michaels hiring Yang, an out gay Chinese-American cast member, at the same time as Shane Gillis , who was found to have aired what was perceived as homophobic and anti-Asian jokes and slurs on his podcast. Jake Weisman, co-star of Comedy Central ‘s Corporate , says the absence of gay men in the cast is rooted in homophobia and bigotry.

In March , NewNowNext noted, “Even if the audience and writers have changed with the times—and even that’s debatable—Lorne Michaels hasn’t. Saturday Night Live , the first authorized book about the series, was published by Avon Books in and edited by Anne Beatts and John Head, with photography by Edie Baskin; [] all three worked for SNL at the time the book was published.

The oversized illustrated paperback included the scripts for several sketches by the —80 cast. The interviews reveal personal experiences from what happened backstage and the difficulty of getting the show on air each week. SNL has made several efforts to develop some of the more popular sketches into feature-length films, with varying degrees of commercial and critical success.

The screenplay only got as far as a Revised First Draft dated July 26, , before being abandoned. The success of Wayne’s World encouraged Michaels to produce more film spin-offs, based on several popular sketch characters. Many of these films were produced by Paramount Pictures. The character Bob Roberts from the Tim Robbins film of the same name first appeared on SNL in a short film about the conservative folk singer. In addition, the comedy film Office Space originated from a series of animated short films by Mike Judge that aired on SNL in The three members of the Folksmen were the same three comedians: Harry Shearer , Michael McKean , and Christopher Guest , who also appeared on the same episode as the rock group Spinal Tap.

At the time of the appearance the —85 season , Shearer and Guest were cast members. Bill’s Real Life Adventures is based on the Mr. Bill sketches from early seasons of SNL. Over the years popular characters from the show have appeared in ad campaigns for an assortment of products. The song became a surprise hit, [] and convinced Michaels to encourage the troupe to develop more comedy songs.

Several programs have documented the behind-the-scenes events of the show. A 60 Minutes report taped in October depicted the intense writing frenzy that goes on during the week leading up to a show, with crowded meetings and long hours.

The report particularly noted the involvement of the guest host s in developing and selecting the sketches in which they will appear. In , Saturday Night , a minute documentary by actor James Franco in his directorial debut, was released; it follows the production process of the December 6, , episode hosted by John Malkovich , from the concept stage to the episode actually airing live.

Although it originated as a five-minute short film for Franco’s New York University film class, Michaels granted Franco access to the process, allowing the project to be expanded. The program included a mix of clips, new performances of classic characters from previous cast members, and special guest appearances from previous hosts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American late-night live television sketch comedy show. For information about the most recent season, see Saturday Night Live season For other uses, see Saturday Night Live disambiguation.

For other uses, see SNL disambiguation. Broadway Video —present Other studios:. Main article: List of Saturday Night Live cast members. The emphasis in the historical narrative is on African agents, as opposed to non-African agents. Another newer movement that has evolved from the early Afrocentric school is the Afrisecal movement or Afrisecaism of Francis Ohanyido, a Nigerian philosopher-poet.

Kawaida, a Swahili word meaning “usually”, is a pan-Africanist nationalist and academic movement that was created during the height of the Black Power movement by Africana professor, author, and activist Maulana Karenga. Since the late s, hip hop has emerged as a powerful force that has partly shaped black identity worldwide. Hip-hop unifies those of African descent globally in its movement towards greater economic, social and political power.

Andreana Clay in her article “Keepin’ it Real: Black Youth, Hip-Hop Culture, and Black Identity” states that hip-hop provides the world with “vivid illustrations of Black lived experience”, creating bonds of black identity across the globe. An expansion in the popularity of hip-hop culture in the 21st century has also increased the role hip-hop is playing for pan-African solidarity across the diaspora although the opportunity for a greater Pan-African involvement remains.

Clark spoke of the historical connection that has linked pan-Africanism and hip-hop since the genre’s birth and how hip-hop culture has been at the forefront of various movements throughout the continent in the 21st century. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Movement to encourage and strengthen bonds between people of African ancestry.

Du Bois Yosef Ben-Jochannan. Main articles: Pan-African flag and Pan-African colours. Further information: World Festival of Black Arts. Africa portal Pan-Africanism portal.

Journal of African American History. S2CID Journal of Pan African Studies. Africana Age. The Gale Group, Inc. Review of International Studies. ISSN Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved May 24, The Journal of African American History. London : Routledge. ISBN Retrieved September 26, Retrieved September 13, JSTOR Retrieved August 23, Retrieved February 16, Women, Gender and Families of Color.

Retrieved March 23, Pan-Africanism: a short political guide , New York, etc. Praeger, p. Sherwood Pan-Africanism , p. Pan-African History , p. BBC News. Phillips December 23, African Political Thought.

Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd. African Journal of Political Science. Ronald W. Pambasuka News. Retrieved May 26, Women, Gender, and Families of Color.

Retrieved November 15, CiteSeerX Retrieved November 16, Academia Letters. The Guild Practitioner. Human Rights Quarterly. Retrieved November 18, Black Music Research Journal. Women’s Studies International Forum. Retrieved April 27, Africa Renewal. December 15,


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